14th, December, 2011

How we Spent a Rainy Day…

The weather isn’t always picture perfect during summer! Today was a miserable sort of day; full of drizzle and overcast skies – definitely not ideal for photographing for a fashion blog! Instead of moping inside, we instead set out on a pre-lunch walk. The dampness started to get the better of us eventually, but just as we decided to leave, an enormous flock of ducks flew down the river. It was truly amazing! I’m so grateful that Barnaby has fast enough reflexes to take photographs – I couldn’t even look away!

I’ve had several comments recently regarding my hair. It’s called a Heidi braid, and I have a tutorial if you would like to learn (it is ridiculously easy, I promise!) I kept warm in a vintage long-sleeved dress and an ASOS blazer. My bag was courtesy of Golden Ponies (I am absolutely obsessed with this bag!) and the shoes were courtesy of Wanted.

60 Comments on “Blazer, Braids & Bag”

  1. I really like the collar as well! The blazer is great too.
    We’ve been ahving a pretty drizzly summer as well!

  2. Very beautiful pictures as always ! And I really love your shoes and your blazer : wonderful !
    My best friend is in New Zealand for one year and she really loves your country . When she tells me it’s summer, it makes me feel strange because in France, the weather is very bad !!
    See you :)

  3. Actually, that’s my favorite type of weather, and it makes for such a pretty lighting in photos! But you’re right, it’s not ideal for fashion bloggers at all hahaha, as romantic as it may be.

    But really, nice outfit, the braids complement it very well!



  4. I love your blazer! I’m completely used to drizzly damp weather thanks to living in the north of England!
    Thank you for your comment!

  5. wow! such beautiful pictures. i always think pictures taken on slightly rainy days always come out beautiful. that last shot of the bird is especially amazing.

    thanks so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog! will make studying for exams just a little bit happier 8)

  6. Hello! Aaaahhhhh I love your blog, it’s so easy to read and the photography is amazing. Following you on Bloglovin’ now (can I not follow through GFC?) Thank you for stopping by my blog, because now I have found yours! 😀

  7. Jo..
    you look absolulty beautiful.
    this outfit is something i would wear in a heartbeat.
    i love vintage preppy .. Love Story/Ali Mcgraw style.
    that bag is amazing too. 😉

  8. jo, I adore this look. You make me want to wear tweed everyday. How is your backdrop always so perfect, you must go on adventures all the time. xx

  9. Oh gosh, this outfit is gorgeous! I think I have fallen in love with your blog, it’s absolutely lovely!

    Thank you so much for dropping by mine!

    So excited to be following your blog!

  10. You look gorgeous as ever Jo! Your hair is truly incredible. I could never do it with my short hair, but I like looking at it on others. Love the dress and shoe combination in this outfit as well. Darling!

  11. The bag is brilliant! It has such a nice shape and it goes perfectly with your style, and OMG that last photo is sensational! O.O

  12. Thank you very much! I fell in love with the café immediately :)

    Those pictures are beautiful! And i really like your outfit (especially the- no everything really).

  13. Thanks for your kind comment on my post! I stopped by to visit and fell in love with this look. Your blazer and doctor’s bag purse are such great pieces I wished I owned! Your entire outfit is super cool. :] You look so English. lol. New follower!

  14. What a lovely outfit! Love the bag and the shoes, and above all I love your hairdo. I’m trying to be more creative and put up my hair these days, I’m very inspired by your lovely photos and hairdos. And the Heidi braid is always a classic – it looks so beautiful on you!

  15. i’d never have thought of wearing a tweed blazer but it looks adorable on you! and i love your bag too, i’ve been half looking for one like that, it’s lovely!

  16. Wow, love your outfit and your hair! Tried that once but I failed… And the landscape on your pictures is sooo beautiful! I don’t know much about New Zealand but I do know that I want to go there someday!


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