13th, December, 2013


Have you ever wanted to learn how to style a hair bow. It is ridiculously easy, I promise. And such a fun change from a ponytail, don’t you think? I’ve had a little bit of an obsession with hair bows since Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’ days (which feels like quite a long time ago now!) Finally I’ve learnt the tricks and have figured out how to do them myself. There is no going back now! ; ) 

P.s. Yes, you might have seen that I posted this a couple of months ago over on Here Comes the Sun. Sadly, HCTS has stopped blogging for the meantime (we miss you Amanda!) so I figured I’d share it over here too. Enjoy! xo


1. Begin by brushing all of the tangles from your hair, and tying it up into a ponytail on the very centre of your head.


2. Use your hair tie to to put your hair into a loose ponytail style bun. You’ll be left with a large amount of hair sticking out the front, which is fine. This will be the centre piece of your hair bow : )


3. Divide the bun area into two, trying to make them as even as possible. When they’re the size you’re after, use a bobby pin to secure them to the top of your head.


4. Finish the look by wrapping the loose hair over the middle of the bow. Tuck it into the elastic band as much as you can, and fix any messy bits with a good ol’ bobby pin.


And there you have it! As easy as pie, don’t you think? My hair is relatively good at keeping it’s shape, but don’t hesitate to add a little hair spray if you need it. Oh.. and of course – good luck! xo

30th, April, 2013

Meow! Oh hi. Ready to meet my new favourite thing? My sweet guy, Barnaby, kindly gifted me this cat bag for my 24th birthday last week. (Clearly my 24 years have meant I’ve matured a bunch… or not!) Seriously though, I love this bag. I’ll be honest – I knew exactly what he had gotten me for my birthday, and have been waiting ever-so impatiently for the big day to roll around. To make things even harder, he stored it so obviously in his wardrobe – making the temptation even more difficult..! I can rest easy now though – it’s mine, all mine!

We took the bag out for a spin, and I was delighted with how many young children pointed and gazed at it longingly. (Good taste, kids!) I paired it with a oxblood coloured pinafore and spotted top – both by Ark Clothing. The flower crown is one of my most recent craft endeavours. I’ve constructed oodles of flower crowns in the past (like these ones, or even this flower crown) but this is my favourite by far. Somethin’ about wearing flowers on your head seems to brighten any day, don’t you think?

Cat bag – birthday gift / Flower crown – handmade by me / PinaforeArk / Dotted t-shirtArk / Spotted TightsTightsPlease / Flats – Bait Footwear

5th, April, 2013

Now I’ve shown you what I was watching, it seemed only right to show you what I was wearing too! My lovely, kind, and patient boyfriend, Barnaby (!) was extra lovely, kind, and patient and offered to take a few snaps after the show. These actually turned out to be some of my favourite ever Lost in the Haze photos, so thank you thank you, Barnaby!

For my outfit, I wore a red dress covered in bows by Pepa Loves. My beloved red clogs are by Lotta From Stockholm. I finished the look by adding liquid eyeliner, red lippy, and bundling my hair into Heidi braids. It’s a good thing I love ‘em so much, as it’s the only way to cope against the famous Wellington winds!

11th, February, 2013

Want to wear your heart on your sleeve? Or even better, want to wear your heart ALL over? Yep, me too! This weekend I decided to do a complete restyle on a boring ol’ white bodycon by stamping it all over with Valentines-appropriate heart print. It makes me feel all kinds of sugary sweet, especially when I go for walks with my boyfriend, and match my dress to scarlet accessories (clogs c/o Lotta from Stockholm). To create the repeating print I made a custom stamp and used some vibrant paint. I love the rough appearance of the hearts, and knowing that each one is the slightest bit different. Would you happen to fancy a tutorial at all? (By the way, this is probably now my most favourite thing in my entire wardrobe..!)

Ooh, and you might have noticed a teeny tiny change with my hair.. I dyed it pink! Just a little bit. It’s very pastel, and generally still looks quite blonde. It’s a bit like having cotton candy growing out my head, which I actually rather like!

30th, January, 2013

There is one thing that every single lady deserves in her wardrobe, can you guess? Lipstick? Err, yes.. A pair of Jackie O style oversized sunglasses? Okay, that too.. Well, maybe there are three things that every single lady deserves in her wardrobe..! The third (and most important!) being a classic LBD, of course. Perhaps I’m feeling particularly influenced by our latest blogger interview, but I am slowly beginning to harness the power of the LBD. Every single woman deserves to feel good about themselves  and a little black dress is the perfect tool. You can wear it for formal events, or even just for dancing around the house! As for me, I took my LBD (c/o Doubledutch Boutique) for a visit to the riverside. The main purpose of my visit was actually to feed the ducks – but there weren’t any to be found! Unfortunately, I had been feeling super prepared for the day, and had stuffed my bag with several bread slices (for the ducks, not me!) I felt more than a little silly when I ended up having to walk around with them in my bag for a big bunch of the day. Thankfully there wasn’t even a glimmer of crust during this set of photos! Oh well, at least I have no problem in accepting that I am a complete and utter oddball!

12th, October, 2012

Oh Hey, Four Eyes! 

It’s been a busy type of week (the best kind!) It was a real treat to make some time this afternoon to sit down and plan. I’m one of those people who is obsessive about making lists. I constantly have “to-do’s” jotted down on my iPhone, and take so so so much satisfaction in crossing them all out! It was lovely to just be able to organize the next couple of weeks in my Frankie diary. Speaking of which – the 2013 Frankie journals are finally for sale, have you ordered yours? As for all of the planning – we are so busy because we are travelling up to Auckland on Monday! I honestly can’t wait; it will be so fun! Incidentally, we are doing a few photo shoots while we are up there, so if you’d like to hear more about it at all (plus all of our other photography work!) I’ve set up a Facebook page for Barnaby Carter Photography. (Like like like!)

Now, I’m not quite sure whether I’ve ever mentioned my eyesight (or lack of it..!) before. My eyes are ridiculously awful. I can barely see a foot in front of my face, no lie! Generally I just wear contact lenses, but when I was offered a pair of Ray Bans (via SmartBuySunglasses) I simply couldn’t resist. Did I mention that they’re also my dream glasses?! I have been coveting the beautiful Ray Ban RB5226 for years – it is quite unbelievable that they’re now perched on the end of my nose! I paired the cat-eyed wonders with a vintage pan collar blouse and the messiest beehive you could possibly imagine – I was seriously in awe when Barnaby took a photograph of the back! The skirt was a thrifting find that I can scarcley believe. An actual ‘pencil’ appliqué skirt?! Genius. I also wore a pretty little gold cat bracelet I thrifted a couple of weeks ago, and some incredible shoes courtesy of bait footwear.

24th, September, 2012

Complete with some Styling Illustrations! 

This Monday I am dreaming of special collars. I didn’t want to leave it as simple as that though – I couldn’t help but imagine up how I’d style each of the different dresses. I’m all about headgear lately; so naturally hats and a flower crown were quick to make an appearance! From the collared cuties above, I’m particularly in love with the Simplicity is Sweet Dress – the pan collar and tent shape won me over instantly! I’m sure I’d end up pairing it with a patterned pair of tights (either dotted or equestrian style). Who knows, maybe one of these days it’ll make it’s way into my wardrobe. Do you think September is too early to start a Christmas wishlist..!

1. Foot Tour Dress  

2. Simplicity is Sweet Dress (My favourite! ♥)

3. Lima Let You Finish Dress 

4. Away We Go-Go Dress

5. Endeavor After Dress

6. Drop Waist By To Say Hi Dress

30th, March, 2012

A 60s Bouffant Tutorial!

Like most girls, I have an obsession with pretty hair. I’m constantly gazing through Tumblr pages, and adding photographs of dream hair to my Pinterest. I’ll be the first to admit, I am very much a ‘wash and go’ girl, and extremely ill-resourced with the tools needed to actually create pretty hair on myself! This all changed earlier in the week, when Barney’s Mum gave (!) me her former curling iron. I literally feel like my eyes have widened. I love that feeling of looking at my hair and seeing mermaid curls; what a dream!

Today, I felt like pairing my curls with a bouffant – and thought I should document the process, so you can try it for yourself! All you will need is a curling iron, hairspray, a brush, and some bobby pins. This hair tutorial is extremely simple, so I hope you enjoy following along!

Teasing & Coming

Backcomb your hair as much as possible around the crown of your head. This will give it the wonderful ‘bump’ shape that was oh-so popular in the 1960s! Gently comb a layer of unteased hair over the top to smoothen the overall shape. I always use bobby pins to hold everything in place, and a dash of hairspray won’t go amiss either!

Curling & Brushing

Use your curling iron on the ends of your hair. Make the curls as tight as you can, as we will soon be combing them out! Give them a quick dash of hairspray, and adjust your bouffant as it may have deflated from the curling. When everything is the proper shape, begin to gently brush your curls. This will give your hair a soft vintage look. The final step is to check that everything is the correct shape, and as big as it can possibly be! Give all of your hair another spray to hold it all in place. Voila!

13th, March, 2012

heidi braids

And Galaxy Shoes too!

Remember when I said that Barnaby was an incredible location scout? I wasn’t lying! He found this beautiful bridge while I was at work last week, and finally today I saw it for myself! The suit I was wearing is Italian, and faux leather. I thrifted it almost a year ago, with my last fifty dollars. I remember thinking at the time that I just couldn’t leave it behind, it was too good! Phew, good decision, past Jo – I wear it all the time, especially the shorts. My ‘galaxy’ shoes (as I like to call them!) were bought about a month ago, and in the last few weeks I have been coating them in glitter. My hair was plaited into Heidi braids, and the blouse I was wearing is another vintage piece. The doctor bag (ol’ reliable!) is by Golden Ponies.

I’ve had numerous emails lately asking about how to do Heidi braids. Heidi braids are quite possibly the easiest hairstyle ever, so I thought I’d repost my video tutorial from a while back. It clearly shows the steps, so you’ll be able to do your own Heidi braids in no time!

heidi braids
heidi braids
heidi braids
heidi braids

heidi braids

5th, October, 2011

The Mermaid Braid

Fear not! Fishtail braids may look slightly tricky, but in reality they are a five minute hairstyle. All you need is a hair tie, and your own nimble fingers! Begin by tying your hair into a loose side ponytail. Fasten with a hair tie, and then split your hair into two parts. Select a small amount of hair from each side, and criss-cross them over one another. Repeat this for all of your hair, and you will end up with the prettiest fishtail braid! Remember to try and use similar sized bits of hair; this way your braid will be more even! I love to finish off the look with a side part, and usually fasten my fringe in place with a bobby pin.