21st, September, 2016


It’s never been much of a secret that I am BONKERS for anything even remotely nautical! I fell in love with the Helm necklace by New Zealand based jewellery designer Black Matter (hooray for locally made!) I still can’t get over the intricate detail, not to mention just how well made it is in general – the weight alone is something to be impressed by!

We simply had to shoot these photos on my favourite duvet cover – which seems awfully appropriate, don’t you think? I got dolled up in an oldie but a goodie; this anchor print little number by Unique Vintage. Everything just went so well together – largely due to the fact that almost everything I own is sailor-like in some way. Either way, I am over the moon with this necklace. It’s gonna be hangin’ around for years to come, I just know it!

Ps. If you’re a sailor gal like me and looking to see more of the collection (just kidding, I know you totally are!) I’ve included some of my favourite pieces at the bottom of this post! ..and surprise, surprise, they’re all from the nautical collection. (Bet you didn’t see that one coming!)


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