27th, April, 2012

Time for Something Slightly Different!

I don’t really ever mention my university on here. Now seems as good a time as any – as today was my graduation! For the past three years I’ve been studying towards a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood. Before that I did a year of speech and language therapy. And before that I was majoring in theatre for my BA. Barnaby and I  even have an ongoing joke that I’m like Van Wilder! It’s pretty great to finally be done with university! To be honest – I didn’t enjoy it very much, and the past year has definitely been a struggle! I’ve met some wonderful people, but here’s to moving forward! Hooray!

The actual ceremony was quite lovely though. I wore flats by bait footwear paired with a gingham ASOS dress that Barn bought for my birthday. As I walked across the stage, my Nana called out my name and I gave a little wave. There always has to be someone to break protocol – what fun!

26th, April, 2012

A Week in Outfits!

We were cleaning out some old drawers during the weekend when we discovered a little box full of these Polaroid shots. They were taken a couple of years ago for a project that Barnaby was doing for his course. Finding old film shots – let alone Polaroids (!) is pretty much the greatest thing ever! I think it may be slightly addictive – and I will quite possibly be snooping through more boxes this weekend!

25th, April, 2012

Shop, Blog, or Business? 

It is May! I’m actually really excited about this month. It will be the first time ever (!) that I’m not a student. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead – and that includes both the blog and the vintage shop too! Many exciting things are to come; and I will be able to share more information in the coming month! This means it is the right time to sponsor the blog! Advertising can be the perfect exposure for your business, shop, or blog. We offer monthly rates for ads, and have sizes available on this page. For information on prices, please email us!

24th, April, 2012

Say Hello to our Vintage Store!

Introducing Lost in the Haze curated vintage! Running a vintage store has long been something I’ve wanted to do – and I am so excited to finally launch it! Today is actually my birthday, so I wanted to present the store as my gift to you. Some of our finds have been featured on the blog before, and others are never before seen! We presently have a beautiful selection of dresses, tops & bottoms, children’s clothing, and bags/accessories – all sourced by me. We will be updating weekly with beautiful vintage finds – and there is something for everyone. Be sure to take a peek; there truly are some beauties!

In this post, you can see some of my favourite pieces. Click on the photograph to be taken to the corresponding page. I hope you have a wonderful time browsing the shop – I am so excited to be able to share retro goodies with you!

22nd, April, 2012

You know what to do! 

I think I developed somewhat of a ‘fruit in fashion’ obsession after discovering Carmen Miranda during my teenage years. Though I’m not quite bold enough to delve into life-size fruit hats – it does make me particularly happy when I look down and see fresh produce print on my dress! It especially helps as like most other fashion bloggers – I fell completely in love when Vivetta released it’s SS12 citrus collar dresses. I’m hoping this lemon printed wonder is able to tide me over until I can afford the real Vivi creation!

19th, April, 2012

Fancy a Slice? 

I am so so so excited to share these photographs! A while back, we were ask to work with Original Foods for a cake for Canterbury. Proceeds go to the Christchurch earthquake – and they are very much needed! It is quite bizarre to see myself on a cake box; especially as I have so many at the moment. It’s not all vanity (though some of it is!) – they are mostly to give away to relatives. I can’t wait to start seeing the cakes for sale in supermarkets – it will be so very odd!

17th, April, 2012

It had no Doors or Windows.. 

Has anyone else heard that children’s story? I certainly hope so, or else this may have sounded slightly peculiar! If you don’t know – the little red house is actually an apple! It was one of my favourite stories as a child, and this dress has had me thinking of it all day long. I suppose that’s what happens when there is always an apple in sight! (Isn’t it bizarre what can set off nostalgia?) I thrifted the miniature wicker suitcase when I found the dress. Talk about a lucky day – surprisingly it was Friday the thirteenth!

I had hoped for all sorts of adventures today; but the weather had other ideas. Autumn now fully has us in it’s grasp. I do love the colourful leaves, but I could definitely pass on the rain! Instead of woodland wanders, we instead went for a quick jaunt down the road. It broke our cabin fever so perfectly – though I was incredibly grateful to arrive home and warm up! I wore white ASOS tights and jumped over puddles in t-bar flats by bait footwear. If you look hard enough you may even be able to see the rain falling in the photographs – it was certainly a day of April showers!

14th, April, 2012

Some Weekend Hair Inspiration! 

I always love a good bowler hat – they are the ultimate go-to accessory! After seeing the Yestadt Millinery Fall 2012 collection, I was feeling particularly inspired – can you tell?! The beautiful photographs had me thinking non-stop of hair ideas to match the key feature; the hat! I am definitely not a hair wizard; so these are all easy-peasy, I promise! All you will need is the ever-reliable hairspray, and several bobby pins.

12th, April, 2012

Wearing a Flower on my Collar! 

There really is something quite special about autumn! Though I’ve been feeling incredibly ill the last week (hasn’t everyone?!) today I finally felt well enough to go on a leaf-crunching adventure. It was the perfect opportunity to show off the second 8000 Nerves collaboration (there will be four in total!) The flower detailing on the collar won me over in an instant; and I knew it would contrast wonderfully against the highly abundant autumn leaves. I finished the look with a beret – my favourite! Oddly enough, I happen to have a lot of French heritage – I often wonder if that’s the cause for my beret obsession!

As last week was mostly based in bed; I’ve been spending my days dreaming about vintage shopping.  Today, I awoke knowing that it would be a good thrfting day – I could  just feel it in my bones! After quickly convincing Barnaby – “Barn, I’ve got the feeling!” – we arrived at my favourite store. ‘The feeling’ was no disappointment; I could barely carry all my goodies. I am so excited to share them with you in the future – alongside some terribly exciting vintage news!

8th, April, 2012

Feeling ‘Springy’ in Autumn! 

It’s awfully hard to believe that it’s Autumn – the weather has truly been incredible! With the combination of sunny skies, and browsing blogs in the Northern hemisphere; I am definitely feeling a springtime influence through my clothing. Pastel shades are particularly wonderful – and quite possibly a new obsession! When I received this dress from 8000 Nerves, I knew it was sure to be a favourite! And what luck; the colour perfectly matched my Millie Pembleton necklace – I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pink for ages! The blush colour had me dreaming of my dancing days, so I of course paired it with these flats by Bait footwear. I couldn’t resist practicing my pirouettes in the park! It was tremendously fun, until we were bombarded by mosquitoes – we sure left in a hurry!