19th, February, 2012

Umbrella Weather!

As if it knew about my recent umbrella brooch purchase, the weather in my fair city has erupted into overcast skies and drizzle. I love the lushness that rain brings – it makes all of my favourite evergreen parks look even more wonderful! During a pause in the rain, we quickly ventured to my favourite place ever; the ‘secret park’ as I like to call it. You know by now just how much I love visiting ducks, and today were even greeted by a Labrador swimming in the river – I don’t know which of us looked more startled! The flowers are looking so incredible at the moment. There is a flower festival early next month; and I am definitely hoping for a ticket. What girl doesn’t love flowers? Especially after the Valentines rush!

I combated the puddles with my grey ASOS brogues. My dress and brooch were both vintage. I don’t usually wear much red, but have recently become hooked on matching it to my ruby lipstick. My hair was plaited into a Heidi braid – the perfect way to battle the ever-looming rainy day frizz!

43 Comments on “Brogues & a Brolly”

  1. I know it’s your ‘secret’ park, but you must let us know sometime where that is, because that is the most beautiful-looking place I have ever truly seen! It looks just so incredibly dreamy!

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  2. Red is always the best choice, or at least that’s what I like to think! Hahahaha!
    And that park looks lovely! <3

  3. Oh gosh! you are looking soooooo cute in red!
    I love the dress and also your hairstyle :)

    Have a cute week.
    See you!

  4. Wow you have such a fabulous blog! All the photos are fantastic. And you look stunning here. :)

    Love from the NaNa girls x

  5. The brolly brooch is so lovely! I saw a bicycle brooch and a brolly brooch similar in an antiques store the other day and I now I just wish I had bought them!

    Love the colour of your dress.

  6. Your dress is beautiful, perfect with the lipstick! And I love your hair like that, I attempt it every now and then! :) xx

  7. What a perfect shade of red! The little umbrella pin is so adorable :)


  8. your hair looks amazing!!! and this is the perfect little red dress i love it!!
    thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment!! :)


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