19th, October, 2011

& A Soda Pop Playsuit…

We recently took to Christchurch’s Port Hills to create some pretty video content. We blew up 50 balloons (luckily there was a bicycle pump handy!) but 3 popped before we even made it onto the hills! It was such blustery weather; perfect for lifting the balloons high off the ground. It was a wonderful day, as I was able to frolic to my hearts content! I wore my ever-wonderful Stop Staring Soda Pop playsuit, and my vintage boater shoes which I recently rediscovered!

Also, thought I would let you know that this is my last post from New Zealand for a while! I’m flying off to Brunei tomorrow. It has come at the most perfect time; the weather here has turned sour! I can’t wait to lounge poolside and bask in the sun! Ahh!

26 Comments on “47 Balloons: A Video”

  1. I love your videos, gives you a million times better a sense of the outfit! Also theyre just cute 😀 Have fun in Brunei!! Take pictures I love traveling photos soooo much C:

  2. Awww.. this is so amazing and cute video. Love it!You have done so fantastick job!
    You look so gorgeous in it and having so much fun and it makes me want to have 43 balloons and have some fun , jumping , running too.
    Love your lipstick 😉

    xoxo Ra

  3. Balloons and beautiful scenery just make everything more cheery. So does the candy cane piping on your adorable romper. Safe travels to Brunei. Sounds like an exciting adventure.

  4. Oh wow this has to be my favourite video so far! I love all your little videos, but this is perfect – the effort you went into making it and blowing up all those balloons was totally worth it!

  5. OH MY!! this is beyond beautiful!!
    what awesome shots and you look lovely in that playsuit!
    the location is so wonderful i wish i was their right now!

  6. Wow the video was fantastic! Great music, styling, and BALLOONS. Also, I love the little fox in your “logo” [for lack of a better word].

  7. Ah you are so beautiful Jo, I adore this video, it’s very dreamy and lovely! That playsuit is so so cute!

  8. AH! I love this video so much! It’s so adorable. Balloons are the best props for photoshoots, seriously. They’re so happy!


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