30th, March, 2012

A 60s Bouffant Tutorial!

Like most girls, I have an obsession with pretty hair. I’m constantly gazing through Tumblr pages, and adding photographs of dream hair to my Pinterest. I’ll be the first to admit, I am very much a ‘wash and go’ girl, and extremely ill-resourced with the tools needed to actually create pretty hair on myself! This all changed earlier in the week, when Barney’s Mum gave (!) me her former curling iron. I literally feel like my eyes have widened. I love that feeling of looking at my hair and seeing mermaid curls; what a dream!

Today, I felt like pairing my curls with a bouffant – and thought I should document the process, so you can try it for yourself! All you will need is a curling iron, hairspray, a brush, and some bobby pins. This hair tutorial is extremely simple, so I hope you enjoy following along!

Teasing & Coming

Backcomb your hair as much as possible around the crown of your head. This will give it the wonderful ‘bump’ shape that was oh-so popular in the 1960s! Gently comb a layer of unteased hair over the top to smoothen the overall shape. I always use bobby pins to hold everything in place, and a dash of hairspray won’t go amiss either!

Curling & Brushing

Use your curling iron on the ends of your hair. Make the curls as tight as you can, as we will soon be combing them out! Give them a quick dash of hairspray, and adjust your bouffant as it may have deflated from the curling. When everything is the proper shape, begin to gently brush your curls. This will give your hair a soft vintage look. The final step is to check that everything is the correct shape, and as big as it can possibly be! Give all of your hair another spray to hold it all in place. Voila!

26th, March, 2012

Wombling Free!

Hands up if you love the Wombles! I certainly do! At age eleven, one of my best friends treated me to an afternoon of the best of British tv shows – on a beloved VHS of course. Thus began my womble love! My backpack is of my favourite character, Orinoco. He is a sleepy wee fellow, with a perpetual hunger; much like yours truly! I just couldn’t pass up the chance to cart him round with me – thanks eBay! It’s actually quite a momentous event that I actually brought Orinoco outside. I’ve owned him for months, and had never even removed the tag (as Barnaby was always quick to point out). Finally, today was the day, and we had a riverside stroll together; what bliss.

As for my outfit; the dress is vintage, and the pink tie is from ASOS. The cardigan is by Veronika Maine, and the heels were a shopping splurge from last year. Now, as for the glasses – they are sadly only frames. I do actually require glasses – badly too! I wear contact lenses every day; I literally can’t see a foot in front of my face. My real glasses are supremely outdated, so today I’ll stick to my faux pair! I felt  they were the much-needed finishing touch to my slightly preppy look. We took the photographs especially close to my old school too; I was definitely having flashbacks to my sixteen year old self!

24th, March, 2012

Cinderella in Autumn..

I picked up this blue number last year in a costume shop sale. I occasionally buy stand out pieces; just because they are so quirky that I can’t bare to leave them behind! Obviously, this is completely what happened with this dress – whoops! The shade of blue, combined with the lace-up detail reminded me of  Zooey Deschanel. It seemed almost like one of her unconventional (but wonderful!) dresses; with exception of the dark hair and fringe to match! Now, you know that I’ve taken my inspiration from cartoons before; well with the vibrant colour, today I was feeling especially Cinderella-esque. It only seemed right that we were alongside the museum, an exceptionally grand English style stone building. We wandered through the parks, doing my favourite Autumn hobby; finding extra crunchy leaves to jump on. It’s the greatest when you find one that’s super juicy!

23rd, March, 2012

April – My Favourite!

Hooray, it’s April; one of the best months! I have so many exciting things lined up for April; my birthday, graduation, DIY galore, and lots of other secrets and surprises! It is also Autumn in New Zealand, which definitely makes for beautiful photographs! Now is the perfect time to get that extra bit of exposure through sponsoring Lost in the Haze. We offer monthly rates for our advertising; so be sure to email us for more details! We also have sizing information available over at the advertising page. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Capturing the Golden Light

With the dropping temperatures comes the golden light. This is the first Autumn that I’ve owned a film camera; so I am presently besotted with lens flares and yellow skies. Today, I spent my afternoon frolicking through the trees with my beloved Holga. Willows are my favourite-ever trees, and today we wandered through a large cluster. I was an avid jungle-runner back in Brunei, so there is something I love about being level with the tendrils of a looming tree. The light crept through the leaves so beautifully; I hope my photographs can capture it!

As for my outfit, I wore a plain long sleeved dress paired with blue tassel loafers, via Wanted Shoes. My waistcoat is one of my best-ever finds. It is completely 70s, with a zigzag pattern, and a navy faux fur collar. It’s always exciting when it is cold enough to wear it! It truly is one of my warmest pieces – today I was even able to brave bare legs!

20th, March, 2012

Make Your Own! 

It’s no secret that I love cute shoes – and recently I’ve found myself particularly addicted to my latest DIY. I call them ‘galaxy shoes’. Why? Simple fact really; they are sparkly! I already have brogues sorted – so today I felt it was time to add a pair of Mary-Janes to my collection. The latest Orla Kiely collection has had me oogling over bar shoes, and I am still not over the Miu Miu glitter boots; so these shoes truly are the perfect hybrid! It is such an easy tutorial; do try it yourself – the results are so very worth it!


This is what I used for this easy-peasy DIY! A large brush, glitter (I used a multicoloured mix), newspaper (to protect the surroundings!), Mod Podge paste, a jar/mixing container, and a pair of shoes. For the galaxy effect, I like to use black footwear – they create much more of an outer space effect.

Fairy Dust!

Ohh, I love this part! Put a sizeable amount of Mod Podge into your jar. Sprinkle lots (and lots!) of glitter on top of it. Make sure you have newspaper laid out – this is the part which always seems to go messily! Stir the glitter into the mix so it is nice and even.

Lucky Last!

Paint your shoes! Don’t worry if the shoe looks dangerously white – it’s meant to look that way, I promise! When I did my latest pair; I was distinctly nervous when I saw how visible the Mod Podge was! Not to worry; when dry, it becomes completely transparent – with a glossy sheen too. If you are glittering brogues, or shoes with details, be sure to use masking tape to protect the areas you want to leave glitter-free. When you’ve finished painting your shoes, leave them to dry. After they have dried, you can decide whether you’d like to keep them looking transparent, or whether you want to add another layer – so they’re extra sparkly! Good luck!

19th, March, 2012

“Left Hand Blue!”

I do love this dress. It was a part of my incredible thrifting session weeks ago, but I have only just gotten around to wearing it. I’d originally planned to hem it, but have now seemingly attached to longer lengths! As the Autumn chill passes over my city, I’ve found myself drawn to brighter colours and prints. I love anything a bit silly, and this dress completely makes me think of Twister – pretty much my favourite game as a kid in the 90s! I’m half expecting to be walking down the street and hearing someone call out “right foot blue!” I can definitely deal with the risk though; it is so pretty! I paired it with my vintage Kodak bag, a cuckoo clock brooch by Under the Shade of a Bonsai TreeASOS brogues, and my always-favourite; a beehive!

15th, March, 2012

My Lipstick Routine

I receive an incredible amount of emails asking me about my lipstick – so today I decided to share my routine! I don’t like to spend an awful lot of time getting ready, so I guarantee that this doesn’t take long at all. This is all just what I’ve learned from my experience with lipstick, so it works for me – and hopefully for you too!

Step 1. lip balm

To stop my lips from feeling too dried out, I always apply lip balm before lipstick. I usually do it about ten minutes before I wear lipstick; just so it has some time to sink in. I use Lucas Paw Paw lip balm, and squeeze a small amount onto a tissue. I find by using a tissue that my lips seem to soak it up better, as not too much Paw Paw ointment is used.

Step 2. foundation

This step always makes me laugh so much! Putting foundation on my lips beforehand seems to make the lipstick last longer. If I wear foundation, I generally don’t have to do any touch ups! It is definitely the funniest part of doing my makeup; I always have a giggle when I see myself looking like I have no lips!

3. and Lastly..

The final step; applying your lipstick of course! I usually use a Revlon lipstick, but it has mysteriously disappeared (I have an inkling that I’ve thrown it away, oh no!) So today I wore Silkygirl Moisture Rich 25 hot lipstick, that I bought while in Brunei. It’s more of a pinky red than I normally wear, but luckily it perfectly matches the gingham bow I was wearing. Best of luck with your lipstick, I hope these tips helped!

13th, March, 2012

heidi braids

And Galaxy Shoes too!

Remember when I said that Barnaby was an incredible location scout? I wasn’t lying! He found this beautiful bridge while I was at work last week, and finally today I saw it for myself! The suit I was wearing is Italian, and faux leather. I thrifted it almost a year ago, with my last fifty dollars. I remember thinking at the time that I just couldn’t leave it behind, it was too good! Phew, good decision, past Jo – I wear it all the time, especially the shorts. My ‘galaxy’ shoes (as I like to call them!) were bought about a month ago, and in the last few weeks I have been coating them in glitter. My hair was plaited into Heidi braids, and the blouse I was wearing is another vintage piece. The doctor bag (ol’ reliable!) is by Golden Ponies.

I’ve had numerous emails lately asking about how to do Heidi braids. Heidi braids are quite possibly the easiest hairstyle ever, so I thought I’d repost my video tutorial from a while back. It clearly shows the steps, so you’ll be able to do your own Heidi braids in no time!

heidi braids
heidi braids
heidi braids
heidi braids

heidi braids

11th, March, 2012

I Hope You’re Feeling Lucky!

Now, I’m sure you remember my Emilie Thomas fox ring from a while back? It was sent to me via Boticca – and now they’re giving you the chance to win something for yourself! Boticca has such quirky and incredible jewellery – you can see some of my favourites above! Today, Boticca is giving away a $100 voucher through Lost in the Haze – I am so very excited to be a part of it!

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