11th, December, 2012

Hello, Swan Lake..?

I had excepted this to be a ballet inspired post of sorts. Really, how could I not, in this beautiful swan print dress by a certain Miss Caitlin Shearer. I had envisioned a morning of bouncing around on my tippy-toes alongside a swan filled lake. I was even wearing my brand new shoes by bait footwear. Just slipping them onto my feet brings me back to my ballet days. I almost feel as if I should be shuffling about en pointe and wrapping my hair into a make-shift bun – though I’m sure that you can see that I certainly did one of the two.

We stumbled upon this beautiful location during our journey to ‘the swan park’. A lone branch was overhanging the water in one of the quietest river spots I’ve ever seen. I carefully clamoured my way out onto the branch (which made for some very ungraceful and quite hilarious photos!) before settling down on my perch right in the centre of the branch. Incredibly, I didn’t even fall off when I was climbing down to dry land – this is coming from the girl that once fell waist-deep into the school stream, in full uniform of course! A very reassuring feat when you’re wearing a dress as delightful as this Caitlin Shearer beauty. Finishing the spot rather perfectly was a self-made hanging swing. Quite possibly the perfect thing for summer, though I don’t think I’d fancy swimming with all of the ducky residents..!

24 Comments on “Caitlin Shearer”

  1. Aaaaawww!!! Love it! Im totally in love with your dress and those swans <3<3<3 i cant get enough of your blog! 😀

  2. This was such a sweet post, Jo! So happy to get a glimpse of a summery outfit. Sweden is really dark and cold at the moment, I wish we had summer here too! The dress is absolutely beautiful, and so are you! <3

    Lisa Marie

  3. Such beautiful photos but you are way braver than I ever could be! LOVE the dress and the shoes are gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  4. Very cute dress! Awww and so nice to see the summer weather in NZ! I’m so looking forward to go to NZ in January :)

  5. What stunning photos! And compared to the Winter wonderland we’re experiencing here, it looks positively divine there. I have loved Caitlin Shearer for as long as I can remember – you’re so lucky to have one of her gorgeous dresses and you pull it off so well :) x

  6. you look fantastic- the dress is perfect! and the setting is amazing and compliments the look perfectly
    thank you for the kind comment onmy blog- ive never been compared to edie sedgwick before- its usually just adele


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