16th, January, 2013

Well, you know the old joke. A newspaper? Or possibly the funniest answer I’d ever heard, aged eight; a skunk eating strawberry jam. Today neither are correct – I’m the answer! I’m black, white and red at least! I’m in an extra silly mood – if you can’t tell from this recent set of photographs. I’m quite an over-the-top oddball really, but sometimes I notice how very serious I come across in blog posts. Nothing quite like a comic title and a series of face-pulling, eh?

After filling up on my drink of choice, soy hot chocolate (yum!), I was positively brimming over with energy. It all started with some fairly standard on-the-spot dancing, which quickly progressed into ballerina-esque balancing (or Michael Jackson, whichever really!) Let’s be honest though, when you’re wearing spots, at least you have the excuse of being dotty, right? ..right?! The dress is a vintage number I picked up recently. I paired it with my favourite pair of clogs (c/o Lotta From Stockholm), a red ribbon in my ponytail, and a black floppy hat borrowed from a friend.

P.s. Who’d have known that clogs worked quite so well for jumping?! I was seriously in awe of the last photograph! I was so high off the ground – and it was the one and only attempt too!

24 Comments on “Black, White, & Red All Over”

  1. Oh man this polka dot dress is absolutely adorable! You look super cute! That last jumping picture turned out amazingly too.

  2. Really cute photos Jo! I love that you have fun in your photos and don’t take the posing for outfit pics thing too seriously! How do you rate the clogs for comfort? I’ve been wanting a pair for ages but the only thing putting me off is that I can’t try them on first? Also do they run true to size? I’d love to know what you think!

    Emma x

  3. O the newspaper joke did make me chuckle!
    Really love this outfit, the dress is gorgeous and I’m going through a hat obsession at the moment which makes it even better!
    All of your pictures are so stunning, you’ve inspired me to practice taking my own outfit pictures and hopefully making them a bit prettier – thank you!
    Jodie xx | Future Freaks Me

  4. Favourite post to date I think! I love these kinds of posts where you get a feel for the personality behind the pictures, please feel free to goof around more, I for one would love to see those pictures!

  5. Loving your look Jo! I’ve featured you in my latest post on 60s mod makeup and style. Hope you like it – would be great to hear your thoughts my blog!


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