4th, April, 2013

Last night I was lucky enough to attend my very first fashion show! Never one to do things in a timid manner – I attended WORLD; one of New Zealand’s most famous labels, and the opening show at Wellington Fashion Week! Oh, and of course, it was wonderful. I was practically about to burst with excitement when the lights began to dim – and even more when I heard the opening song… ‘Crazy’ by Britney Spears! Yep, this sounds like my kind of show, all right! (I didn’t stop tapping my foot the entire time. Oh, and singing along too. Sorry if anyone heard me, I love that song!)

Taking inspiration from The Great Gatsby, finger waves and glitter hair was everywhere. Honestly, it was completely awe inspiring. No one could look away – though of course we didn’t want to! Aviator caps made several appearances (jealous!) and each of the male models emerged with a John Waters-esque pencil thin moustache. Ohhh yeah! But my favourite thing of all was the footwear. Black heels with simple studded detail finished each look off perfectly. The best thing is that WORLD hand-picked the Leila Court shoes in black by Number one shoes – so they are completely affordable! Just the kind of thing I like to hear!

31st, December, 2012

I always love a good yearly recap blog post! It is always such a wonderful feeling – seeing all of your accomplishments and exciting news compiled into one nifty little post. I’m feeling extra happy after looking at my year. 2012; you’ve been pretty darn lovely to me. Here is a recap of my year – I hope yours was great too!

Firstly, let’s start with something simple! This year I wore one of my favour ever outfits! You may or may not know, but I am obsessive with cartoons. I used to spend hours in front of the tv watching Cartoon Network when I was little – and even though I’m now in my 20s, I’ve still retained that cartoon love! (After all, Adventure Time is pretty much my favourite tv show!) I was so happy to be able to channel Madeline in this outfit. It will definitely remain as one of my all-time favourite outfits!

One of the most noticeable things I did to my appearance this year was chop off a bunch of my hair! I had worn the ombre look for quite a while – and because my hair is so thick I was getting headaches from how heavy it was.. Definitely time for a change, don’t you think?! I asked your opinion on Instagram, and fully agreed with the response – fringe time! I lopped off a massive amount of hair, fringe included, and went a shade blonder. Oh, and I looove it!

One of the most exciting parts of this year for me was my graduation! I’d never been too sure what I wanted to study, and had actually changed degrees three times. (Barnaby and myself often refer to me as the real life Van Wilder). So honestly, graduating was a huge relief! The entire experience was lovely – and I was so happy that my mum was able to fly over to attend! (But so sad that my dad couldn’t, boo!) The whole event gave me the most wonderful feeling, especially when my Nana called/yelled (!) out my name as I walked the stage. I gave a little wave in response – the only one (out of hundreds!) to break protocol. There has always gotta be someone, right? Whoops..!

This year has also had Lost in the Haze featured in a bunch different printed publications! I can honestly say that seeing my own face peering back from a glossy magazine page is one of the most surreal/exciting/weird/amazing feelings ever! The one above is from Creme Magazine, and it was published about a week ago now. It was a much much, much bigger feature than I was expecting – I got such a happy surprise when I spotted my page. Plus, the Apple A Day dress even made a cameo!

A major cause of excitement for me this year has been our Modcloth collaborations. Anyone who knows me will also know that I LOVE Modcloth. Back in February 2011, when Barnaby and I first started Lost in the Haze, I set aside a bunch of goals for the blog. I’m sure you will have guessed by now that one of them was working with Modcloth! In January we were lucky enough to be selected as the Modcloth Travel Bug blogger, and I starred in a video to show off the place I consider home, Brunei. I was endlessly happy about this collaboration, so I was practically bouncing off the walls when, in July I was crowned the Modcloth Blogger of the Moment! It has always been one of my biggest blog goals, so to see it finally come true, and so quickly into my blogging career, was truly a dream!

This year I was able to collaborate with two of my favourite designers. The shoots we did with beautiful dresses by Kelsey Genna and Caitlin Shearer was both so much fun. I’ve long-followed Caitlin and her amazing blog – she is one talented lady! As for Kelsey – I actually got to meet/go out for drinks with her! And she really is just as wonderful and lovely as you think she would be! She has even started her very own blog now too – and it is a beauty!

It’s not always a guarantee that it will happen in Christchurch – but this year there was snow..! I’m not really one for the cold, but snow is of course an exception! I was so excited about it! We ended up embarking on a massive walk – around two and a half hours I think. It was really lovely. The world really does look beautiful when you’re inside a snow globe!

We took a couple of lovely holidays this year. Firstly we visited the capital city, Wellington, then later in the year we said hello to Auckland. Both trips were endlessly fun! In Wellington, we spent plenty of time at one of my favourite places – right beside the water (yes – even in the midst of a storm!) In Auckland we reconnected with our fear of heights on the Sky Tower, and we spent time lounging in the viaduct. Ahh, I always love a good trip away!

I finally faced my fears this year, and shared my voice on Lost in the Haze. (At the same time I also realized how incredibly kiwi my accent is! I could barely believe it..!) We’ve been sharing the occasional video on our YouTube channel, with plenty more to come in the new year, yippee! Above is one of my favourites – how to style a collar 5 ways. You may know how much I love collars of all different shapes and sizes, so it was a delight to share some styling tips. I do hope that you enjoyed it too!

Now of course, there is my massively exciting news – I designed and created my first ever dress! It was an idea I’ve had for a long (long long long!) time, so it truly was amazing to see it finally in front of me. It is very surreal seeing something on paper suddenly materialize in real life – in the best possible way, of course. I can’t wait to produce more beautiful clothing in the new year for you to love and cherish!

I also spent this year creating a bunch of fun tutorial posts full of handy tips and tricks. I loved creating them, so I hope that you feel the same about seeing them! Some of my favourites (and most popular!) this year include:

How to shop in thrift stores

How to make galaxy shoes

Top tips for ruby lips

Now let’s finish this post with a big ol’ “happy new year!” I hope yours is simply wonderful! Best of luck in 2013, I’m sure it will be just peachy. See you soon! x

18th, November, 2012

Introducing Tessa from Portfolio Modelling Agency!

We photographed Tessa a couple of months ago now, and I am completely in love with the results. Just look at that beautiful smile! We went for a young fresh look, which corresponded so perfectly with the newly blooming spring blossom trees. She brought her own clothing, which was incredibly fun to style. There is something so great about styling with other people’s clothing. I think I find it oddly fascinating to see what other people have in their wardrobes – probably just because mine is mostly full of vintage! We kept Tessa’s hair nice and natural. She had some of the most amazing hair that I’ve seen, which I am now even more envious of, since I’ve chopped mine off since the shoot!

You might find it hard to believe, but this was actually Tessa’s first ever shoot! I love seeing how first-time models adjust to shooting, and Tessa was quite honestly perfection. Her smile never faded from her face, even as the sun began to set and the day grew colder. Even I was shivering by the end of it! P.s. If you’d like to see more of our photography + styling (it’s fine if you don’t want to!) you can follow Barnaby Carter Photography on Facebook.

27th, October, 2012

Photographs by Barnaby, Styling by Jo! 

Introducing the gorgeous New Zealand model, Kirsteen of Portfolio Model Agency. I always love shooting fashion looks – they are so much fun to style! As soon as I saw Kirsteen I knew exactly how we were going to style her. I bought this sheer cut out LBD years ago, and it just seemed truly perfect for this shoot. It worked even better than I’d thought – especially with Kirsteen’s endlessly long hair – isn’t it beautiful?! I don’t think I’ve ever had so much hair envy in my life! It was such a fun shoot – and the head shot below is now one of my favourite ever photos by my guy, Barnaby. If you want to, you can even like Barnaby Carter Photography on Facebook now, but if not, not to worry!

14th, October, 2012

Introducing, Heidi! 

A regular feature I’m super excited to introduce to you to is where we show off more of our photography and styling work. You may already know, but my boyfriend Barnaby takes all of the photos for Lost in the Haze. Oh, and he is is actually a photographer by trade! In fact, you can even like his Barnaby Carter Photography Facebook page right now.

The shoot I’m sharing with you today is Heidi S of Portfolio Models. For Heidi, we wanted to create a very fresh, Nordic look, and the spring flowers created the perfect backdrop. We styled Heidi in a pastel pink 8000 Nerves dress with gold sleeves (which I also wore here) and then later a simple lace top and denim shorts. Heidi also brought her very own Karen Walker jewellery which was the most wonderful finishing touch!