30th, April, 2013

Meow! Oh hi. Ready to meet my new favourite thing? My sweet guy, Barnaby, kindly gifted me this cat bag for my 24th birthday last week. (Clearly my 24 years have meant I’ve matured a bunch… or not!) Seriously though, I love this bag. I’ll be honest – I knew exactly what he had gotten me for my birthday, and have been waiting ever-so impatiently for the big day to roll around. To make things even harder, he stored it so obviously in his wardrobe – making the temptation even more difficult..! I can rest easy now though – it’s mine, all mine!

We took the bag out for a spin, and I was delighted with how many young children pointed and gazed at it longingly. (Good taste, kids!) I paired it with a oxblood coloured pinafore and spotted top – both by Ark Clothing. The flower crown is one of my most recent craft endeavours. I’ve constructed oodles of flower crowns in the past (like these ones, or even this flower crown) but this is my favourite by far. Somethin’ about wearing flowers on your head seems to brighten any day, don’t you think?

Cat bag – birthday gift / Flower crown – handmade by me / PinaforeArk / Dotted t-shirtArk / Spotted TightsTightsPlease / Flats – Bait Footwear

27 Comments on “Cat Face”

  1. That bag makes me so happy! You look lovely– the flower crown is gorgeous.

  2. Love the flower crown! Cat bag is so funky, and you’re right, children indeed have the best taste in fashion.


  3. wow that bag is so cute, Jo!! I love everything with cats so I truly understand why you love it so much!
    May I also say I am truly in love with this outfit? Your pinafore dress is perfect and you look so pretty with a flower crown! :)

  4. You are adorable!! I love everything about what you’re wearing… especially the cat bag!! I also really like seeing that you’re still wearing oxblood. I know it was a big trend this winter but I wasn’t sure how to keep wearing it for spring!


  5. that cat bag is beyond awesome! and I really love the rest of your outfit too – pinafores and polka dots are two of the best things. xx

  6. Jodie

    :O amaxing bag- you and the young kids have perfect taste :)

  7. That bag is brilliant!! I think I need one myself. I haven’t been on your blog for such a long time (thanks to my school) and a fringe looks fantastic on you. Like you’re a whole other person almost!

    x Sam

  8. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog.
    It’s so cool to find other New Zealand bloggers and I really love your blog.
    Your heidi braid is my fav, what a coincidence that I’ve been getting really into wearing my hair like that latley.
    I’m definitely going to follow you, love ya stuff and I’m off to check our more sections on your blog.
    Big up’s to your boyfriend too – your pictures are gorgeous!


  9. LOL, I knew the feeling of knowing the gift your bf is doing and can’t wait for it!
    The bag is so lovely! so you are!

  10. You are so adorable! The double polka dots in this outfit make me so happy! I’m loving the cat bag too.


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