17th, October, 2011

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

Today I made the most wonderful discovery; there is a secret garden behind my house! I have often admired the tops of the plants from my window, but it is only since the flowers have bloomed that I have realized what it is. I have always been fascinated with the notion of a secret garden, since reading the book (of the same name) when I was eleven. I loved frolicking in the flowers, and wore a vintage floral dress so I blended right in. Naturally, I finished the look with a bowler hat and my favourite lipstick – which actually took me a whopping fourty-five minutes to locate!

25 Comments on “Avant Garden”

  1. That lipstick was well worth the 45 minutes it took to locate! It is such a perfect touch to your pretty floral dress and that bowler hat is just fabulous! I need more hats in my life!

  2. How wonderful! I read the book just recently, I adore it so much (and of course the garden in the movie is everything I imagined it to be)

    Lovely dress, and the search for the lipstick was well worth it, really looks beautiful on you

    xx Carina

  3. Those shoes are darling! I love them! What a perfect little garden party outfit <3

    I feel your pain on the lipstick… Its taken me two days to find my favorite Red one by Benefit! But now we've been reunited, so all is right in the world hehe

    xoxo Coco
    Muffin Top Baby

  4. Oh, how exciting about the secret garden! That was one of my favorite books when I was younger :) And you look adorable too! The bowler and shoes go great with the dress.

  5. I adore that movie!!! I have both the book and the English play of it. I use to have the movie and can not find it for the life of me. It is definitely on my Christmas wish list.

  6. Adore your lipstick. Red lips are so chic and just make any outfit that much better.

    <3 Cambria

  7. I need those shoes. NEED. Also, you look amazing. That gorgeous lip was totally worth the 45 minute search.

  8. Forty five minutes! I would have given up after fifteen. Gorgeous pictures as always, Jo. Love the deep, rich colours.


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