17th, July, 2016


Berry red is a colour I massively gravitate towards during the winter months. It’s kind of reassuring having that bright burst of colour against the usually stark background – although we managed to find a particularly green spot for these photos! I really love how red looks against snow – although I wouldn’t trade these sunny days and warmish temperatures for anything even that remotely cold. Warm winters are awesome. I mean, bare legs in mid-Winter? I really can’t complain.

These shoes were a real treat to style up – as Chucks are something I haven’t worn for years – although as a teenager they were pretty much all I wore (didn’t everyone?) These were the first time I wore them out (I didn’t want them to be dirty for the photos!) but they have since become my almost-daily shoe. This particular pair is part of a Nike collaboration for the creative on the go, meaning they are super springy and comfortable. They look like classic chucks, but have heaps of foot support. Brilliant!

Chuck Taylors – Converse / Skirt – Muubaa / Jacket – Borrowed / Strawberry BagPepa Loves



3rd, March, 2016


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Hi friends! One of my sponsors – and a long-time online favourite shopping spot; Shopbop is having an enormous sale. Like, really, really big. Like, as in so big that I’ve invested in a pair of Charlotte Olympias’ (and genuinely couldn’t be more excited about it!) The fact I saved twenty percent off my order is kind of (slash mega!) awesome, and there’s no way I could keep it all to myself. Head over to Shopbop to pick up the discount code of your dreams, and in the meantime, enjoy some of my favourite picks (see above!) ♥

11th, July, 2015


Guys, do you reckon acrylic could be eatable? Well I certainly hope so, because my Homer Simpson doughnut necklace literally makes my mouth water every single time I wear it – it just looks so good!

This outfit was actually in collaboration with Boohoo, who challenged me to create a Winter outfit for under $120. Uh, challenge accepted, and the end result is something I’m pretty darn pleased with. The main staples (ie. Chelsea boots, duster coat, and co-ord) are all from (you guessed it), Boohoo, but the lips bag is from Hi! by Henry Holland, and the doughnut is from Black Heart Creatives.

Now, can I just take a second to say ‘where are all the pink buildings at?!’ Seriously, it’s near impossible to find even the slightest bit of pink in the central city! If there are any Wellingtonians reading this who know of secret pink buildings, please do let me know! I had to make do with a building I do love terribly dearly – the Theosophical Society. Actually, I was pretty chuffed at the last minute choice – especially because the round windows reminded me of doughnuts too! Mmm, doughnuts..

Pink Duster Coat – Boohoo / Grey Co-ord – Boohoo / Chelsea Boots – Boohoo / Doughnut NecklaceBlack Heart Creatives



15th, June, 2015


Probably my favourite thing ever to have come out of 2014 was the co-ord trend. As a rule, I’m not usually too keen on following trends, and tend to stick to doing my own thing, but I’ve been a long-time advocate of playsuits – so co-ords are just a natural progression, right? Plus, I grew up in the 90s. That pretty much says it all.

So if you couldn’t tell, I really love this co-ord by Znu Clothing. The tie-up back is really cute, and I’m just glad that the weather turned out really nice and warm (it is winter here!) so I could actually wear it instead of simply admiring it in my wardrobe.

I was SO happy when we took these photos – we just found out that one of our favourite DJs (Martin Garrix) is playing in Las Vegas while we’re on holiday there. Oh gosh, time can’t go fast enough! I am so excited! Of course this outfit is already packed into my suitcase. I always pack really far in advance – it is genuinely the only way I can cope with the excitement and butterflies!

Co-ordZnu Clothing / ClogsLotta From Stockholm / Porcelain Rabbit Ring – And Mary / Cat Bag – Pepa Loves



11th, June, 2015


There’s a lot to be said for a simple, clean outfit with a pair of jeans. While my love of silly accessories (hellooo orange clutch!) may prevent me from pulling off timeless denim looks, like the wonderful Jane Birkin, I certainly can appreciate a nice pair of jeans. Especially as winter continues to make it’s presence known, and my favourite summery dresses no longer seem to be an option – well, not without a pair of warm tights at least!

I did my best job of going minimal and stuck to my basic black-and-whites (doing my best to blend into my surroundings, don’t you think?) I’m pretty darn keen on my new beanie too (complete with detachable pompom!) – as I can’t stand wind blowing into my ears – and it happens a lot when you live in the windiest city in the world, Wellington!

I feel like this year I’ve somehow managed to get my act together in time for winter. I have a new rain coat, rain boots (and they’re duck shaped!), as well as two new winter coats. And now jeans too?! I’m not silly enough to ask winter to ‘bring it on’ but this is definitely the most prepared I’ve ever been! (Don’t take it out on me for saying that, winter!)

Jeans & BeanieJeans West / Blouse – Larmoni / ABC FlatsCharlotte Olympia / Orange Clutch – New Look (via ASOS) / Leather Jacket – Muubaa



8th, June, 2015


With the plummeting temperatures as of late (I’m talking 10 degree highs; Celsius, that is) I’ve been reaching for a warm jacket every time I leave the house. Apparently it’s possible for all your dreams to come true in jacket form – because the stars managed to somehow align and I’m now the proud owner of a PINK FURRY jacket – and it’s vintage too! I’m so ridiculously in love that it’s a little bit silly. And it makes me actually able to deal with winter (usually I am really, really not a fan).

I spent my morning strolling around a really pretty street, because they’re the best kind, after all. With hearts on my legs, cats eye frames, bubblegum, a jelly shoe necklace, and of course the Malibu Barbie dream jacket I’ve been searchin’ for all my life, I’m a happy lady.

Jacket – Nikita & Vesper / RomperMissguided / Miu Miu Glasses – Pretavoir / TightsTrendyLegs / NecklaceSun Jellies / Bag – House of Holland



5th, June, 2015


“Uh, hello operator? This is Jo speaking.”

So, lately I’ve been trying to pick out garments for my upcoming trip to Miami (SO excited, just by the way!) Namely, this yellow high waisted bikini was right at the top of my list. I had high hopes of shooting some photos at my favourite beach (which incidentally is a nudist beach – although I didn’t know when I went!) Instead of picturesque beach shots, here all a couple of photos of me being all silly-like with my trusty banana phone.

As you can imagine, I’ve already packed this beautiful yellow number into my suitcase. Did I mention that I’m going to be staying at the Leslie hotel in Miami? Colour coordinating my swimwear to my building may just be the neatest thing I’ve done – ever! I’m planning on getting the matching yellow polka dot headband too!

Yellow bikiniRed Dolly Swimwear



1st, June, 2015


It’s funny how blog trends come and go. A couple of years ago it was all about the balancing on one leg pose, followed closely the next year by the walking shot (here’s one of my attempts). Nowadays, you can’t really top a brightly coloured door. And as a colour enthusiast, I’ve gotta admit, it’s a trend I’m pretty keen on. After all, it’s a pretty great feeling when you spot a vibrant door right in the middle of the CBD. This emerald green entrance had me at hello, and it look especially beautiful on this gloomy, wet Sunday.

After being an avid follower of the uber talented Tara Starlet for quite some time now, I was absolutely elated to style up her Loveheart dungarees, aptly named due to the giant heart pocket right in the middle of the chest – and oh gosh, isn’t it just the cutest! Plus, it kept me ridiculously warm in the gloomy weather (don’t worry, I had a leather jacket on between shots). I was told I resembled a BBC children’s presenter, but this is something I am totally okay with! I am a preschool teacher anyway, so it seems fairly fitting! ; )

Loveheart Dungarees Tara Starlet / ABC FlatsCharlotte Olympia / Bag – Mimco



30th, May, 2015


I’ve gotta hand it to Wellington – it has some really, really wonderful shops! From cute homeware to boutique vintage (more on that later!) it has it all, while still keeping in line with the city’s quirky vibe. It has taken me way longer than I meant to put this mini guide together, but finally, here are my very favourite places to shop in Wellington, New Zealand.


Iko Iko

118 Cuba Street / 198 Lambton Quay

It only seemed right to start off with my favourite shop in the entire world; Iko Iko! This shop is bulging with the sweetest stuff you’ve ever seen, and I genuinely find it quite hard to choose out one thing when I go there – because I want to own absolutely everything. Lucky for us Wellingtonians, there are two branches to choose from – and I highly recommend taking a look at them both! Oh, and if you live too far away (which is pretty likely, as I know lots of readers are overseas!) they also have an online store – which is equally cute!






Matchbox Studios

166 Cuba Street

It’s basically impossible not to fall in love with the goodness that is Matchbox Studios. From stocking Ban.do () to the greatest collection of stamps ever, this beaut of a shop even runs a fully functioning art gallery at the back of the store – complete with hanging foliage and an abundance of natural light. I’ll usually split my time (and money!) between here and Iko Iko at my weekends!





Made it

103 Victoria Street

Everything in this store is handmade – don’t you just love that! They have a brilliant supply of locally made prints and t-shirts, and some of the sweetest looking (and smelling!) mason jar candles candles I’ve ever seen (and err, well, smelt!) Made it also boasts a seriously impressive terrarium collection; housing creatures from the likes of flamingos (pictured!) to pugs.





Madame Fancy Pants

217 Cuba Street

Madame Fancy Pants is one of the very first Wellington shops I fell in love with when I first moved here. I remember being completely captured by their collection of porcelain animal necklaces..Two years on, and not much has changed! I love frequenting this adorable store – whether it’s to rifle through their stationary and books, or to gaze at the rows of beautifully curated clothing. You know that saying ‘there’s something for everyone’? Well in MFP’s case, there most certainly is.

25th, May, 2015


It’s never been much of a secret that I am an absolute sailor gal at heart – I even have a sailor lady tattooed on my right thigh! Naturally, the second I spotted this voltage box which has been lovingly decorated with an ocean themed mural, I knew that I absolutely had to take photos there. Luckily for me, we visit this spot fairly often, as it is super close to the home of some good friends of ours!

I’ve always loved the idea of living in a voltage box. I saw one done up a few years ago in Christchurch, and ever since, the idea has really appealed to me. Give me a miniature, adorable house over an enormous mansion any day (although my copious possessions may have other ideas!) Actually, my pineapple clutch paired with the mural makes me feel more like I’d live in Spongebob’s house rather than anything.

The dress I’m wearing is a flamingo & palm tree print from one of my favourite companies, Larmoni. It’s already packed in my suitcase for my upcoming trip to Miami.. Sure, I know it’s a few months to wait, but you can never be too early when it comes to packing, right? ; ) Did you see the rings I’m wearing? It’s a little hard to make sense of, but it’s three stacking rings – a yacht, dolphins, and a wave. There’s no better place to photograph them, I reckon!

DressLarmoni / Hello Sunshine Flats – Modcloth / Hat – Vintage / Pineapple Bag – Luna on the Moon / Nautical Stacking rings – Vinca