17th, February, 2014


Well, after this post, I’d be hardly surprised if I never got invited to a tea party again..! I bought a set of these teacups for my mother-in-law last year for her birthday. The set included a variety of poisons, such as cyanide, hemlock, and a bunch of other deadly concoctions that I can’t quite remember. The essential for a tea party full of guests you don’t like, don’t you think? For this little frolic in the morning light of the garden, I opted for a slightly less toxic mix – namely, elderflower cordial and lemonade. The pink and gold detail on the teacup was just the thing to match this pretty butterfly sleeve dress I thrifted in Christchurch over the weekend, but enough about that.

Can we talk about the hair? The hair, the hair… I have been trying to do this style for AGES. A braid which goes the entire way around my head, and best of all – keeps my fringe out of my eyes. I can just never seem to get past the part where the hair goes around the back and you have to kind of ‘flip’ your hands around. So, anyway, I darted off for a ‘quick’ visit to the room next door to get my jewellery – poor Barnaby must have thought I’d vanished – as I ended up being a whopping twenty minutes! Well worth it though, don’t you think? And if not, watch what you say – or I might have to serve you something from one of these deadly teacups.. Aha!

Dress – Thrifted / Fox ringBoticca / Love Ring – Stephen Einhorn /

Necklace – Onecklace / Teacup – Trixie Delicious


10th, June, 2013


Yep, it’s gotten to that point again, where I get just a little obsessed with either spots or stripes. This time around it’s spots. And it’s in a big way. I think it may have something to do with wearing this polar bear necklace. Spots seemed especially fitting – as they look slightly like falling snow, don’t you think? Or that could just be my childlike mind saying a bit of a hello. Either way, it’s fine by me!

I’m still finding it crazy hard to believe that it’s winter here. People are walking around, bare-shouldered or in shorts, myself included. Then the next day will be torrential rain. Honestly, it’s quite hard to keep up. But change is fun, right? The number one rule of Wellington is to take some form of jacket with you where ever you go! I’m barely ever caught without my favourite transparent raincoat (which you can see me styling here!)

Top – Vintage Espirit (gift from my Aunt) / PinaforeArk Clothing / ClogsLotta From Stockholm / NecklaceEclectic Eccentricity


16th, March, 2013

Happy St Patrick’s day! I’ve always loved this day – mostly because of my massive love for the colour green! Plus, I really wanted an excuse to show off the vintage shamrock print blouse that I thrifted a few months back. As a little ode to St Paddy, I’ve selected a bunch of my favourite emerald coloured goodies. Just take a glance below!

Oh, and just so you have an exciting fact to share on St Patrick’s – how about this?! The Guinness world record for most leafs found on a clover is twenty-one!! Just imagine how much luck that would bring, eh!

1. Last Slow Dance Dress in Green 2. Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Neon Green 3. Umbrella Statement Flat in Green 4. Putting Green Queen Dress 5. Blue La La Necklace 6. Blue S-teal Dress

Eep! And how sweet is this leprechaun brooch?! The perfect thing for St Patrick’s day – or just anytime that you want that little extra bit of luck!

And finally – I fell completely in love with this photo by Tim Walker, circa Vogue 2009.

25th, February, 2013

Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and just have a little bit of breathing room. I think it’s a genuine necessity to have a special place to relax and drift away. You know; just allowing your thoughts to blissfully float away and do whatever they please. The really tricky part is being able to capture the really good ones…

Welcome to my favourite spot – the ‘secret park’ as I lovingly call it. This is where I go to relax, be calm, and most importantly – let my thoughts wander. Luckily, this time I was perfectly prepared to harness my thoughts by bringing along a collection of anchors – via my outfit… It may have also helped that I brought along a notebook! The dress (c/o Pepa Loves) is one that I am still obsessing over, weeks after it’s arrival. Sailor style is my favourite ever, and I was so in love with the anchor print that I ordered a pair of trousers in the same fabric. My outfit still didn’t feel like it had quite enough anchors so I paired it with the tote bag that you can learn to make here. Goodness, I’m surprised I wasn’t anchored down too, carrying all that lot around!

18th, February, 2013

Ready to take a peek at my ‘magpie outfit’? Just be careful not to look directly at it – without sunglasses at least.. Just kidding (I hope!) Well, I may be joking, but this actually did end up being a bit of a head turner of an outfit. You might have noticed the abundance of orange road cones in these photos – one of the norms when you’re living in good ol’ earthquake city. Now, this means that there are a LOT of builders around – and they’re known for their fondness of wolf whistles and general staring! I suppose I can’t really blame ‘em in this instance – it’s a little tricky to be subtle when you’re wearing a layer of shiny gold. Even as I left the house today I was joking that I hoped I didn’t cause anybody any temporary blindness. And luckily I didn’t.. To the best of my knowledge! Anyway, how about some details, eh? The garment that started it all – the gold skirt was from Boohoo. The top, Kodak bag and heart brooch are all vintage, and the shoes are from Lotta from Stockholm. Paired with a backcombed beehive, I felt this was the perfect dash of mid-week glitz! Sparkle sparkle!

28th, January, 2013

Sometimes a girl just feels like getting all dolled up and dressed in pink, dontcha think? It seemed almost destined to be when these pink Ray Ban sunglasses (c/o SmartBuyGlasses) and fuzzy pink sweater (c/o Boohoo) arrived on my doorstep at the exact time. Sometimes it’s best not to mess with fate, right? I paired the pink with white via a vintage playsuit, and my beautiful roller skates that I got for my birthday last year. Pink pink pink! I’m not gonna lie, I felt like Malibu Barbie (and loved it!) I played it up a little bit by adding gold palm tree nail stickers to my fingers. They accented the silver stud shoulder detail so perfectly! Now I just need to practice my skating. I was so close to falling over – multiple times too that I could only just make it around the block. I am sure though that it’s made tougher because of the earthquake damaged streets in the city! Bumpity bump..!

21st, January, 2013

Oh summer days! You are really winning me over at the moment. As much as I love snow, and I am honestly feeling terribly envious all of you in the Northern hemisphere (!) I am a sunshine girl through and through! Even when it was absolutely roasting, and we had an hour long walk ahead of us (the downside to having a grumpy car..!) I lathered myself in sunblock and headed out the door, a smile on my face. Heidi braids have honestly been my saviour this summer. Yep, a nice cold ice-cream and my hair in Heidi braids. That’s my recipe for a good summer.

I headed out in this sweet little outfit. You must know by now that I love sailor style! I wear it whenever I can. Trust me, when I’m out thrifting and spot a sailor collar in amongst the clothing racks, I know it’s going to be a good day. On my collar I wore a gold Variety Club brooch that I thought was quite sweet. Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve, eh! The shorts were a wonderful treat sent by the super cute label, Pepa Loves. That bow! That hemline! Ahh, bliss. I topped it all off with a pair of gold Ray Ban Sunglasses courtesy of SunglassesShop.

Now, confession time! I might sound all calm and composed, but really the heat did get to me. Halfway through our walk, I  suddenly plonked myself down on the sidewalk for a bit of rest. I love the heat, but sometimes it’s a little hot to handle! Phew!

16th, January, 2013

Well, you know the old joke. A newspaper? Or possibly the funniest answer I’d ever heard, aged eight; a skunk eating strawberry jam. Today neither are correct – I’m the answer! I’m black, white and red at least! I’m in an extra silly mood – if you can’t tell from this recent set of photographs. I’m quite an over-the-top oddball really, but sometimes I notice how very serious I come across in blog posts. Nothing quite like a comic title and a series of face-pulling, eh?

After filling up on my drink of choice, soy hot chocolate (yum!), I was positively brimming over with energy. It all started with some fairly standard on-the-spot dancing, which quickly progressed into ballerina-esque balancing (or Michael Jackson, whichever really!) Let’s be honest though, when you’re wearing spots, at least you have the excuse of being dotty, right? ..right?! The dress is a vintage number I picked up recently. I paired it with my favourite pair of clogs (c/o Lotta From Stockholm), a red ribbon in my ponytail, and a black floppy hat borrowed from a friend.

P.s. Who’d have known that clogs worked quite so well for jumping?! I was seriously in awe of the last photograph! I was so high off the ground – and it was the one and only attempt too!

14th, January, 2013

It’s become quite a regular thing lately – wearing vibrant shades of yellow. It’s no secret that yellow is my favourite colour in the world (!) but even I was quite astonished yesterday – after doing a bulk load of washing – to see just how much of my wardrobe is sunshine coloured. I think it all comes down to my love of lipstick. Nothing makes a scarlet pout stand out quite so much as a backdrop of yellow, don’t you think? Plus, I’m forever obsessing over mustard/ketchup combinations – though I’ll admit this could possibly be due to the fact that I have a seemingly never-ending appetite. And also, yum, sauce!

Well, whatever reason it is – I looove this dress! After receiving an email from China Doll Boutique asking me to style one of their pretty garments, I knew straight away that this was the one. Puffed sleeves, a leopard collar, and in the perfect shade of bright marigold – yep, this one ticks all of the boxes. I paired it with my oversized leather doctor bag and a black fuzzy mohair hat. (Speaking of sauce – my hat has never been quite the same since an encounter with some ketchup. It took a trip in the washing machine, became slightly misshapen, but I love it still). My black t-bar flats (c/o Bait Footwear) kept me bouncing through the park – perfect when you’re on a photo taking mission! I’ve just loaded a new film into my beloved Holga camera, so stay tuned for a whole new set of lomo photos!

6th, January, 2013

Do you fancy a taste of this brew?

We’ve served up something sinister in the form of bubbling green liquid – garnished with an ever-appropriate serving of ivy.. Okay, I’ll admit – it may be nothing more than a vibrantly coloured fizzy drink, and I might not have even dared to try it with or without the garnish (one sniff was enough for me, thank you..!) but it does make a perfect addition as our ‘poison’, don’t you think?

As soon as this glimmering Motel bustier (c/o Zalando) arrived on my doorstep, one colour especially stood out for me. Any guesses? Green of course! Amidst the multicoloured sparkle is a bright shade of emerald green – a colour I love! It was the perfect shade to match this hidden ivy patch. I clamoured so far into the ivy that it started to grow all over me. Luckily I escaped just in time, phew!