6th, July, 2014

Okay – so here’s something new for me: wearing purple! I genuinely don’t think I’ve owned anything purple since way back in 2012, when I had this violet coloured vintage dress. In all honesty, I simply just don’t like purple very much. Or, I didn’t, at least, until quite recently. It all started with Nicole by OPI – they sent me a few polishes to style, one of which, was purple – a shade that I actually kind of liked! I painted it onto my nails and matched it to a rabbit print playsuit by Ark. And just like that, I’m cool with purple.

It’s also very in line with my latest mission: to wear more colour this winter! I’ve fallen into the dreaded trap of wearing black, black, black, and I’m over it. So yeah, colour sounds good! Hello purple, hello yellow, how are you guys doing? Good? Me too!

PlaysuitArk (on sale!) / Shoes (similar here) – Mel by Melissa / Belt – Yumi /

Bag – Jump From Paper (similar here) / Nail polish – Nicole by OPI

8 Comments on “Cadbury Colours”

  1. I really like purple but don’t own many things in the shade. I find it a little harder to pair with other colors than many of my other colorful clothes. I really love this romper though. It’s adorable on you and that purse is the coolest ever!

  2. I love that romper! I’ve never owned one before, but I’ve always been tempted to buy one. Purple ususally isn’t my first choice of colors for a piece of clothing, but I do have a few dresses that are purple and I really like them! When it’s good, it’s good!


  3. Wow you look cool and marvelous at the same time. I love the playsuit. Btw I don’t own that much in purple too. I should change that.


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