1st, June, 2014

Katerina Plotnikova

These hauntingly beautiful images by Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova are everything. I’m not usually one for posting non-original content, but when I discovered these photographs, I knew they had to be shared. Seeing the relationships between the animals and models, and the resulting images, made my jaw drop wide open. These are incredible. And what I love most of all – is that they are real-life animals, instead of taxidermy animals; which quite frankly, give me the creeps. A quick peek at this behind-the-scenes shot from Katerina’s Facebook page shows the bear and the model – and the best incentive ever; food. Yes, beautiful bear, I think you and I would get along just fine.

Katerina Plotnikova
Katerina Plotnikova
Katerina Plotnikova
Katerina Plotnikova
Katerina Plotnikova

24th, February, 2013

Every now and then – yep, every so often – you might be lucky enough to discover an editorial that is just so you. You know the type – your aesthetic, your colours.. The kind of editorial where every single page leaves you with thoughts of “I need this outfit! Get into my wardrobe NOW!” Say hello to this pastel perfect shoot entitled ‘Ceci N’est Pas Une Photo’ – which translates into ‘This is not a photo’ (thanks again, high school French!) You might even recognise stylist Layla Sailor (!) from her work with Whitney Eve’s Fall 2012 ‘Bits and Bobs’ collection – not that I did, having never even seen an episode of the Hills, but hey!

The most captivating part of the shoot for me is the pastel ice cream colours. Especially when accompanied by matching pastel bowler hats and paper planes. What bliss! Now I’m somewhat wishing that New Zealand was going into Spring as opposed to Autumn. Maybe I could style the pale shades with something like a Barbour jacket? Hmm, we’ll see! Oh well, at least you Northern Hemisphere residents can enjoy this slice of inspiration!

6th, January, 2013

Do you fancy a taste of this brew?

We’ve served up something sinister in the form of bubbling green liquid – garnished with an ever-appropriate serving of ivy.. Okay, I’ll admit – it may be nothing more than a vibrantly coloured fizzy drink, and I might not have even dared to try it with or without the garnish (one sniff was enough for me, thank you..!) but it does make a perfect addition as our ‘poison’, don’t you think?

As soon as this glimmering Motel bustier (c/o Zalando) arrived on my doorstep, one colour especially stood out for me. Any guesses? Green of course! Amidst the multicoloured sparkle is a bright shade of emerald green – a colour I love! It was the perfect shade to match this hidden ivy patch. I clamoured so far into the ivy that it started to grow all over me. Luckily I escaped just in time, phew!

18th, November, 2012

Introducing Tessa from Portfolio Modelling Agency!

We photographed Tessa a couple of months ago now, and I am completely in love with the results. Just look at that beautiful smile! We went for a young fresh look, which corresponded so perfectly with the newly blooming spring blossom trees. She brought her own clothing, which was incredibly fun to style. There is something so great about styling with other people’s clothing. I think I find it oddly fascinating to see what other people have in their wardrobes – probably just because mine is mostly full of vintage! We kept Tessa’s hair nice and natural. She had some of the most amazing hair that I’ve seen, which I am now even more envious of, since I’ve chopped mine off since the shoot!

You might find it hard to believe, but this was actually Tessa’s first ever shoot! I love seeing how first-time models adjust to shooting, and Tessa was quite honestly perfection. Her smile never faded from her face, even as the sun began to set and the day grew colder. Even I was shivering by the end of it! P.s. If you’d like to see more of our photography + styling (it’s fine if you don’t want to!) you can follow Barnaby Carter Photography on Facebook.

13th, November, 2012

♥ 1. Going on adventures with friends & discovering enormous flower-covered bushes. ♥ 2. Reorganizing my brand new wardrobe – one of my favourite things to do! ♥ 3. I’ve been practically living in these white kitty cat socks. ♥ 4. Wearing an 8000 Nerves dress and saying a big ol’ hello to the golden hour.

(P.s. my Instagram user is l0stinthehaze – with a zero instead of an ‘o’. Follow along if you’d like!)

♥ 5. Rediscovering a bunch of paintings from when I sat for portraits for a group of elderly artists. I think this one looks so much like me! ♥ 6. Blending right in with the flowers – in my favourite colour too. ♥ 7. The roses have finally come out! I wait for this moment all year long. ♥ 8. The naughtiest kind of snack. Nom nom nom!

♥ 9. My fringe is getting so long, it’s awfully hard to see! ♥ 10. Duckling army! There were fifteen in total! ♥ 11. T-bar flats & pretty flowers. (I have t-bar tan lines because of this day out!) ♥ 12. I love sharing blog outtakes on Instagram!

♥ 13. I felt like such a fancy lady with my back-seamed diamanté bow tights! ♥ 14. These silly ASOS glasses are the best! ♥ 15. Obligatory discovery shot when I spotted a poster of myself modelling ‘hippie sacks’ as I favour I did for a friend months ago! ♥ 16. Pretty packages deserve equally pretty packaging, don’t you think?


27th, October, 2012

Photographs by Barnaby, Styling by Jo! 

Introducing the gorgeous New Zealand model, Kirsteen of Portfolio Model Agency. I always love shooting fashion looks – they are so much fun to style! As soon as I saw Kirsteen I knew exactly how we were going to style her. I bought this sheer cut out LBD years ago, and it just seemed truly perfect for this shoot. It worked even better than I’d thought – especially with Kirsteen’s endlessly long hair – isn’t it beautiful?! I don’t think I’ve ever had so much hair envy in my life! It was such a fun shoot – and the head shot below is now one of my favourite ever photos by my guy, Barnaby. If you want to, you can even like Barnaby Carter Photography on Facebook now, but if not, not to worry!

14th, October, 2012

Introducing, Heidi! 

A regular feature I’m super excited to introduce to you to is where we show off more of our photography and styling work. You may already know, but my boyfriend Barnaby takes all of the photos for Lost in the Haze. Oh, and he is is actually a photographer by trade! In fact, you can even like his Barnaby Carter Photography Facebook page right now.

The shoot I’m sharing with you today is Heidi S of Portfolio Models. For Heidi, we wanted to create a very fresh, Nordic look, and the spring flowers created the perfect backdrop. We styled Heidi in a pastel pink 8000 Nerves dress with gold sleeves (which I also wore here) and then later a simple lace top and denim shorts. Heidi also brought her very own Karen Walker jewellery which was the most wonderful finishing touch!

6th, October, 2012

My Favourite Film Photographs Yet! 

Now, you might already know just how much I adore my beloved film camera. I take it on almost all of my little adventures – just because it is so wonderfully lightweight and easy to carry around. I love sharing my photographs, and you may (or may not!) know that I even created a little Holga guide a while back!

Here is my most recent roll of film – I literally just picked it up from the store. It was such a fun set of photos to take – and looking at the results makes me smile from ear to ear! I wonder if you might even recognise some of the outfits from previous posts..! I love how the film has captured the start of spring; doesn’t the blossom tree look especially beautiful! Naturally, the Holga is already loaded and ready to go, in preparation of our next adventure. A girl can never have too much film, I say!

25th, September, 2012

The Purr-fect Cat Outfit!  

It’s somewhat of the standard fashion blogger favourite to go for cat clothing, don’t you think? Whether it’s the infamous Leah Goren cat dress, there is something about felines that seems so fitting on clothing. Plus, who doesn’t love a constant companion as you go about your day! Well, today had me feeling like a regular ol’ cat lady – not that that’s a bad thing! Quite the contrary really; I felt ecstatic every time I happened to gaze down at my knees and see these whiskery critters looking right on back at me. They have such grumpy little faces – even better! I paired them with my favourite tote bag which was courtesy of Modcloth. The romper was for sale in my shop recently, though it didn’t sell – quite possibly a sign to keep it – or at least that’s what I’m telling myself! It seemed terribly fitting for today – it even has a cat face on the tag! I took it one tiny step further, and made sure to add a cats eye flick to my eyeliner today, oh, and I wore my feline inspired sunglasses. It was such a blissfully warm morning too, so we took Holga photos and lay on the grass soaking up the sunshine – I’m sure that any kitty cat would approve!

12th, September, 2012

The Best Accessory There is! 

There is just something about flower crowns – they are so enchanting. I spent my morning constructing this beauty from flowers in my garden. I love it how something so simple, like these camellias and dandelions, can look so beautiful in a different form.

When I was little, I decided that I wanted to create my own little flower garden. I had my own four miniature pots, and I remember spending an entire weekend preparing them for my soon-to-be ‘garden’. Oh, the only thing? I planted garden weeds! I loved their pretty flowers, and couldn’t quite understand why no one else found them as beautiful! Needless to say, we went on holiday one day, and friends who were house-sitting threw away my plants and replaced them with ‘real’ flowers. Maybe that’s what has caused my lack of gardening skills! Not to worry, now I have my own garden to take over! And so I present my fresh flower crown. I think my favourite part is the floral scent that is left lingering in my hair. Wonderful!