29th, November, 2011

On a Tuesday Afternoon…  

After what feels like months of being car-less, we are finally on the road again! I adore driving so much, and it is such a treat to be able to visit my favourite non-foot accessible locations again. The first stop today was at a wonderful park, complete with beautiful blush coloured flowers, and massively enormous trees. I wore vintage shoes, shorts, and a blouse, with a brooch courtesy of Under the Shade of a Bonsai Tree, and Club Couture socks.

24th, November, 2011


As you probably know by now, I absolutely love ducks. It’s a life-long obsession – in Brunei I even had them as pets! Today, we visited an enormous pond to visit the local ducks, hooray! I wore a pretty pan collared top courtesy of Club Couture. The shorts are one half of a vintage two-piece suit, and they are one of my definite go-to pieces. My satchel is a retro Kodak camera bag, and my shoes are by Kathryn Wilson. They are such pretty shoes, and oh-so glossy, I almost have a phobia that one day I’ll scuff them!

22nd, November, 2011

Garden Time

Nothing beats good weather! I’ve spent the day lingering in my overgrown garden, eating apples, and finding warm patches of sun. While in my grassy cove, I received a ridiculously exciting email; Cakes for Canterbury, featuring Lost in the Haze, has a billboard! I can’t wait to see it in person!

I paired a vintage pan collar blouse with some wonderful velvet dungarees courtesy of Free People. I wore my excessively chunky clogs, with grey socks sent to me by Club Couture – it’s not always warm enough to bare legs yet!

18th, November, 2011

Flower Power!

While recovering from time a zone adjustment, I have been spending my time creating flower crowns! Here are the three I have made – before running out of flowers. I love wearing flower crowns; they are the perfect touch to a summer outfit (and to making you feel like a genuine forest elf!) I think I’ve found a new hobby!

15th, November, 2011

Pleats & Platforms

I was recently contacted by Zalando to choose an outfit from their online store to style. What a treat! After lots (upon lots!) of browsing, I finally decided on the Vero Moda Gwen dress; I couldn’t resist the contrasting collar and pleated fabric! To emphasize the 1960s look, I chose an olive pair of Aces by London sandals. When the parcel arrived, I decided to style the dress by ticking off my 60s checklist – beehive, winged eyeliner, platform shoes: check, check, and check!

13th, November, 2011

Wearing my Favourite Brand, Of Course!

Sadly, we have left Brunei. I’m not the best at goodbyes, so sneaky Barnaby made sure that we made a detour to Kuala Lumpur to distract me! He has a real knack for finding amazing hotels that are as cheap as chips – and today we ended up staying directly opposite the famous Petronas Towers! (Most of my time has been spent gazing out the window; what a view!) I’ve been  to KL several times, so have marveled at the towers before, though never during the evening – what a sight!

I am usually a bit of a frumpy traveller; and will wear something plain, like shorts and a top, but for today’s three hour flight I decided to do it in style – by wearing Nadinoo of course! Next stop: New Zealand!

7th, November, 2011

Burgers, Fries, & a Drink: In Miniature!

Now who doesn’t love a food post? I have recently become addicted to gummy junk food! It is simply the best! I have a particular weakness for the pizzas and burgers (my tummy is grumbling even thinking about them!) On today’s quest to stock up on my gummy supply, I decided to wear a top that I sewed myself! Sewing is a skill I’m trying desperately to improve on, and this is the result! It is the first actual garment I’ve ever finished, and I’ve been wearing it constantly! I picked up the vintage fabric for $10 and have been having oh-so much fun practicing my sewing skills with it! I’m currently constructing a pair of matching shorts for the top! Two-piece playsuits are one of my absolute favourite things – I can’t wait for it to be finished!

5th, November, 2011

Beside the Water Front…

Today has been wonderful. It has been a day of following lizards (a foot long – I swear!), pulling goofy faces in front of fountains, picking flowers, and of course; swimming. The only downside has been feeling super seasick! I truly didn’t know I could ever feel so ill. I’ve always suffered from carsickness; but seasickness takes it to a whole new level! It has definitely been worth it though! We spent the day travelling to Labuan, a tiny town in Malaysia. Labuan has always been a place to frequently visit; it has so much charm! It is full of lovely little shops, and is an excellent place to buy one of my favourite drinks; coconuts! Nom nom nom!

I wore a dress that was recently gifted to me by my wonderful mum. The front detailing reminds me oh-so much of my favourite of favourites; Nadinoo. I have been long-obsessed with Lula’s Untie Me Dress, and I now feel partially satisfied by having a tie-up dress of my very own!

2nd, November, 2011

A Place by the Sea

One of my favourite local hang-outs in Brunei is the enormously extravagant Empire Hotel. Marble dolphins leap out of the grass, and palm trees line the sunny man-made beach. I am an avid swimmer; and sneaking in to use the Empire pool has always been one of my go-to activities while I’m home!

Today, rather than spending my time swimming, I instead slipped on my baby blue vintage dress (which I’ve been saving to wear in Brunei!) On my feet I wore my tasseled Dandy Loafers; courtesy of Wanted Shoes. The weather was overcast and warm; perfect for a poolside stroll, with a side of lounging of course!