30th, August, 2014


Have you ever seen trees this colour before? I certainly hadn’t! Every day on my way to work, I would pass this tree as I rode the bus. It’s a weird feeling; looking at something so many times, but never actually standing right in front of it. After weeks and weeks of watching this tree bloom and slowly begin to decay, I couldn’t take it anymore. Arming myself with my trusty Nikon camera and “a ticket for two please” I was soon on my way to sharing this special place with my love. And it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Slap bang in the middle of winter, the skies decided to treat us to… warm weather! You wouldn’t believe the wonders it did for our moods! Keeping with my ‘fruit fashion’ obsession I dressed in this pin-up inspired cherry print dress by Chicwish. I kept accessories to a minimum; instead choosing to focus on wearing bright red lipstick - my favourite! Now, as I bus past this tree, I smile to myself. It makes me think of an afternoon spent with my guy, laughing and pulling silly faces for the camera. 

Cherry dressChicwish / Silver flatsChicwish / Bag – Choies


23rd, August, 2014


Let’s be honest: one of the very best bits of travelling, namely, to hot place, is getting to go for a good ol’ swim. After growing up in South-East Asia I’m very particular (aka fussy!) about my swimming water. I love swimming, but basically avoid it in New Zealand because it’s just too dang cold! Swimming was on the very top of my list of things to do in Las Vegas, and let me tell you, it definitely did not disappoint.

After packing a whopping 5 swimswuits in my bag, I ended up wearing just this one. The high waist bottoms are by ASOS and reminded me so much of Robin Thicke’s infamous Miley Cyrus duet – cue lots of “girl, give it to me!” impressions at the pool (sorry, bystanders!) Really though, swimming in our hotel pool was one of my favourite experiences. We laid back in the spa, Corona in hand, and watched a real-life hummingbird gather nectar from the surrounding flowers. Paradise? Well, it was pretty darn close! ♥

Bikini bottomsASOS / Bikini top – Siren Swimwear



15th, August, 2014


Bonjour! That’s right, I’m in the city of lights itself; Paris… Las Vegas! ; ) This casino was absolutely stunning – in an over-the-top way; the best kind, don’t you think? After walking past the Eiffel Tower replica time and time again (usually on my way to watch the Bellagio fountain show, again) we finally went inside. Honestly, the detail that goes into these places is unreal! With the ‘street signs’ translated into French, I felt like I was either in Paris or having the most interactive high school French class I’ve ever had in my life!

In all honesty, I really, really wanted to take photographs in the main shopping area of Paris, Las Vegas. However the lighting had other ideas, so we said au revoir to the cobblestone pathways and started exploring the hallways near the conference centre. It turns out I couldn’t have asked for a better location as the colours and carpet print perfectly matched my Boohoo co-ord (yes, I’m all about the co-ords this trip!) I took along my full-to-the-brim Paris souvenir cup, my favourite thing from Vegas… Even more so now that my instagram followers have pointed out that it looks like it says ‘penis’! Well, what can I say? Ooh la la!

Co-ord – Boohoo / Shoes – Seychelles


11th, August, 2014


Well, it wouldn’t be a proper trip to Las Vegas without a trip to the infamous Caesars Palace! Guys, I can’t believe just how big this place is. And the amount of people referencing The Hangover (myself included!) was insane – “did Caesar live here?” I really wanted to show off a different side to Caesars. I mean, we all know that it has massive white buildings; Roman style, but did you know about the fountains and curated gardens? I sure didn’t!

We snapped these photos right before watching the one of the best shows I saw in Las Vegas; ‘Absinthe’. I wish my guy, Barnaby was a bit less blog shy, as he looked so fancy in a navy blue suit – quite the feat in 45 degree weather, let me tell you! I opted for a Missguided co-ord – my go-to for any event even remotely formal.

Co-ordMissguided / Shoes – Seychelles


7th, August, 2014


Hello from Las Vegas! Well, just quietly I’m actually back in wintery New Zealand now – quite the change from the 45 degree desert weather. Somehow I managed to avoid melting into a puddle on a daily basis (short hemlines and Heidi braids certainly helped!) We took hundreds of photos on our first ever trip to America, and I am beyond excited to share them with you.

One of my favourite stops, pictured here, is the Wynn hotel and casino. I’ve never really thought about it, but Las Vegas basically has no grass whatsoever – duh, Jo, that’s why it’s called a desert! The Wynn, though is a massive exception. Practically built around a man-made forest, this place is literally a breath of fresh air. The inside only gets grander! Floral carousels (yes, really!), glamorous chandeliers, and Jeff Koons statues valued at over $20 million are lurking down the corridors. I had my Instax camera out almost constantly during our time at the Wynn – and really, who could blame me?!

Dress - Chicwish / Shoes – Seychelles / Camera - Instax Mini 8 in yellow


10th, July, 2014


So here’s a little thing about me: I am obsessed with flowers. My week (or weekend, at least!) revolves around the Sunday market – and the fresh blooms that will be on offer. The obsession has gotten so intense that I usually have trouble sleeping on a Saturday, as I’m so eager to be one of the early market goers – and snag the best flowers too, of course! The market is a massive part of my life – I’ve literally been there every Sunday for the past six months! I didn’t want to keep it a secret from you, as it genuinely makes me so happy. So here you go: a little glimpse into where I buy my flowers! I usually post several (hundred) pictures of market flowers on my Instagram, so definitely have a look if fresh blooms are your thing!

I dressed in a daisy print dress – which seems highly appropriate when buying fresh flowers, don’t you think? My grey coat, which is slowly but surely becoming a Winter staple, is by Sheinside, and my red ballet flats are by Coco Rose London. …And my flowers are by the lovely lady (and her cute pup!) that are wonderfully charming no matter what the Sunday weather is like. Thanks, you two!

Wellington Market

Corner of Cable St & Barnett St (beside Te Papa) 

7:30 – 2pm



6th, July, 2014

Okay – so here’s something new for me: wearing purple! I genuinely don’t think I’ve owned anything purple since way back in 2012, when I had this violet coloured vintage dress. In all honesty, I simply just don’t like purple very much. Or, I didn’t, at least, until quite recently. It all started with Nicole by OPI – they sent me a few polishes to style, one of which, was purple – a shade that I actually kind of liked! I painted it onto my nails and matched it to a rabbit print playsuit by Ark. And just like that, I’m cool with purple.

It’s also very in line with my latest mission: to wear more colour this winter! I’ve fallen into the dreaded trap of wearing black, black, black, and I’m over it. So yeah, colour sounds good! Hello purple, hello yellow, how are you guys doing? Good? Me too!

PlaysuitArk (on sale!) / Shoes (similar here) – Mel by Melissa / Belt – Yumi /

Bag – Jump From Paper (similar here) / Nail polish – Nicole by OPI

26th, June, 2014

Ariana Grande Problem Outfit

I really, really like the song ‘Problem’. And with that confession, I’m hoping that I’m not the only 25 year old who feels this way. Right guys? (Back me up… please!) This passion for teeny-bopper tunes has crept it’s way into my wardrobe in the form of this black and white coat, which I generally refer to as my ‘Ariana jacket’. It’s a little over the top, but I’m rather smitten. Plus, every time I put it on, my sweet sweet boyfriend gets to hear a round of “head in the clouds, got no weight on my shouldeeerrrrss” – cracking multiple highs along the way of course! Hey Barnaby, just wait until you see the referee style high-waist striped bikini I bought for our holiday next month. There are bound to be countless Robin Thicke impressions, I’m sure (“hey girl, you know you’re looking so damn fine!“)

I had my eye on this street as soon as the coat landed on my doorstep. Just look at all that black and white! If you look extra closely – or not, because I’ll tell you about it anyway – the doorstep I’m beside belongs to a beautiful handmade candle shop. I try and walk past as often as I can in the early morning, as the scents that waft out are incredible! Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, you name it! It all smells so good – I literally do a double take when I walk past, but you know me – I’m a bit of a foodie! ; )

CoatSheInside / Dress (sold out, similar here) – Modcloth / Shoes – Seychelles /

Bag – Mimco

Ariana Grande Problem Outfit
Ariana Grande Problem Outfit
Ariana Grande Problem Outfit
Ariana Grande Problem Outfit
Ariana Grande Problem Outfit
Ariana Grande Problem Outfit


7th, June, 2014

A Beehive in Blustery Weather

If you know me, then you also know that I can’t resist a good ol’  beehive – no matter how windy the weather. And yes, I do live in the windiest city in the world! Crazy stuff! It was a particularly gloomy day, complete with massive gales, so we ducked behind this beautiful brick building to hide from the wind. Note: it didn’t work at all – if you can’t tell from the massive flyaways!

I wore a pretty little skirt/dress (I’m not quite sure what to call it!) which I have long admired on Kailey, so I was ridiculously excited to join the club and style it too! I paired it with a simple camping motif top by Madewell. I love it how you can see the binoculars peeking through the straps – I feel like I’m all set for an adventure!

SkirtChoies / T-shirt – Madewell / Shoes – Cocorose London /

BraceletPunky Pins / Bag – Mimco

A Beehive in Blustery Weather
A Beehive in Blustery Weather
A Beehive in Blustery Weather
A Beehive in Blustery Weather
A Beehive in Blustery Weather
A Beehive in Blustery Weather
A Beehive in Blustery Weather
A Beehive in Blustery Weather
A Beehive in Blustery Weather


22nd, May, 2014

Unicorn Bag

Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn.

You guys, I have a unicorn bag!! Okay, you probably know I have a thing for kooky bags (does this or this jog your memory?) Seriously though – a unicorn?! It’s like nothing else matters anymore. When I was a kid, I had a bag that was shaped like a shoe. I thought my shoe bag was the best thing in the entire world, and it’s probably where my weirdo bag collection started. I was never much of a Barbie kid growing up, but I did love my pinks, and anything animal-related. Well, I like to think that I stayed true to my childhood self with this bag. What can I say? Some things never change!

BagChicwish / PlaysuitMissguided / CoatSheinside / ShoesChicwish /


Unicorn Bag
Unicorn Bag
Unicorn Bag
Unicorn Bag
Unicorn Bag