10th, April, 2014


Um, so have you guys heard of Projecteo? I had seen them floating around the internet once or twice (on Skunkboy and the Drifter and the Gypsy to name a few) and was intrigued. I mean, it’s a miniature projector for your Instagram photos, what’s not to like? Spoiler alert: it’s pretty darn cool.

We set up a little viewing party – aka an excuse to eat popcorn and jellybeans – and settled down to look through the photos. It works essentially like a Viewmaster (“got my cookies, got my milk, got my Viewmaster!”) You insert the reel, switch it on, and move the wheel to view your pictures. The quality of the pictures are slightly scratched looking, which completely add to the vintage feel.

Now I permanently keep mine on the coffee table, so when guests come over they have something fun to play with! Well, that and the gummy bear lamp that it lives next to!


7th, April, 2014


Whenever I wear something yellow – or close to it at least (hellooo tan coloured bow-tie dress!) – the first place I want to photograph it is at this wall. It’s getting a little ridiculous, and my boyfriend, Barnaby, always makes sure to let me know. “Jo, are you sure you don’t want to go down to the waterfront to shoot this outfit?” “No, the wall is fine.” “But.. you must be getting bored of it by now?” “Uhh, it’s YELLOW!” This morning, I got up quick-smart, scooped my hair into a faux bob, painted my nails in the brightest honey shade I own, before walking down to ol’ yeller. Gosh, the amount I talk about ‘the wall’ you’d expect that I was living in Game of Thrones or something.. Well, Winter is coming, after all!

I was actually pretty dang chuffed that I got to style this bumblebee ring for one of my favourite luxury jewellery companies; Stephen Einhorn. I love how the yellow wire details on the wall resemble honeycomb – it seemed like a perfectly appropriate setting for this cute little ring I love so dearly. Incidentally, Stephen Einhorn recently released their first-ever video showing how they design, and make their own jewellery. The video shows a ring being set with stones, right after it is put in hot flames and melted down (cue more GOT references, though luckily we avoid the silver crown fiasco this time!) 

DressChicwish / Bumblebee RingStephen Einhorn / Bowler Hat – ASOS /

Brogues – Le Bunny Bleu / Tote Bag – Modcloth


29th, March, 2014


Everyone has their basics. Sure, you might be a dedicated jeans gal, or maybe you like dressing all in black. Each to their own, right? That’s what I LOVE about clothing. You wear what you want, you feel good – it’s easy. My basics usually involve something a little silly, bold prints, and outfits that hopefully have an animal featured somewhere. So this sums it all up, really! A denim daisy pinafore (♥♥♥), my favourite Pepa Loves piece ever; this cat t-shirt, and these amazing Marilyn Monroe inspired flats by Loly in the Sky. I topped it all off with a boater hat I bought in the ASOS sale. I haven’t worn one for ages, since Wellington is so windy; but I had immense luck today – it didn’t fall off my head. Not even once!

We snapped these photos on our way to the oceanside to see if we could sneak a glance at the enormous boat, ‘A’ that anchored in the Wellington Harbour for a couple of days. It’s over a metre bigger that any boat in New Zealand. Okay, so my dorky side is really showing now – I get so excited by things like this!

Denim PinaforeChicwish / Cat T-shirt – Pepa Loves /

Ballet FlatsLoly in the Sky / Boater HatASOS


23rd, March, 2014


I’m a sucker for any kind of animal print. No really, my collection just keeps on growing. My clothing rack is brimming over with cats, seagulls, dogs – and now I have fish to add to the list! And it is so so SO good! This dress from Pepa Loves is one of my new favourites. Pointy collars are, well, the BEST, and the shape leaves plenty of room for all of the good stuff: ie. pizza, pasta, burgers, cronuts.. yep, the REALLY good stuff.

We took these photos down by the Wellington boat sheds – a little area I’m just slightly obsessed with. Wouldn’t it be incredible to knock down the walls inside and live in them like one big house? ..Err, can you tell I’ve been watching my fair share of ‘Grand Designs’ lately? Actually I love these buildings quite so much, I think I could squish myself into just one. If I had enough room for a bed, my pretty dresses, and wifi, I could make do – after all, those are the blogger essentials!

Fish DressPepa Loves / Shoes – Seychelles / Ring – Doubledutch Boutique


10th, March, 2014

Jump From Paper

…Or more specifically, jump from PAPER!

I’ve been well and truly transported into cartoon-land with this amazing (x10000) bag by, you guessed it, Jump From Paper. I’d seen these bags everywhere on the internet, and I seriously just could not understand how they work. 2D but 3D?! Argh, too much for my poor wee head to handle! Thankfully now I actually own one, so I can hold it in my hands, flip it upside down, back-to-front, and look at it really closely – so I’m beginning to make sense of this whole flat-but-3D thing!

Now can I just take a moment to talk about something a little ridiculous. This is the first playsuit that I’ve worn in Wellington. The first. If you’ve been reading this blog a while you know that playsuits are my jam. I just love ‘em. And can I just tell you something that makes it even more ridiculous? Wellington is the windiest city in the world. No joke, it really is! D’oh! I’m instantly regretting the last eleven months which have consisted of holding down my dress every single time I leave my house.

First I’ve learned to understand Jump From Paper bags, and now I’ve realised that rompers are a pretty darn good option in windy weather… What can I say, it’s been a revelation-filled week!

BagJump From Paper/ Playsuit – Boohoo / Shoes – Mel by Melissa

Jump From Paper
Jump From Paper
Jump From Paper
Jump From Paper
Jump From Paper
Jump From Paper
Jump From Paper
Jump From Paper

5th, March, 2014


I was recently asked to style a few pieces from the 2014 Spring collection by Pepa Loves. I can’t explain how very happy it makes me – if you’ve been reading the blog a while you’ll know that PL is one of my very favourite labels. Every garment has the cutest little detail – as I’m sure you will see in this post (dachshund print, anyone?!)

We took these photographs outside one of my favourite buildings in Wellington; the Old Bank Arcade. This building is both beautiful and has an incredible story. You can read all about it here – but long story short; in 1997 they discovered that there was an actual ship underneath the building! I’ll have to give you a tour sometime – the basement even has a glass floor.. But for now we chose the building because it reminded me of Madrid; the base of the one and only Pepa Loves shop. When I imagine Madrid I immediately visualize pale yellows and wonderful old buildings. This structure fits the bill quite nicely, I think! Still, I’d like to imagine that I really was in Madrid. Perhaps then I could even visit the Pepa Loves store. A gal can dream, eh!

Top & SkirtPepa Loves / Shoes – Seychelles / Satchel – Velorbis / Ring – Double Dutch Boutique


21st, February, 2014


During a rather impromptu trip down to the South Island I was lucky to pay a visit to the brand new boutique shopping centre, The Tannery. Oh wow. Christchurch, you have seriously upped your shopping game! Seriously, stuff like this in Christchurch just doesn’t exist. Really. This beautifully renovated former tannery (surprising, no?) built in 1881, is home to some of the quirkiest shops that disappeared after the big earthquake. I ventured in for a dash of window shopping, but even that was a treat! Everything is incredibly detailed –  right down to the tiny gold cherubs near the glass roof! Giant black lampposts are dotted around the outside of the building, making you feel as if you’re really having a browse around an exclusive London boutique. Be sure to stop by if you’re in Christchurch, New Zealand. This beautiful place is definitely worth a look (or two!)

The Tannery – 3 Garlands Road, Christchurch, New Zealand 


17th, February, 2014


Well, after this post, I’d be hardly surprised if I never got invited to a tea party again..! I bought a set of these teacups for my mother-in-law last year for her birthday. The set included a variety of poisons, such as cyanide, hemlock, and a bunch of other deadly concoctions that I can’t quite remember. The essential for a tea party full of guests you don’t like, don’t you think? For this little frolic in the morning light of the garden, I opted for a slightly less toxic mix – namely, elderflower cordial and lemonade. The pink and gold detail on the teacup was just the thing to match this pretty butterfly sleeve dress I thrifted in Christchurch over the weekend, but enough about that.

Can we talk about the hair? The hair, the hair… I have been trying to do this style for AGES. A braid which goes the entire way around my head, and best of all – keeps my fringe out of my eyes. I can just never seem to get past the part where the hair goes around the back and you have to kind of ‘flip’ your hands around. So, anyway, I darted off for a ‘quick’ visit to the room next door to get my jewellery – poor Barnaby must have thought I’d vanished – as I ended up being a whopping twenty minutes! Well worth it though, don’t you think? And if not, watch what you say – or I might have to serve you something from one of these deadly teacups.. Aha!

Dress – Thrifted / Fox ringBoticca / Love Ring – Stephen Einhorn /

Necklace – Onecklace / Teacup – Trixie Delicious


14th, February, 2014

Hair Styles for growing out a fringe

The ‘Bettie Page’ 

Has anyone ever told you just how frustrating it is to have to grow out a fringe? Sure, I’ve done it many times before, but all I ever remember is “yay, fringe” or “yay, no fringe!” Somehow I had just plum forgotten about that annoying inbetween-y length when you’re forever brushing your hair out of your eyes. So if you hadn’t worked it out yet, I’m growin’ mine out. And I’m frustrated. Like 90% of the internet, when I feel frustrated I turn to Pinterest for inspiration. And I got it. And I made a board dedicated to it – as well as other beautiful hair. May I present my findings; these are three of my favourite hair styles for growing out a fringe!

Hair styles for growing out a fringe

The “Flower Child” 


The ’60s Mod’ 

2nd, February, 2014


Oh sure, you might be getting slightly sick of those “this is what I got for Christmas” type ramblings, but I just can’t help it – I received so many amazing presents this year! I unknowingly fell in love with the UK brand Pop Boutique last year when I was asked to choose something to style by Modcloth. In typical Jo fashion, I opted for this sailor dress in navy blue, which I wore on the blog here. Fast forward to Christmas 2013! I’m unwrapping my presents.. when BAM! This amazing Slam Dunkin’sweater appears in front of me. I noticed immediately that it was Pop Boutique. And so the love affair began…

I’ve been wearing it pretty consistently since Christmas. Sure, it’s summer in New Zealand, but luckily (for me!) it has been freezing lately – making it the ultimate sweater weather (hooray!) I’ve been sticking to mostly red, white, and black shades while wearing this top, as I’m sure you can see here. It may look slightly Christmassy, but hey, Christmas is wonderful, so I have no problem with looking a little festive no matter the time of year!

Slam Dunkin’ Sweater – Pop Boutique / Jeans – Tripp NYC / Blouse – Yumi /

Ballet FlatsCocorose London