3rd, September, 2017


Although I had visions of freezing during my stay in Amsterdam (I live in Thailand, let’s be realistic) it was bloomin’ HOT! My daily outfit pretty much consisted of shortly hemmed dresses, my beloved¬†fedora, sunglasses and Chuck Taylors. It kind of made my initial packing of jumpers and leather jackets slightly redundant, but hey, I’d choose sunshine over wasted packing space any day!

For anyone visiting Amsterdam, my biggest tip would be to RENT A BIKE. It seems kind of obvious really, but we stuck to walking for the first few days after being intimidated by the fast pace of all of the locals on their bikes.

It turns out it’s way, way easier to bike than walk in Amsterdam (who knew!) and it’s a whole lot easier being in the swing of things on your bike, rather than struggling against it by walking.

Plus, we were clocking up over 30km on foot every day, and I was starting to limp.

So yeah, number one Amsterdam tip: ride a bicycle! And here’s some photos of me doing just that. And by ‘just that’ I mean posing next to one in one of the outfits I described earlier.

Hat – ASOS / Dress- H&M




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  1. I really want to visit Amsterdam next year. What region would you recommend staying in? (We’re a fun-loving couple in our thirties who like cool bars and nice restaurants). I would be grateful for any advice you might have.

    • We stayed right in Amsterdam central – and it was brilliant. Everything was pretty close (especially by bike) and there were several great vintage stores around town. Do you know the blog wishwishwish? She has some great recommendations for places to go! I’m currently working on a little video guide – but my laptop is broken, so it’s gonna be a while in the making! x


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