2nd, April, 2011

Supersize Me

Today, Barnaby’s Dad brought home the most magnificent apple. It really is huge – as in half the size of my face! I just couldn’t resist sharing it. Of course I ate it right after the photograph was taken – and was full for absolutely ages afterwards!

In other news, I have somewhere to live! It is an actual 1970s unit, and it really is like being in a time warp! There is genuine 70s wallpaper on every wall. Of course, I adore it! We move in next week, I can’t wait!

21 Comments on “An Apple a Day…”

  1. Not long ago I actually lived in a time warp unit also haha. Every room had a different floral wallpaper with inset wooden finishes and shelves, and you couldn’t miss the huge rounded orange bench top in the kitchen!

    Also, that top photo could be straight out of the pages of Frankie!

  2. Lovely blog you’ve got here as well lady. I’m a fan of apples in fact we were suppose to make an apple pie for dessert tonight but we ran out of time. I suppose we’ll make it tomorrow and I’ll have some for breakfast on Monday. I’m off to check out some more of your posts.

  3. Woah that is one large apple! I love all things appley so I’m certainly not complaining – these photos are lovely!

  4. That apple looks amazing! and I am heaps jealous of your new apartment. wish I could live there myself :)

    ps. i am loving your blog, have become a new follower ^.^


  5. haha you always come up yith such great ideas for your posts, dear! hope everything’s gone be fine for everyone soon again :)

    love J.


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