13th, April, 2015


Oh pineapples, how I love you. Whether it’s on a plate or in print form, there’s no denying that you’re pretty darn wonderful. I may be a little late to the pineapple party, but hey, I’m participating to the fullest. Gotta love those ananas comosus, am I right?! Getting to style up this delicious pineapple clutch by Luna on the Moon was one of the best opportunities ever, and since it’s arrival it has cemented itself as one of my very favourite bags. It may also help that I have miniature pineapple earrings to wear with it (unusual for this lady as I barely ever wear earrings – ever!)

Wearing the best colour possible – bright yellow, in case you didn’t know (!) we headed down to one of my favourite places – the boat sheds. I had visions of amazing light, a wind-free day, you know the sort.. Apparently Wellington doesn’t know the sort – so we stuck it out, taking photos as long as we could for an especially windy day. Strangely enough these have turned out to be some of my favourite photos – ever! …Though really, it might just come down to the abundance of pineapples!

Pineapple BagLuna on the Moon / DressPepa Loves / Shoes – CocoRose London / EarringsAnd Mary / Bow – With Lavender and Lace



5 Comments on “An Ode to Pineapples”

  1. You look so pretty! Your hair is getting amazingly long and it just suits you so well! But then, you’ve always had pretty hair. 😉 I love the abundance of pineapples and the bright yellow dress! So fun. Yellow has to be one of the best colors, which obviously makes pineapples (and lemons) some of the best fruits!

    I love the way these pictures turned out, too. Isn’t it funny how sometimes the conditions you thought might ruin pictures actually makes them better?

    • Gosh, I actually can’t believe how long it’s getting – and am definitely at that crossroads where I KNOW it needs a chop.. but I just don’t want to do it! >.< xo

  2. Hi this is my first time visiting your blog and I really love it so much, you have great style and your blog theme is so colorful with pastel color. Btw, I like your pineapple bag!

    xx June



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