23rd, June, 2012

You’d Hardly think it was Winter! 

After oodles (and oodles!) of murky grey weather, the sun finally came out to play! Just for a short wee while, mind you; it’s meant to go rather sour this weekend. Things have become increasingly busy lately, so I was feeling extra grateful for a sunny Saturday! We are shooting a big campaign very shortly, and everything has been very much focused around that. I’ve definitely been missing my usual woodland wanders, but a quick walk around the tree-lined suburbs will always help to keep the stress at bay – plus I love to look for pretty details in everyday life (and to Instagram them too!)

I wore a pretty floral printed piece, which is actually for sale in the vintage store – I just ‘borrowed’ it (the best thing about selling vintage!) The big pockets were a very welcome addition – my hands always seem to be cold, no matter the weather! In my hair I wore a clip with pretty fabric blossoms. My shoes were my go-to pair; my beloved white t-bar flats from bait footwear.

19th, June, 2012

Wearing Black – What a Change! 

There is something oddly satisfying about dressing almost entirely in black. For someone who almost always wears a lot (!) of colour, donning an all-velvet ensamble today had me feeling especially Wednesday Addams-esque! I almost felt like I should have been wearing the notorious schoolgirl plaits, but opted for hair down instead – it is far too cold to have my ears revealed! Brr!

I’m so excited to finally able to wear this coat. It was sent to me last year by Bohemian Bisoux. It’s a genuine 1940s velvet riding jacket. It’s been keeping me warm throughout a cold spell over the last week, and it is truly a dream to wear! As I walk down the street I can’t help but think of the previous owners – a riding jacket has so many back-story possibilities! It’s quite peculiar thinking about where clothing ends up – now it’s keeping me toasty as I stroll down the streets of Christchurch! I paired it with a velvet cut out dress that’s for sale in my store, and my favourite vintage buckle boots. The bag is an old favourite from Golden Ponies..

17th, June, 2012

And Take a Peek at the new Layout! 

Phew, have you noticed how quiet it’s been lately?! I’ve been beavering away on several big projects, the first of which you can see right in front of you! We’d been wanting to give Lost in the Haze a wee makeover for quite some time now. The sidebar is a whole lot easier to navigate, and there are nice and easy links to follow the blog! I do have one other major thing I’m working away on. I wish I could share it with you – it won’t be long now!

While working away on the new look, I was sorting through all of our photographs. I found a bunch which haven’t been seen on here before! They are making me long for summer already! I love snowy winter days, but the rainy ones we’ve been having lately aren’t quite so desirable!

11th, June, 2012

Dressing Like a Cartoon.. Again! 

When I was a child, I would spend hours in front of the tv. As in the entire day. I was banned from watching until I did my homework – the ultimate punishment for a kid in the nineties! I was completely addicted to cartoons. Whatever was on – I’d watch! It’s a pretty stark contrast to nowadays, as I don’t even own a television! I do still have a massive soft spot for cartoons though, and think it’s a fair assessment to say they definitely influence my style – ahem, Madeline anyone? As soon as I laid eyes on this dress I received c/o 8000 Nerves, my cartoon fascination started all over again. The short length, bright colour, and flash of green had me thinking non-stop of Daphne, the infamous scarlet-lipped redhead from the Scooby-Doo adventures. I paired the dress with knee high socks and t-bar flats c/o bait footwear.

The sun is rapidly disappearing in New Zealand, as we’ve just stepped into winter. We managed to catch the end of the 5’o clock sun for photographs, as we headed out for an ‘evening’ walk. I love how knobbly the branches look at this time of year, and the sparseness of the flowers is oddly fascinating. I couldn’t resist smelling the flowers creeping through the fences – the lavender was my favourite, as always!

9th, June, 2012

A Strawberry & Yoghurt DIY! 

Here is another of my favourite all-natural beauty recipes! This facial treatment is solely strawberry based, which is wonderful for dealing with spots and blemishes. Strawberries are actually a completely natural source of salicylic acid, which is one of the main ingredients in most face washes (I always feel so good after hearing things like that!)

All you will need for this face mask is a quarter of a cup of strawberries and a quarter of a cup of non sweetened/plain yoghurt. I also add a sprinkle of brown sugar, as I find it makes my skin feel lovely and smooth. Start off by dicing the strawberries – putting them into a heart shape is completely optional! Mix up all of the ingredients in a bowl, making sure that the strawberries become quite soft. Apply it to your face and leave it on for fifteen minutes. When you’re finished, wash it off and enjoy spot-free skin! You’re bound to have the sweetest smelling face around!


My absolute favourite thing about this face mask? You can eat the leftovers! I set some aside at the beginning and added some apple slices. It made the perfect breakfast!

6th, June, 2012

Feeling Like A Mid-Year Christmas! 

Isn’t it beautiful?! I am completely mesmerized by snow. I think that growing up in South-East Asia has made me especially obsessive – I literally cannot stay away! I’d been anxiously peering out the window last night, hoping the snow would come. At 7.30 this morning I had another check – and still nothing. Finally, at 9.30 we awoke to this magic! I’m never one to sit still, so after a proper cooked breakfast (nom nom nom!) we headed out on a two hour walk. It was wonderful! We weaved our way over the roads, trying our best not to slip over – luckily there were no serious casualties!

I was so excited to wear one of my latest thrifting finds. This faux fur leopard hat was originally intended to appear in the shop – but has since made it’s way into my wardrobe! I’ve been eagerly waiting for colder weather to emerge, just so I could wear it out. It makes me feel like the factory girl herself; Edie Sedgwick. I paired it with a Chloé coat I thrifted several years ago, my new raincoat, and both boots and gloves that belonged to my mum in the 1980s. I think the best part of my day was arriving home to a warm bath – such bliss!