31st, December, 2011

Back on my Feet!

What a wonderful way to end the year! Those who follow me on twitter may have seen that I recently had a bit of an accident. While visiting a nearby island, I fell off a rather high tree swing, and landed directly on my back and pinky finger. A visit to the after hours clinic (and three x-rays!) later, it was concluded that nothing was broken, and I was just badly bruised. I’ve been resting an awful lot, but on the final day of 2011 I finally felt able to walk! We ventured near to the city centre, and to my delight – spotted a double decker bus. I’m glad I was able to grab hold of the pole – it would have been an impossible feat yesterday! I’ve spent the rest of my day visiting friends, and developing film from my Holga (I am so excited to share it with you!)

I hope that everyone has a truly wonderful new years eve! I have a terribly exciting giveaway planned for tomorrow! I would love it if you popped by; it’s a goodie!

30th, December, 2011

It’s not too Late!

Lost in the Haze is now accepting the first sponsors for 2012 (isn’t that crazy!) Sponsorship is the perfect exposure for your project, shop, or just your little slice of the internet! Sizing information is available on our advertising page, and for rates and details, please send us an email!

28th, December, 2011

With the Prettiest Pan Collar!

These are my new favourite sunglasses! Sweet Barnaby brought me both the eyewear and the white tights from ASOS as a Christmas gift. I actually knew what he had gotten for me – so I have been eagerly counting down till the day I could wear them! I feel like a true 1960s girl with the glasses on – what could be better! I paired them with a dress sent to me by Luphia Boutique and Lotta from Stockholm clogs. Having ‘matchy’ outfits is a recent obsession, so today I made sure that my dress and shoes were the perfect shade of blue!

27th, December, 2011

The Day After..

Hands up if you had a good Christmas! Actually, I much prefer boxing day. I love de-stressing, and still having the delicious leftovers from the day before. This year, I was given some miniature Christmas puddings – oh wow! They are my new favourites. The outside is crunchy, the inside is gooey, and the teeny tiny leaf is minty! Nom nom nom. As well as snacking, I also spent some of the day wearing the amazing shark hat that my mum gifted to me. Anyone who knows me well will have seen my extensive animal and cartoon hat collection; this gift is very ‘Jo’. Maybe I should show them off sometime!

24th, December, 2011

It’s That Time of the Year..

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas here from Lost in the Haze! It is hard to believe it has come around so quickly! I’m spending my day split between four different families; Barnaby’s and my own. It’s sure to be a full-on day, but I am certainly looking forward to it. Here, I wanted to show an easy way to spruce up your Christmas look! I am a huge fan of decorations, and feel that they deserve to be more than just ‘on the tree’. They are the perfect ‘topping’ to a look; don’t be afraid to experiment!

22nd, December, 2011

Hello, Deer

Finally, the Christmas spirit has hit me! I think it may have something to do with this beautiful deer-print dress; sent to me courtesy of Snoozer Loser. Here in New Zealand, December is actually Summer – and Christmas day always seems to be especially hot! Though I love to over-eat and grow sleepy in the afternoon sunlight, I do sometimes long for a cold Christmas spent drinking cocoa and unwrapping presents in a douvet fort! I’m especially envious of the idea of having a Christmas wardrobe staple. It’s definitely my cheesy side appearing; but I think a silly snowman sweater sounds like true perfection! I’ve long accepted that Christmas in Christchurch is no time for a jumper (even if you run a blog!), so I’m thrilled to have my own special dress to wear on the day. The length is short enough to keep me cool, and the (rein)deer print brings out my Christmas side! Hooray!


20th, December, 2011

And my New Favourite Shoes!

Two weeks ago, I purchased my first ever Frankie journal. It has certainly been a restless wait, but I truly couldn’t be happier with the results! Every page is a new delight, and decorated with Amy Borrell‘s beautiful watercolour paintings. As luck would have it, the journal wasn’t the only treasure waiting for me today. I was kindly sent these beautiful highwood clogs courtesy of Lotta From Stockholm. It is unreal how comfortable these clogs are! I think my feet will be living in these during the summer.

To celebrate the first time writing in my Frankie journal (I was nervous – the pages are so pretty!) we ventured to the hills. The grass is overgrown; just how I like it. It was the perfect place to channel my thoughts for the new year, my calendar is filling up already!

18th, December, 2011

A New Place to Explore..

What luck we had today! I awoke this morning with an enormous need to visit somewhere awe-inspiring. A trip over the Christchurch hills sounded like my idea of perfection, but sadly the weather (and my petrol supply!) didn’t agree. We decided to keep our voyage close to home, and set off walking in an unfamiliar trail beside the river. Much to my surprise, we found a secret park! New Zealand is a pretty tiny place – Christchurch especially! It’s a real treat to find an unexplored area, especially when it’s as beautiful as the park we visited today!

I was wearing a plum coloured bowler hat – a recent obsession! Though it’s summer, patchy rain has been fairly frequent, so I wore a long sleeved vintage dress to stay warm and dry. My brogues are from ASOS, and the aeroplane pin belonged to my brother when we were children – I ‘borrowed’ it from his bedroom after my recent Brunei trip!

16th, December, 2011

Raindrops Keep Falling…

Monsoon weather has officially hit Christchurch! Well, not exactly – but it is incredibly rainy here! This morning, we heard that one of the main rivers was drastically rising, so naturally, we decided to go for a visit. We were treated to only seeing one other person during our trek – I love the quietness that emerges because of the rain! The water was the highest I’ve ever seen, but we only marveled for a short while – we were soaked!

I wore a dress that was sent to me by Gypsy Warrior. I think it was a combination of the nude colour, the tassels, and lurking behind trees; but I was feeling more ‘Pocahontas’ than ‘fashion blog’ – not that it’s a bad thing! My always wonderful bowler hat protected my hair from the drizzle, and I wore my boater shoes to avoid any major slipping. To stay warm, I wore my burnt orange coat, but it eventually got so wet that I had to take it off!

14th, December, 2011

How we Spent a Rainy Day…

The weather isn’t always picture perfect during summer! Today was a miserable sort of day; full of drizzle and overcast skies – definitely not ideal for photographing for a fashion blog! Instead of moping inside, we instead set out on a pre-lunch walk. The dampness started to get the better of us eventually, but just as we decided to leave, an enormous flock of ducks flew down the river. It was truly amazing! I’m so grateful that Barnaby has fast enough reflexes to take photographs – I couldn’t even look away!

I’ve had several comments recently regarding my hair. It’s called a Heidi braid, and I have a tutorial if you would like to learn (it is ridiculously easy, I promise!) I kept warm in a vintage long-sleeved dress and an ASOS blazer. My bag was courtesy of Golden Ponies (I am absolutely obsessed with this bag!) and the shoes were courtesy of Wanted.