27th, December, 2012

It’s almost the start of a brand new year..! Can you believe it?! 2012 has been pretty gosh darn wonderful, and I have simply adored some of the outfits I’ve worn. In no particular order, here are my 25 favourite outfits of 2012! There is so much yellow – can you tell it’s my favourite colour? You can also see what my hair was like before my big haircut. I love seeing all of these outfits compiled into a big ol’ bunch. It makes me so excited about upcoming seasons, and fashion ideas for next year. Lastly, a big big big thank you to you guys! You are so supportive and lovely – I think you are just plain great! Here’s to a brand new year of vintage (and regular!) shopping! I wonder what kind of adventure we will  go on next..!

1. Pink & Blue vintage dress 2. Vintage lace pussybow dress 3. Buttercup Yellow dress by Yumi 4. An Apple a Day dress 5. Modcloth yacht sweater 6. Lost in the Haze dress by Modcloth 7. Vintage denim + lace crop 8. Windsor dress 9. Candy stripe playsuit 10. Red Riding Hood 11. Stripes, a side-braid + a beret 12. Vero Moda and vintage 13. An apple print vintage dress 14.  A vintage white romper & a Holga 15. Little Miss Sunshine 16. Pencil print skirt + Ray Ban glasses 17. A freshly picked flower crown 18. A see-through raincoat in Wellington city 19. Glasses print cardigan by Yumi + cat eye Ray Bans 20. The movie date dress 21. Girl in the big city 22. Strawberry Pickin’ 23. A Daphne style dress by 8000 Nerves 24. Wearing navy blue in Autumn 25. The wonderful Caitlin Shearer

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  1. Yes! Some people definitely have to learn more about speaking. Or at least think before they speak. Thank you for your comment!
    I love your outfits! I can’t chose my favorite one out of them!

    Have a nice day,

  2. Looking at this it becomes so clearly apparent what great style you have!
    And also thanks for the comment!


  3. You look amazing and I love every single photo. Also I am in love with your blog, and thanks for stopping by mine and also thanks for leaving that sweet comment. I am now your new follower. I hope that you and your love ones had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you all a Prosperous New Year.

  4. Your outfits are my favorites on the blogsphere!! You rock them!! I wish i could dress like you <3 looking forward your next outfits!

  5. You put together such pretty outfits! I love the 3rd one, the cute little pockets are to die for! (And the fact it’s “Buttercup Yellow” is ironic!)

    Lovely little blog you have here, I just added it to my favorites :)


  6. I love all of these outfits! So great to see a summary of 2012 in the form of outfits. I find that I change the way I dress depending on my mood as well as normal thing like weather and occasion, so I’d love to do more outfit posts on my blog:

  7. It’s official: I am in love with you – or at least, with your sense of style! I vote for #2, very heavenly, ethereal and girly. Just followed^^ xx


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