9th, June, 2016


A book set in Paris? Well, author Nina George, this is an immediate plus for me! The premise of this novel is absolutely enchanting – and equally as enticing, as a result.

The Little Paris Bookshop follows Monsieur Perdu, a broken-hearted man who owns The Literacy Apothecary; a barge filled to the absolute brim with books, which he carefully docks on the River Siene, in Paris. The most special aspect of Perdu’s bookshoop? His books are sold on how they will help you, rather than whether you’d like to read them. An alluring idea, indeed!

After being left by his love over twenty years ago, Monsieur Perdu (or Jean, as we will later come to know) has never fully recovered – or even close. Jean has truly sealed off his heart, as even the tiniest thought of her; Manon, sends him into a nosedive of despair.

Everything changes though, when a new neighbour arrives at Monsiour Perdu’s apartment building. Jean begins to deal with feelings he had long pushed aside after reading a letter from his love that he had hidden from himself the moment he found out she left him.


And so the adventure begins! With Monsieur Perdu rediscovering a side of himself he had long forgotten, he wastes no time in hopping aboard his book barge – The Literacy Apothecary – and setting off on an adventure through the winding French rivers. Jean soon picks up his first crew mate – Max, a young author who is feeling the pressure of his second novel. Together, they sweep the French waterways in search of Jean’s former lady love.

Now, what did I actually think of the book? In terms of plot, I was absolutely captivated. If a middle-aged man feels like releasing his book barge and exploring French rivers in the name of love – well, I want to hear about it! I was truly absorbed by the plot, and although I found a couple of parts of the book a little slow, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

All in all, I definitely recommend this book! Who knows, perhaps author Nina George prescribed this one for you in particular?


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