30th, January, 2012

& Dreaming of Bicycles..

I always love an unexpected day off work. I was already in an excellent mood, so when I opened the front door to a waiting package sent to me by Velorbis, I literally squealed! To celebrate my free day, and the new addition to my ever-growing satchel collection, we drove across town to one of my favourite ever parks. When I start to feel stressed, being in pretty places always seems to calm me down. All it takes is a tiny bit of frolicking, and I’m feeling like my usual self! We weaved between the trees, and took the final shots on my Holga. I made sure to take the film to be developed, so now it’s just the waiting game!

I wore a Vero Moda dress paired with blue tassel loafers. I thrifted the jacket months ago, but the weather has been far too hot to wear it! The collar is slightly bizarre, so opted to partially safety pin it down – which was certainly a good decision due to the windy weather! The satchel is by Verorbis and is the pink and sand edition. I always love an embossed logo – and both Barnaby and I were marvelling at this one! Embossment always makes me wish I had an official seal – so I could wax-close envelopes. Possibly an odd thought, but oh well! I’m so excited for the weather to warm up again – here’s to taking the satchel on many many many bicycle adventures in the future!

28th, January, 2012

With a Visit to the Kite Festival!

Today was truly incredible! I’ve known about the Tip Top Kite Festival for months -I’ve circled it on my calender and have been talking about it non-stop! Finally, today was the day. We drove to New Brighton beach, and walked towards the pier. We spent most of our time gazing at the skies marvelling at the oversized kites! It was amazing how huge they were – and even more noticable as we walked underneath them! There were aliens, whales, and tigers, but my absolute favourite were the macaw (parrots)! Though small, they darted about incredibly swiftly, and were amazing shades of red and yellow!

New Brighton is a notoriously windy location, so I wore a vintage 80s playsuit, to prepare for any potential upskirting opportunities! My clogs were Lotta From Stockholm, and the socks courtesy of Foot Traffic. I scooped my hair into a beehive, and polished off a 60s-esque look with ASOS cat eye sunglasses. Perfect!

26th, January, 2012

Navy Clothes & Boater Shoes

Contrary to the title; I don’t even remotely have a case of the blues! The weather in my fair city has been hot hot hot, and I truly couldn’t be happier. Going into (almost!) full-time work has left me incredibly grateful towards warm afternoons, and I’ve been spending as much leisure time as possible outdoors. That being said –  I am still dressing in a ‘backwards season’ sense, and have found it hard to resist the allure of my white ASOS tights! They’re beginning to look slightly worse for wear, so I am planning on going a huge ASOS tights shopping spree – I desperately want a mustard coloured pair!

I am still obsessed with matching colours, and today I decided to coordinate my electric blue bowler hat with a similar shaded vintage dress. Just the thing for spending my day relaxing somewhat unconventionally seated on park benches. We ended up on a huge walk today; eighty minutes in fact! I used to be a regular runner, so figure it is a good way to ease myself back into it! ‘Ease’ being the appropriate word too; I am exhausted from just walking!

23rd, January, 2012

The Perfect Exposure..

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With Three Prizes Available!

You’ve already seen my wonderful blushing cat brooches, but today I have something special for you too! The delightful Desertöse has been a true busybody and has whipped up beautiful gingerbread cat brooches for three Lost in the Haze readers! Don’t try and eat these cuties though – they are made of felt, and just the trick for sprucing up your outfit.

To win one of three brooches you must:

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This giveaway is closed! Congratulations to Emily, Jaeger, and Lyudmila! I have contacted you via email.

20th, January, 2012

His & Her Brooches!

How sweet is this wee brooch set! They were sent to me via desertöse, and are the cutest ever! Looking down and seeing a felt little face peering back makes me incredibly happy – and even better; there are two! I am so excited to wear them this winter; I think they will suit a coat collar truly wonderfully. They were the perfect accessory to the vintage pink dress I wore today. I’ve recently developed a fascination over checkered print – and this dress in particular makes me feel slightly reminiscent of Elmer the elephant! Hooray!

We had originally planned to visit the Christchurch Busker’s Festival today, but we were both feeling completely exhausted. Instead, we settled for an afternoon of park bench-lounging, and pine cone gathering. I’m ecstatic that it’s finally the weekend – more walks and sleep-ins I say!

19th, January, 2012

Featuring my Favourite – a Pan Collar!

I was so incredibly excited to wear this dress today! I actually won it (!) from Secret Lake Vintage, via Fancy Fine. I was instantly captivated by it’s pan collar charm – they are my ultimate fashion weakness! I found it was the perfect dress to wear during our afternoon parkside walk. It’s been quite an exhausting week so far for both Barnaby and myself – I’ve been working, and he’s been unwell; so a lazy walk seemed like the ideal solution. It was a treat-filled day too, as we discovered both an enormous tree stump, and an overgrown haven which looked slightly like a foliage-based grotto! It was truly picturesque, as it was beside the river – so I hid inside and spied on a cluster of ducks swimming past, completely care-free!

I paired the dress with my ASOS cat eye sunglasses, and my beautiful cream-coloured Lotta From Stockholm clogs. Remember, it’s not too late to win your own! I teased my hair into a 1960s style beehive, which meant I had to carefully avoid overhanging tree branches in the grotto! Eek!

15th, January, 2012

Win a Treat for your Feet!

I am truly delighted to announce that Lotta From Stockholm is offering one lucky Lost in the Haze reader a pair of braided clogs – in the colour of their choice! I don’t own a pair of braided clogs – here I am wearing Peep Toe – so I will be incredibly envious of the winner! Lotta recently sent me her beautiful clogs; and I am completely hooked. I’ve heard that Swedish Hasbeens have been known to rub, but my Lotta From Stockholm clogs are truly the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn – and orthopedic too! It is such a treat to be able to share them with you!

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Hello, Summer!

I’d like to introduce you to my new favourite top! I thrifted this nautical wonder on my most recent vintage spree. I am a sucker for most collars; with sailor being my absolute favourite! It’s extra cheesy too – and has ‘waterfront’ written across both arms. I’m wondering whether it’s actually a pool employee top, but either way I’m not bothered! For today’s jaunt, I paired it with red lipstick, my signature bowler hat, tassel loafers, and a vintage button-down skirt. We ventured across a narrow bridge and onto the park, as it felt time for another film photography adventure! I spent most of my time looking through the Holga (I don’t even take the lens cap off mostly – I just loving seeing how things look through it!)

The weather in Christchurch city has recently become incredible! I’m sure you know by now that I am completely useless with the cold, and resort to wearing tights in most weather – but not anymore! The sun has come out, and I’m excited. I’m looking forward to more outdoor adventures, and making the most of the summertime flowers. Bliss!

13th, January, 2012

Spring in Autumn Colours!

Oh, I do love overcast days! Today – our last day of dogsitting, we spent most of our time in the garden. Though it’s summer, the weather has suddenly become much colder, and I’ve found myself layering regularly – and wearing mostly Autumn tones. Pairing socks with a chunky heel is my favourite ever; and my feline Foot Traffic socks fit right in with the canine company! I wore a vintage orange jersey with the beautiful For the Right Moment dress which was sent via Modcloth. The zebra brooch was a birthday gift several years ago from my mum, and the shoes are Lotta From Stockholm.

I’m also delighted to announce that Lost in the Haze has been featured over at MyBag.com! You can take a peek at a curated list of my favourite bags – aren’t they wonderful! I love each and every one – especially the Paul & Joe bowling bag. I’d pair it with scarlet lipstick and a bowler hat; my favourite combination! MyBag is also offering a discount code of 10% – just enter the code LITHSTYLE at the checkout.