2nd, October, 2015


…is a rose!

So honestly, what do you think of this door? In my opinion, it’s a bit of a babe. As for my boyfriend, he just doesn’t get it! When I asked if we could shoot beside “that little church near the supermarket.. you know, the one with the green door?” I was met with looks of.. well, confusion, I suppose! And you know he got a confused look in response. This door is bloomin’ fantastic!

As a central city dweller I’m constantly on the lookout for brightly coloured doors – and believe me, they are far and few! A rose most definitely is a rose is a rose is a rose, and it’s fairly obvious that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yada, yada, but what’s not to love – seriously! I think this is one of those ‘agree to disagree’ moments. Or in our case, a “when in Rome” moment. We are big Anchorman fans in this household, after all ; )

It’s been a long, long while since I last wore a dress as pretty as this.. While quirky prints and sailor clothing will always be tied for first place in my heart (love you, you guys), there’s no doubt about it that dresses with delicate embroidery snatch a clear second place. And I just love how it looks alongside my little flamingo friend (hi Pinky!) peeking out to say hello.

Dress (on sale) – Chicwish / CoatJeanswest / Flats – Mel by Melissa



5 Comments on “A Rose is a Rose”

  1. I really love that dress on you. And I understand completely why you wanted to shoot by the green door. It really complements the outfit and it’s fun.

  2. You look beautiful- the dresses so delicate and cute it looks absolutely stunning on you.
    Why didn’t your boyfriend understand how much of a big deal this door is! Obviously he needs to be exposed to more pretty doors to get their appeal.

  3. Green is my favorite color and that door is amazing! I love the way the little gate matches it!

    Your dress is lovely as well!


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