19th, April, 2012

Fancy a Slice? 

I am so so so excited to share these photographs! A while back, we were ask to work with Original Foods for a cake for Canterbury. Proceeds go to the Christchurch earthquake – and they are very much needed! It is quite bizarre to see myself on a cake box; especially as I have so many at the moment. It’s not all vanity (though some of it is!) – they are mostly to give away to relatives. I can’t wait to start seeing the cakes for sale in supermarkets – it will be so very odd!

22 Comments on “Cake Girl”

  1. Fiorenza

    wow you’re sooooo cute!! congrats!!
    would like to try that cake!


    kisskiss from italy

  2. This is so fun! You look so adorable on the boxes :) And it’s great that the proceeds go to a good cause.

  3. Wow, this is awesome! Congratulations!
    I can imagine that it is a weird feeling to see yourself on a cake box. :)

  4. What a lovely thing to be part of–I hope you raise lots of money for a great cause.

    And you are now officially famous! 😉

  5. that is such an awesome opportunity! congrats! I’m sure it will be both weird and awesome to see your face on cake boxes at stores.

  6. THat is so awesome! Congrats on being a part of this, and I hope you sell loads for such a good cause!


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