2nd, April, 2012

& Dealing with Daylight Savings!

I’m not going to lie; I am seriously excited that it’s April! Aside from December (for obvious reasons!), April is my absolute favourite month. I’m an April baby (my birthday is on the twenty-fourth!) and I just love the way trees look during Autumn. In New Zealand, we’ve just switched off daylight savings time. I’m not sure whether it’s because I grew up in South-East Asia, where we don’t actually have seasons; but I am truly dreadful at adjusting to time changes. Actually, it took both myself and Barnaby until midday yesterday to even realize the change!  We don’t own a tv, so were completely oblivious to any ‘reminder’ adverts! I just so happened to be doing a pinch of Facebook stalking, and realized it had changed! I was wondering why we’d woken up so early!

The confusion has carried through onto today. I ended up asleep before nine last night (!) and awake at six this morning. Shocking, I know – but it actually turned out super well! We had an early morning park walk – by early, I mean seven! It was quite wonderful – we ended up tiptoeing down a pathway lined with sleeping ducks. I have a big soft spot for ducks, as I’m sure you know by now, and it was incredibly difficult resisting reaching over and giving them a pat. They really are my favourites! I wore a hooded cape I bought several years ago paired with a vintage pleat dress. The shoes were courtesy of Modcloth, and the frill socks were an ASOS purchase.

45 Comments on “April in Autumn”

  1. I just adore that pretty dress paired with the cape!

    The photo of you with the leaf is just gorgeous! <3!


  2. Lovely photographs! And nice work taking advantage of the daylight savings change – I opted for the lazy approach and snagged an extra hour of sleep.

    Autumn is my favourite time of year also (partially because I’m an April baby too), I love the colour changes.

  3. Yay for the end of daylight savings, but I’m definitely with you; I found it difficult to get up on the right time and go to sleep again on Sunday. You look lovely, your outfit is amazing, I love it!

  4. You look lovely, such a sweet outfit and your red lipstick is amazing!
    I feel you on the wanting to pet sleepy ducks, I don’t know if I could resist.

  5. You look adorable! And those pleats are perfect paired with that cape!
    Here in Spain we have daylight saving too, and I like it now that gets dark at 9pm, but I hate in summer since we have daylight until 10.30pm D:

    Girls that glitter love the dark

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  6. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! like the pictures are amazing Makes me want to have a moment in the woods :)

  7. lovely blog..!!
    awesome pics..:)
    love your lip color..:)

    thanks for your sweet comment on my blog..:)
    mind following each other..?!


  8. Beautiful photographs, that pleat dress is gorgeous. Gotta say, your hair and make-up are stunning, too. Lovely! x

  9. Love the inside detail of the cape, and I really love the bag! Vintage doctor’s bags are gorrrrr-geous!


  10. Sabrina

    Your look soo cute
    i loved the pictures

  11. Hey there lovely Jo! I am loving this whole outfit. The capulet and ivory work so well together. You are making me want Autumn here in the states. <3

  12. aww cute ducks!! you look pretty, I like a lot the dress and the shoulder bag

    Hope you having a nice day

  13. awww, sleeping ducks!! ^_^ also i love your little cape, it looks so sweet with the pale yellow of your dress.

  14. Gorgeous! The photo with you and the leaf…hehe you’re so cute

    Have a happy Easter!

    xx Carina

  15. what an adorable little cape & I absolutely love seeing all the changing leaves as it starts to get really hot over here. Over in Arizona we don’t have daylight savings either, def through me off when I lived in Mexico last year- glad it worked out for the better though for you!


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