11th, June, 2015


There’s a lot to be said for a simple, clean outfit with a pair of jeans. While my love of silly accessories (hellooo orange clutch!) may prevent me from pulling off timeless denim looks, like the wonderful Jane Birkin, I certainly can appreciate a nice pair of jeans. Especially as winter continues to make it’s presence known, and my favourite summery dresses no longer seem to be an option – well, not without a pair of warm tights at least!

I did my best job of going minimal and stuck to my basic black-and-whites (doing my best to blend into my surroundings, don’t you think?) I’m pretty darn keen on my new beanie too (complete with detachable pompom!) – as I can’t stand wind blowing into my ears – and it happens a lot when you live in the windiest city in the world, Wellington!

I feel like this year I’ve somehow managed to get my act together in time for winter. I have a new rain coat, rain boots (and they’re duck shaped!), as well as two new winter coats. And now jeans too?! I’m not silly enough to ask winter to ‘bring it on’ but this is definitely the most prepared I’ve ever been! (Don’t take it out on me for saying that, winter!)

Jeans & BeanieJeans West / Blouse – Larmoni / ABC FlatsCharlotte Olympia / Orange Clutch – New Look (via ASOS) / Leather Jacket – Muubaa



10th, April, 2015


Sometime recently, I’m not sure when exactly things happened.. I started developing strong feelings.. towards flamingoes!  I mean it too, I’ve fallen for those pink sweethearts in the biggest way possible. Slowly but surely, I’ve been building my collection of flamingo memorabilia; including an impressive amount of flamingo straws, inflatable flamingoes to carry my drinks in Las Vegas later this year, and I have a whole flock of the tiny flamingoes you can see in the very last picture.

No doubt, I’m sure you can see HOW EXCITED I was to add a couple of cute bits of flamingo jewellery to my ever-growing collection. I paired a Chicwish dress in the perfect hue, alongside this absolutely perfect (seriously!) flamingo necklace by And Mary, and earrings by Black Heart Creatives. FYI: I have six piercings in my ears, but I generally can’t stand the feeling of earrings – so am super fussy! These flamingo earrings passed the test though – I just couldn’t stop myself! I topped it all off with a vintage beret and a swipe of fuchsia lipstick – by Karen Murrell, just if you’d like to know. ; )

DressChicwish / Flamingo NecklaceAnd Mary / Lips Bag – H! by Henry Holland / Flamingo EarringsBlack Heart Creatives / Beret – Vintage / ShoesChicwish



19th, February, 2015


I have a love affair with ducks that goes way back. It all started when, aged 7, I was allowed to choose my first pet of my very own. Three guesses what I picked ; ) After one duck, the obsession truly began, and I distinctly remember visiting the market three weeks in a row, and returning home with another duck every time (ah, the good ol’ South-east Asian upbringing, eh!) We would cart them home in a little cardboard box – which made for some funny moments, especially when we went to pick up McDonalds soft serves, and the box wouldn’t stop cheeping. We certainly got some questionable looks, let me tell you!

The obsession is still well and truly strong, and my real-life Facebook friends would’ve seen a picture I put up recently where a wild duck ate chickpeas out of my hand in the park! Aside from that one-off incident, nowadays I tend to get my feather-fix through wearing ducks on my clothing. This duck-print dress by PB&J Boutique couldn’t have come at a better time – especially as the seasons are changing, so I also got to whip out my Juju x Kigu duck rainboots. Next on my list – the matching yellow poncho. It’s only a couple of months until my birthday, so I guess it’s time to start dropping hints! ; )

DressPB&J Boutique / Rainboots – Kigu x Juju (via ASOS) / Cardigan – Thrifted / Bag – Nikita & Vespa


2nd, February, 2015


It’s amazing what a swipe of scarlet lippy does for your self esteem. You might not notice it – but I was feeling all kinds of unwell when we snapped these photos! After simultaneously coming down with a cold, stomach bug, and a headache like no other (ahh, the joys of working in childcare – catching every darn sickness available!) I was fed up with living in bed – particularly as the weather was SO HOT that it felt more like a punishment than a sanctuary – so headed out in bright red to find a spot to have lunch.

I hate going out looking sick – I always seem to bump into every single person I know – so piled on the makeup – lipstick included of course, and kept the red theme going with this scalloped dress by Chicwish and a vintage beret. Mustard/ketchup (colour) combos have been my favourite thing for a long time now, so I threw my new Jo Totes camera bag into the mix of things. I may have only felt like a couple of dollars, but when your special guy tells you that you look like a million bucks, it sure helps you feel better!

DressChicwish / BagJo Totes / Clogs – Lotta From Stockholm / Beret – Vintage / Watch – Olivia Burton


5th, January, 2015


It just wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t start the year off with a pop of YELLOW!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and new years! I umm-ed and ahh-ed about posting a yearly summary – like I normally do, but you know what? I just wanted to sit back and enjoy my holidays. And it was goo-ood. I’ll tell you what; sleeping & hanging out with your significant other in is definitely way underrated.

This skirt was a present from my boyfriend, Barnaby, and it’s safe to say, he couldn’t have done any better this Christmas. Aside from getting this perfect little lemon-coloured number, I also got a bunch of cute homeware, so I felt pretty darn special indeed. And to top it all off, he took me out thrifting! I fell slightly in love with the vintage Minnie & Mickey set, but I’d rather use my tiny apartment to store more clothes rather than nick-nacks!

Yellow pinaforeBlack Milk / Top – Forever 21 / Clogs – Lotta from Stockholm / Lips Bag – House of Holland


This year I also decided to do a spot of goal setting, something I’ve never really gotten ‘into’ before! So, 2015, let’s make sure I achieve the following, okay!

1. Go on an overseas holiday.

2. Replace furniture basics – aka. a new couch would be very welcome, thanks!

3. Visit Christchurch. I’ve been terrible at visiting the city I lived in for the past 6 years – and I miss my Nana!

4. Keep creating. Earlier in the year I set myself the challenge of making something (anything!) every weekend. This is something I’d love to get into again – it’s just too fun!

Are you setting yourself any goals for the new year? xo


20th, December, 2014


Christmas-time in the Summer is so fun! Wasting no time when good weather came-a-lurkin’, last weekend I decided to spend my morning at the beach. Shamefully, this is one of the first times I’ve ever gone out of the ‘city’ city, and I had no idea what to expect – aside from a beach, really! Turns out it was a stone beach, not sand, so I can honestly say that my feet have never felt so darn exfoliated in my life! It was such a lovely day of lying in the sun, taking silly Instax photos, and just appreciating my little home country of New Zealand.

Oh, and after I left, I found out that this is actually a nude beach! Luckily we didn’t run into anyone even remotely nude, as I can honestly say I wouldn’t have been able to keep a straight face if I did!

Swimsuit – Vintage (similar here)


8th, December, 2014


Oh my gosh, it’s almost Christmas! I am seriously SO excited this year! We decorated the Christmas tree over the weekend while listening to a medley of the Killer’s Christmas songs (and by couple of Michael Buble too…don’t judge me!) and that really helped it all sink in. Yep, the silly season has really got me this time around. I’m not too good at surprises though, and am beyond ready to unwrap presents. If you can’t tell; I am totally one of those people who wakes up at 6am on Christmas day.. I just can’t wait!

Wellington city is looking so festive this year! Doesn’t the train station look incredible? Candy canes are one of my favourite Christmas treats (I wish they were year round, really!) so having one several storeys high was like being in the Candy Kingdom. Something I am very much okay with!

Dress – Chicwish / Bag – Nikita and Vesper / Clogs – Lotta From Stockholm / Love Bow – ASOS




17th, November, 2014


No matter what, you can always count on bright colours. They genuinely make you feel so darn happy – and nothing could be better than that! We explored this colourful little corner of the city, which is actually a little entranceway to a group of vintage shops. In my eagerness, we arrived way too early (I’m talking 2-3 hours here!) so had to make do with these gloriously coloured steps instead of hitting up the shops.

I wore an Aristocats scalloped t-shirt from Sheinside, which came at exactly the right time, as I’ve fallen head over heels for the new Paul & Joe collection featuring the felines themselves. It goes pretty perfectly with these ASOS shorts I nabbed in the sale ($12!!) and this stunning vintage bag by Nikita and Vesper. I love all of the pink in this outfit, although the very best thing about it is that I can go around quoting Marie! “Ladies don’t start fights, but they can finish them!

Aristocats T-shirt – Sheinside / Vintage bag – Nikita and Vesper / Shorts – ASOS /



3rd, November, 2014


After living in a CBD for almost two years now, I genuinely get really excited whenever I stumble across a really cute residential street. It’s funny how things change, as when I was living in a very Stepford wives area in Christchurch, I was desperate to claw my way out. I guess that’s how it always goes – the grass is greener, yada, yada..

I channelled my inner housewife and dressed in my finest florals – this rose print dress by Chicwish. This is the first year ever that I feel like I’ve well and truly been bitten by the Spring bug. Sure, that annual jealously towards Autumn in the northern hemisphere is still there, but hey, flowers! I’ve been embracing my inner spring self and gravitating towards florals and pastels – which is proving to be very fun indeed! All topped off with a vintage beret, the perfect outfit for grabbing a cheeky hot chocolate – which is exactly what we did next!

Dress, Bag, & ShoesChicwish / Beret – Vintage













17th, February, 2014


Well, after this post, I’d be hardly surprised if I never got invited to a tea party again..! I bought a set of these teacups for my mother-in-law last year for her birthday. The set included a variety of poisons, such as cyanide, hemlock, and a bunch of other deadly concoctions that I can’t quite remember. The essential for a tea party full of guests you don’t like, don’t you think? For this little frolic in the morning light of the garden, I opted for a slightly less toxic mix – namely, elderflower cordial and lemonade. The pink and gold detail on the teacup was just the thing to match this pretty butterfly sleeve dress I thrifted in Christchurch over the weekend, but enough about that.

Can we talk about the hair? The hair, the hair… I have been trying to do this style for AGES. A braid which goes the entire way around my head, and best of all – keeps my fringe out of my eyes. I can just never seem to get past the part where the hair goes around the back and you have to kind of ‘flip’ your hands around. So, anyway, I darted off for a ‘quick’ visit to the room next door to get my jewellery – poor Barnaby must have thought I’d vanished – as I ended up being a whopping twenty minutes! Well worth it though, don’t you think? And if not, watch what you say – or I might have to serve you something from one of these deadly teacups.. Aha!

Dress – Thrifted / Fox ringBoticca / Love Ring – Stephen Einhorn /

Necklace – Onecklace / Teacup – Trixie Delicious