26th, July, 2012

Tips & A Bit of a Guide! 

I’m sure you’re well aware that I adore my Holga. It joins me on almost every single one of my adventures – I love it so much! Even when I don’t use it for taking photographs, I just enjoy looking through it; seeing the world as a square is so very mesmerizing! What I love most about it; it is so lightweight and can actually fit into my bags – unlike a whopping big DSLR!

Now that I’ve rambled on about my true feelings for my beloved camera (!) it’s time to introduce this easy-peasy guide! I receive so so so many emails about lomo cameras, and how to use them. It really is simple! Here is a walk-through on how to use your Holga, and some tips and tricks that I’ve learnt along the way! P.s. You can see some of my favourite Holga shots here and here.

The Back of the Camera 

This is simple! You have a viewfinder (top left) which is what you look through. The red area is transparent and shows how many shots that you’ve taken. Up the top is for adding attachments; like a flash. The side bits are what hold the back on – or, not quite!

Now, You might be wondering why my camera is completely covered in tape! The back has a huge reputation for falling off! It always seems to happen at the worst moments too – generally mid-photograph! It can destroy your entire film, so the best trick is to just secure it. I use a smidgen of tape, and reattach it whenever I remove the film from the camera.

An important tip: one of the funny things about the Holga is that the viewfinder is significantly higher than the lens. Always photograph things slightly above what you think you would, otherwise you may end up loosing the entire detail that you set out to shoot! On my first film, I actually ended up chopping off the heads of the people I photographed. It was quite funny only having shots of peoples bodies – though my wallet wasn’t as amused!

The Top of the Camera 

You can see such an assortment of different symbols when you look at the top of the camera! They are focus icons, and they show you how far away to be from the subject when you take a photograph. The single person means 3 ft, the three people means 4-6 ft, the group is 8-10 feet, and the mountain is very far away indeed! There is also a button for different lighting conditions. If it’s light then you put it on the sun, and if it’s dark then you put it on the night setting. Oh, and here you can see a proper view of the attachment metal piece (for flash), and of the film advance knob (bottom right) – which is what you use to wind on the film.

Something to remember: It certainly sounds silly, but always remember to remove the lens cap! It’s quite easy to forget, especially because you can still look through the camera when the lens cap is on. Always be sure to double check. Film is so very pricey, I would hate for you to take a blank photograph by accident!

What’s Left?! 

So all there is to do is take your photo! The ‘snap button’ is right next to the lens. Just apply all the proper settings (as listed above) and have fun taking your photographs! Be sure to play around with double exposures – they are always a great surprise. It’s so  fun to see what you can create!

11 Comments on “A Holga Guide”

  1. this is so great..i’ve been wanting to use my holga more! do you get your film online? that seems to be the hardest part for me..film/developing.

    • I buy my film online but develop it in store. Have a good hunt on eBay – I ended up getting 5 rolls of film for $30 or something! : ) x

  2. I hope to acquire a Holga one day, so that you for this bit of advice I may use in the future!

  3. Thanks for the tips. I bought a Holga a few weeks ago but I’ve been a little bit too scared to use it though. Now that is summer I want to take it down the beach or woods :)

    Lisa xx

  4. I love my Holga, too! And I always tape the back but it’s never fallen off. My husband bought me a Diana for my birthday and I still haven’t developed the first roll. I have the feeling the photos are not going to come out as good as the ones I take with my Holga.

    Hope your week’s off to a great start! ;D



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