14th, December, 2012

I just love buttercup yellow!

Did you know that looking at yellow makes you cheerful. And it’s proven! Perhaps that’s why it’s my favourite colour in the whole wide world. I think I could actually wear bright yellow every single day of the week. Mustard coloured dresses, trousers, blouses, shoes.. You name it..! Today I went for my ol’ favourite combination; mustard and ketchup. A bright red lipstick and red clogs (c/o Lotta from Stockholm) finished the look off quite nicely, thank you. The yellow dress I’m wearing is the most worn item in my wardrobe lately. I was very kindly sent it from the lovely Room 31. It has the most wonderful waffle fabric and the sweetest bow detail on the back. Not to mention that colour..! Ahh, yellow, you have won me over once again!

33 Comments on “Buttercup”

  1. Oh I adore it! I don’t wear yellow an awful lot; perhaps I should if it really does make a person more cheerful :)

    xx Carina

  2. I never liked yellow, I hated it, I used to think it looked ridiculous, really!
    But a few years ago, I don’t know how, one day I started liking it, so much that along with red is my favourite colour.
    It’s just like you said, so cheerful!! Plus I think it looks good with lots of colour, red, black, brown…

    So I love ho you styled this beautiful dress, red shoes, it couldn’t be more perfect! <3

  3. Agreed! Yellow is so cheerful! My favorite dress is yellow, though I have to be careful about the shade not making my skintone look ill.

    This dress is so cute. Very Mod!

  4. This dress is so adorable, I wish I looked so good in yellow – for some reason it doesn’t match my skin tone at all.
    Also, love that you’re wearing red lipstick, you should definitely do it more often!

  5. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. Your blog is awesome. I will now follow you. This dress is so cute, and buttercup yellow is definitely a very cheerful color. I love it as well.

  6. That shade of buttercup yellow looks so gorgeous on you!!! Wearing yellow always makes me feel so giddy and happy, I am completely not surprised that it’s been proven to be true 😀

  7. This post is amazing, the photography is terrific as usual and this is the best yellow dress ever! Growing up I was never a huge fan of yellow, I think because I had “yellow” hair,but now its one of my favorites! The flower heart is so cute! Happy Holidays to you!
    xo Hannah

    • I used to hate it too! When I was little I absolutely couldn’t stand yellow! Now I just love love love it! It’s so funny how things change, eh : ) x


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