3rd, December, 2011

Frolicking Amongst the Buttercups!

While on an afternoon walk today, Barnaby and I stumbled upon a severely overgrown grassy haven. The warm weather has been exhausting me all week long, so I took it as the perfect opportunity to relax within the buttercup field! Nothing is better on a hot Summer’s day than the perfect shade under a tree – except ice cream perhaps!

I wore a hemmed 1960s piece that was thrifted several months ago. I’ve been told that it’s  actually some form of dressing gown, rather than a dress – though that didn’t stop me from  wearing it out! The doctors bag I’m carrying is my new favourite ever. It was sent to me courtesy of Golden Ponies. Usually I carry teeny-tiny bags, so it is all kinds of wonderful to finally be able to fit in all of my essentials!

54 Comments on “Brown & a Bowler”

  1. That doctor’s bag is gorgeous (and so are you!). I’ve been wanting one like that forever, so lucky you for getting one!

  2. Gosh i can’t believe this place, it’s amazing how the tall grass could make such a lovely background for ur outfit photos. Oh, and you look awesome, as always.

  3. Just discovered your beautiful blog – I think it’s the first one from New Zealand that I’ve ever come across (I’m the other side of the globe in Scotland.) Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. Love your doctors bag too xx

  4. rebelrousher

    Love these photos! Very pretty outfit and setting. That bold lipstick is just awesome :)


  5. Your blog is super cute! Ijust found it, and I love it!
    You’re such a doll. Annnnnd I want your hair.

  6. damn. That grass came up to your knees. Love the color combination here. The yellow flowers and your sweet 60’s dress. xx

  7. Goodness knows how you found my modest blog, but thank you for the compliment about my boots! It’s especially appreciated considering you have quite the amazing fashion sense. You have such a lovely blog. :)

  8. These pictures are so beautiful, and I love this outfit! The red lipstick goes perfectly too-you remind me of Liv Tyler!

  9. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment! I love brogues too, they’d be one of my choices…

    I love your blog! All pics are so beautiful… I’m oficially your new follower. Do the same if you want or just visit my blog whenever you want!!!



  10. barrijayne

    Thank you for your lovely comment.
    I’m so jealous of your beautiful weather.
    Great photos xx

  11. loveeee your handbag! i always carry around big ones but i need to find a nice doctors bag like that, they’re so cute! and what a pretty field, i wish the weather was so warm in sydney, we’ve been getting all the rain lately :(

  12. Whether it’s a dressing gown or a dress, I like it! The stripes are too fabulous and what a gorgeous bag! You’re a lucky girl!

  13. You always look so stunning! As do your photos. I wish I had the money to up grade my camera, but I doubt that will happen in a while. May I ask what camera you use?

    xx Carina

  14. I love everything about this outfit! The dress, bag, hat are all so awesome!! And your hair is perfection… :)


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