Oh hi! My name is Jo and I’m a fashion blogger. I’m 24 and living in the city of Wellington, New Zealand. I grew up in Brunei, so dart off for the occasional jungle adventure. I live with my wonderful boyfriend, Barnaby, who takes all of the beautiful photographs that you see on our fashion blog.

I have a massive obsession with red lipstick,the 1960s, beehive hair, short and scalloped hemlines, cat print clothing, bowler hats, button back blouses, pan collars, Modcloth, visiting scenic places, swimming, sunflowers, feeding ducks, floral crowns, stretching in the sunshine, cupcakes, climbing trees, winged eyeliner, crunching leaves, dressing like a sailor, amongst many other things!

Here are some past posts that I absolutely love. I do hope you enjoy browsing through a selection of my favourites!

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What shade of lipstick do you wear?

Lately I’ve been wearing a brand of lipstick I bought in Asia, called Silkygirl Moisture Rich 25 hot red. It keeps my lips feeling lovely – even after hours of wear! You can see the colour best on my post about how to apply red lipstick.

Who takes your photographs?

My boyfriend, Barnaby takes the majority of the photographs. He is a professional photographer, so I am very lucky! When I am able to snatch the camera away I try to take some shots too. I also love to take film photographs on my Holga!

How do you do your hair braids?

Braids are one of my favourite hair styles! I’ve made hair tutorials about this before – have a peek at my how to Heidi braid video.

How do you do your beehive hair?

It is quite easy; it just involves a lot of bobby pins and hair-teasing! I am planning to do a tutorial in the future (I feel like I’ve been saying this forever!) but it will be around one of these days ; )

Can I post your pictures on my blog?

Of course, though you must leave a link back to my fashion blog!

How do I advertise on your blog?

Our advertising page has details on advertisement sizes. We run our adverts on a monthly basis, and you can email us for rates!