23rd, October, 2011

The Kampong Ayer

Brunei is host to one of the worlds largest water villages. It is located next to the CBD, and is full of rickety wooden bridges, which are both extremely fun – and terrifying (!!) to walk over. The Kampong Ayer has a lot of charm, both with the buildings and the people! The locals are frequently spotted darting by on water taxis, and they never hesitate to wave and call out a greeting to passers-by. The houses are constructed on stilts, and I love seeing the sleepy Bruneian cats wander amongst them.

I haven’t visited the Kampong for many years, so it was truly a treat to return! We explored the village and walked to the nearby Sultan’s mosque. What a treat for the eyes, though the gold plated dome sure was blinding in the afternoon sun!

14 Comments on “A Village on the Water”

  1. mary Anne

    Great photos, make me feel homesick for Brunei. Have a great time and say hi to your Mum and Dad please.

  2. that looks so, so beautiful! You’re very lucky to have been able to visit.. and more than once too!

  3. Brunei looks so picturesque! And I’m failing to be too sympathetic with your annoying sunshine seeing as it’s so bitterly cold here 😉 xxx

  4. It looks stunning there…I’m quite jealous! Love the outfit in that setting, it’s perfect match…my favourite part (of course) is that little red bow :)

    <3 Cambria

    • No! : ( My Dad is fluent in Malay (and about 5 other languages!) but I definitely don’t have the language gene! x


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