31st, May, 2012

..And The Dress Of My Dreams! 

Now, I haven’t yet told you the sole purpose of our trip to Wellington. Several months ago, I contacted the beautiful and exceedingly talented Kelsey Genna. I’ve been a long-time admirer from afar, so was giddy with excitement when I saw a reply waiting in my inbox, signed by the lovely Kelsey Genna herself! I can get quite nervous about meeting new people, so arranging to meet with Kelsey over drinks seemed like the logical idea! I was soon at complete ease – how wonderful it is to meet someone so like-minded! Poor wee Barnaby is constantly having to listen to my fashion and blog ramblings, so it really was an incredible experience having someone actually interested!

The very best part of this meeting – Kelsey and I had planned a collaboration! I was so excited to team up on her latest project. The ever-enchanting Begonia dress is now available in custom  colours; what a treat! For me, Kelsey made the perfect petal dress in a rustic orange – the ultimate autumn piece! It was a dreamy experience, frolicking through the Wellington botanical gardens, feeling very much like one of the flowers myself! I was also lucky enough to wear a Venetian glass necklace, courtesy of Tiger Eye Beads. Even now I’m still in a complete daze that I have a Kelsey Genna dress of my very own! I have to keep peeking into my wardrobe, just to make sure it’s true!

30th, May, 2012

Shop, Blog, or Business?  

June is bound to be an exciting month! Here in New Zealand, we are going into the fully fledged winter months; meaning warm coats, coloured tights, and berets galore! It’s already snowed once in the north island, so hopefully the south island will follow soon. We have exciting travel plans lined up for this month – which I absolutely cannot wait to share with you! We also have many more upcoming DIY natural beauty  posts – with plenty of tips and tricks for perfect skin! If you’re keen to jump aboard sponsorship, please do email us for ad sizes and rates!

28th, May, 2012

A Rainy Day in Welington! 

You may not know – but Wellington weather has a bit of a reputation. It is notorious for being very, very windy – I’ve even heard that some intersections have handles to stop you blowing over! Yesterday, the capital lived up to it’s ‘windy city’ namesake. The plan was originally to venture to the zoo with the ever-wonderful (and my latest girl crush!) Kelsey Genna. Due to my sleepy state, along with the gale-force winds, Barnaby and I instead headed to the waterfront to take bets on how big the waves were. I’d also been quite keen to test out a recent winter purchase; a transparent raincoat bought from eBay. I haven’t owned a raincoat since I was a child, so it was a surreal feeling to be completely soaked on the outside, but warm and toasty on the inside! I’m usually fairly impractical when it comes to clothing, and either freeze or sweat; depending on the outfit! I think I’m hooked on this whole ‘adapting to the surroundings’ notion, and actually dressing for different weather! I’m thinking this raincoat will be a go-to piece during winter; or at least I hope so – as I’m able to wear summery dresses underneath, and not even shiver! I spent the afternoon wearing a gingham ASOS dress, paired with black t-bar flats. Oh, and thought I should let you know – I warmed up afterwards with an incredibly warm hot chocolate; my favourite!

26th, May, 2012

All Dressed Up in Pastel Shades 

Wellington, it’s been far too long! There is nothing quite like falling in love with a city all over again. After a five o’clock wake up call yesterday morning (!!) we finally made it to the capital city. It’s been well over a year since our last visit, and I hadn’t realized how much I truly do miss it. My own wee city of Christchurch is significantly lacking in the building department, so I’ve spent most of this trip with my neck craned upwards – gazing at the old architecture.

For our waterfront adventures, I dressed fully in pastel shades. The dress I’m wearing is a scalloped piece that I hurriedly hemmed the day before our flight. I’m actually meant to list it in the shop next week, but I’m not sure whether I can part with it or not! The shoes are by bait footwear, and the pink tights were an eBay purchase.

24th, May, 2012

Lots of Pretty Velvet! 

Phew, it’s been a busy week! This vintage update is slightly tardy, but definitely worth the wait! There are so many pieces that I’m completely besotted with, so I’m sure that you’ll love them too! I’ve had all kinds of velvet luck recently – the best type of luck, if you ask me. The Cut Out Cutie dress has me particularly enchanted; the bust detail reminds me so much of the infamous Vivetta cat dress!

Tomorrow we’re up bright and early to catch a flight up to the capital city of Wellington. It’s been just over a year since our last visit, so I am crazy excited! Barnaby and I moved there for our first year of university, and it was actually the first time we’d ever lived together, so it has all kinds of lovely connotations. Just because I’m feeling extra happy, enter the code JETSET into the shop for 15% off your next order. This code will last until Monday; when I return from our little getaway!

Paris, Je T’aime vintage day dress

Terrific Tassels 90s top

Avant Garden floral pink dress

The Suite Life vintage dress

Pretty As A Petal 1960s bow hat 

Let The Wild Rumpus Begin dress

Counting Sheep To Get To Sleep 90s sweater

Wednesday Addams bows + velvet dress

Join The Dots 90s spotted dress 

20th, May, 2012

Can You Guess My Favourite Accessory? 

Every now and then I can’t help but dream about luxury bags. I’m quite an easy pleased lady when it comes to clothing; I always feel right at home in even the grubbiest of thrift stores. But every now and then, I stumble upon bags which make my eyes widen in delight. Even when I was a child, I had a thing for bags. I would cart around my plush Minnie Mouse backpack, full of marbles, rainbow pipecleaners, coloured pencils, paper, you know – all of the essentials! Today, not much has changed. I still take a bag wherever I go, and even nowadays it is full to bursting point! Accessorizing has never really been my thing; but a nice fancy bag just does it for me.

Lately, Marc Jacobs has had me completely captivated. They have been producing the most incredible goodies; I never thought a girl could fall in love so many times! Quilted fabrics, bowling shapes, chain straps; they’re all wonderful! My seven year old self may still have chosen good ol’ Minnie, but my current self is slightly more keen on Marc’s creations! I’ve pretty much spent my entire weekend browsing Marc Jacobs at farfetch.com, especially as I’ve been nursing not one, but two head injuries (the result of closing the car door on my own forehead – twice!) I definitely have a few favourites added to my wishlist – oh, quilted shoulder bag! P.s. Here are some of my go-to bags! Lovely!

19th, May, 2012

Honey, Sugar, & Beetroot?! 

Here in New Zealand, the temperature is definitely dropping! Whenever the cold seasons are approaching, I always ‘up’ my beauty routine to keep my skin looking fresh. I love preparing beauty formulas myself; as it is super reassuring to know what exactly is in them! Over the next few weeks, I thought I would share of my favourite (and instant!) beauty tricks for giving your skin a refresh from winter.

Scrubs are one of the best kept secrets for freshening up your lips. And because they’re sugar-based, your lips will taste sweet all day long! This honey and beetroot (!) scrubs is one of my favourites! All you will need is..

Three teaspoons of oil

I used olive oil for this lip scrub – but it is completely fine to use vegetable oil too! Put the oil into a small bowl, and save your spoon – as you will need it for mixing!

Two teaspoons of honey

Nom nom nom! I have a definite ‘Pooh Bear’ syndrome, and honey doesn’t last terribly long in my household! I usually have to make my honey scrub rather quickly, before my taste buds get too tempted!

Two teaspoons of sugar

It doesn’t matter what type of sugar you use. I generally prefer to opt for brown – but only had white available. The sugar is the actual ‘scrub’ and is the key ingredient to making your skin feel so good!

Stir it up!

Use your teaspoon and mix it all up into a gritty paste! I also add the tiniest amount of beetroot juice – it will stain your lips pink; the perfect all natural lipstick!

And finally..

Apply a generous amount of the sugar scrub on your lips and leave it there for two minutes. It is quite a lovely waiting experience; some of the sugar ineviatably leaks into your mouth! Delicious!

15th, May, 2012

Houndstooth + A Pan Collar 

There is something quite hypnotic about autumn weather. I’ve been spending my evenings seated on the porch just gazing at the sky – armed with a hot Milo too of course. I love the bright blues that the weather conjures up – though I’m not such a fan of the dropping temperatures, brr! Luckily I’m still looking after four lovely little dogs – they are incredibly wonderful for keeping my feet nice and toasty!

My hair seems to have gotten excessively wild lately, and Heidi braids have been the only way to cope with the dreaded lipstick and windy weather combination! And I love the wavy look that hair has after a day of braids! Today I wore a pan collared mustard dress by SheInside paired with houndstooth tights by Foot Traffic. The t-bar flats are by bait footwear – and they’ve been my go-to shoes for the last few days! I now have a pair in both black and white – so I can either dress like I would’ve during my school days, or like a ballerina – perfection!

11th, May, 2012

A Print-Filled Shop Update! 

It was another wonderful week of thrifting! I had crazily good luck with finding bold prints – what a treat! Here are some of my absolute favourite pieces that I’ve just loaded into the vintage store. I’m slightly in love with the fan print dress – it is a truly stunning piece! As usual, click on the photographs to be taken to the corresponding garment. And just because I’m in a good mood – enter the code HAPPYFRIDAY for 15% off your order! Happy shopping!

Daisy Chain Dream 90s crop tee

All Tied Up floral blue dress

Joining The Circus 1990s petal collar dress

Number One Fan dream dress

There’s A Snake In My Boot 90s cowboy sweater

A Whole Lotta Love knitted vest

Playful In Plaid dress

Smell The Roses button-down 90s dress

Singing In The Rain 1960s pocket dress

Walking To Woodstock 90s dress

10th, May, 2012

My New Favourite Hobby!

I couldn’t resist the temptation any longer – and now Instagram is my most favourite thing ever! I love being able to take photographs wherever I go, all without lugging around an enormous camera! It is such a great way to connect with all of you too; I am completely hooked on looking through everyone’s photos. What fun! I would love it if you could follow me on Instagram – and be sure to leave your username too! I can never resist a sneaky peek!