24th, February, 2013

Every now and then – yep, every so often – you might be lucky enough to discover an editorial that is just so you. You know the type – your aesthetic, your colours.. The kind of editorial where every single page leaves you with thoughts of “I need this outfit! Get into my wardrobe NOW!” Say hello to this pastel perfect shoot entitled ‘Ceci N’est Pas Une Photo’ – which translates into ‘This is not a photo’ (thanks again, high school French!) You might even recognise stylist Layla Sailor (!) from her work with Whitney Eve’s Fall 2012 ‘Bits and Bobs’ collection – not that I did, having never even seen an episode of the Hills, but hey!

The most captivating part of the shoot for me is the pastel ice cream colours. Especially when accompanied by matching pastel bowler hats and paper planes. What bliss! Now I’m somewhat wishing that New Zealand was going into Spring as opposed to Autumn. Maybe I could style the pale shades with something like a Barbour jacket? Hmm, we’ll see! Oh well, at least you Northern Hemisphere residents can enjoy this slice of inspiration!

16 Comments on “Ceci N’est Pas Une Photo”

  1. Oh my Jo! I just adore the pastel sweetness that these photographs scream! Have you seen the lookbook for Summerland. That too screamed of sweetness, just in a slightly different way :)

  2. I love the colours, they’re so summery and I’m looking forward to summer and the days of eatign ice creams outdoors nowxx

  3. ahh those paper planes! so cute! I had an idea to shoot with clouds and a plane, but I’ll never do it this well and now I’m afraid of looking like a copycat. DANG it.


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