2nd, November, 2012

Gingham & Glasses! 

After quite possibly one of the busiest weeks of my entire life, we are all moved in! I’m not quite sure that I ever mentioned I was shifting house – I much preferred choosing not to think about it at all! Christchurch makes it terribly hard to find anywhere to live, due to an enormous amount of buildings either falling over or being red stickered after the earthquake last year. With only three days left on our tenancy, we finally found a new home. A sweet, sweet little place too. It has the biggest wardrobe I’ve ever had, and I have thoroughly enjoyed filling it with pretty clothing. The best part of moving, I always say! Our new place has the tiniest (but cutest!) outdoor area, with a blossoming tree – which I can’t wait to use towards constructing a new flower crown! When I’ve unpacked, I’d quite like to share my new abode with you – if you’d fancy a peek, of course!

Naturally, my enthusiasm towards our new house led to a spot of frolicking outside. I’m just so happy and excited – and dancing in the ivy-lined driveway seems like the perfect way to channel my energy! I wore a thrifted gingham dress and my favourite Ray Ban glasses – specifically the wonderful RX5226 2034. My cherry red clogs were on my feet literally moments after they arrived in the mailbox – of my old flat actually! I dashed over to collect them, and it was so very worth it, don’t you think! They were courtesy of Lotta From Stockholm, and my absolute favourite pair so far – just because they match my scarlet lipstick so perfectly!

16 Comments on “A Place to Call Home”

  1. Hello Jo, how are you?! Oh how I love those eyeglasses!!
    I wanted to ask you some advice…! I’d like to advertise on my blog but I don’t know how to start… I don’t have that much followers and I was thinking about creating a sponsors age, as you have, but I don’t think this would be enough.. Any syggestions?! :)

  2. Lovely shoes! So nice and vibrant. I can’t wait to see photos of your new house. I love the decorating that comes with a new home. Have fun!


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