17th, July, 2016


Berry red is a colour I massively gravitate towards during the winter months. It’s kind of reassuring having that bright burst of colour against the usually stark background – although we managed to find a particularly green spot for these photos! I really love how red looks against snow – although I wouldn’t trade these sunny days and warmish temperatures for¬†anything even that remotely cold. Warm winters are awesome. I mean, bare legs in mid-Winter? I really can’t complain.

These shoes were a real treat to style up – as Chucks are something I haven’t worn for years – although as a teenager they were pretty much all I wore (didn’t everyone?) These were the first time I wore them out (I didn’t want them to be dirty for the photos!) but they have since become my almost-daily shoe. This particular pair is part of a Nike collaboration for the creative on the go, meaning they are super springy and comfortable. They look like classic chucks, but have heaps of foot support. Brilliant!

Chuck Taylors – Converse / Skirt – Muubaa / Jacket – Borrowed / Strawberry BagPepa Loves



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  1. I really adore your style! It’s the perfect amount of chic and retro and although it’s quite different from my own, I find it to be good eye-candy. Lots of love xoxo


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