30th, July, 2011

Are You Mad About Mad Men?

I confess; I have never actually seen Mad Men (though I don’t own a TV, so at least I have an excuse!) There is one fact I can’t deny though; Joan Holloway has style! The delightful Dashfield Vintage was kind enough to send me a beautiful 1960s wiggle dress. It is the most perfect shade of turquoise, and features embroidered detailing, and a matching belt! I was definitely channeling Joan as I put it on with red lipstick and beehived hair.

To be in to win this 60s beauty you must:

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54 Comments on “A Giveaway: Joan Holloway Style”

  1. Heather

    Already following, of course. I never do these things but I will for this.

    It’s a beautiful colour!

  2. I must confess I never saw Mad Men before but I saw some pictures and all the characters have amazing style. This dress is absolutely gorgeous, you look beautiful in it.
    I was already following you via bloglovin…and I liked the post!


  3. oh I love this! Thank you so much for this opportunity!!!
    following you on Bloglovin’ and I liked this post 😉

  4. Sweet lady! What an amazing giveaway!! You’re are bloglovin followed and tweeted! I hope to be filled with the Joan spirit!

    xo, Strawberry Moth

  5. What a gorgeous dress! I’ve never watched Mad Men, either, but I’ve seen Joan Holloway’s costumes and they’re so beautiful.

  6. Thanks for your lovely comment!! You look absolutely gorgeous in all your pictures! I’m intrigued about your time in Brunei, what was it like?

    Entering your giveaway
    Following your blog on bloglovin’ and liked this post :)

  7. bonnie

    watching mad men for the second time around. Style and story are fab.

  8. Why hello beautiful! I am loving the Joan-inspired look. There is nothing more perfect than a 1960s wiggle dress. And I am following through bloglovin. xx

  9. Liked and following. Fabu dress by the way! To bad you have to give it away in the contest, because it really suits you!

  10. Well,hello there!
    I won’t be entering the giveaway,as I am a little large for that heavenly frock!
    But,I wanted to say hi! I had no idea you were out there,and I’ll be popping by again,as you have a lovely aesthetic and take gorgeous pix!
    I’ll be sending a few peeps your way via my blog,anyhows!

  11. Hey,

    Already a follower. I liked this post on bloglovin too.


  12. Love this look!
    I would love to do a drawing of you (of one of your photographs, not sure which one yet). Is that okay? I will post it to you before posting it on my blog ofcourse. Not sure when I have time, but some time in the future.


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