31st, October, 2011

In Search of a Flower

Over the weekend, Mum arrived home from her jungle walk to share that she had found an incredible flower. As she was photographically unarmed, we decided to revisit the track with her (a camera in hand, of course!) It was a ten minute trek into the jungle, and it was truly worth it! The fuzzy flowers had sadly dropped from the plant, but remaining were the beautiful pink vines, and one last bud, which was yet to blossom. To keep with the floral theme, I wore a vintage bow blouse, with a poppy-esque print. I paired it with my favourite shorts; a camel pair with floral detail, found in the children’s section of a vintage store – always my favourite place to look!

28th, October, 2011

Temburong National Park

What an adventure of a day! We ventured deep into the Brunei jungle; to the national park, Temburong. To reach Temburong, you must travel by coffin boat. The name is certainly enough to make you wary, but it is actually due to the coffin-like shape of the boat (much to my relief!) On our journey we were lucky enough to see three crocodiles lounging on the bank (Barnaby’s first ever, in fact!) After the coffin boat, we transferred to a long boat; a classic Borneo design, but with an added motor! This was my absolute favorite part of the day! It was a forty-five minute journey, with jungle lining either side of the Brunei River. After a quick snack at the Eco village (fried banana; my favorite!) we headed to the famous canopy walk. The views were breathtaking, though it was a terrifying climb of 138 feet up an aluminium frame! Eek! We then ventured to a nearby waterfall, where if you stood still enough, tiny fish would nibble at your feet!

We boated back to the village for a lunch of rice, bamboo, and ferns (!!) I was feeling sleepy from the afternoon heat, so was able to take a quick nap on the riverside hammocks before heading back to main Brunei.

I haven’t visited Temburong since my school camp, eleven years ago, and it was truly wonderful to revisit. Since its likely to be my last trip to Brunei for a while, I’m trying to explore it more than ever before. Temburong was the perfect way to start; I have rekindled my love of the jungle!

24th, October, 2011

Sand, Sand, & Surf

Have you ever been to a beach on a Monday Morning? Today was my first time ever! We were slightly too tardy to see the sunrise, but nothing beat having the beach all to ourselves. It has always been one of my favourite Brunei beaches – though it has certainly been a long time since my last visit! The jungle grows alongside the road; and it reminds me oh-so much of Jurassic Park. I was half expecting a dinosaur to jump out at me – especially with all of the Terra Nova I’ve been watching lately!

I wore my ever-wonderful ASOS dotted playsuit, with a sailor themed cardigan. I finished the look with a pair of 90s woven sandals, and an airplane pin, which definitely adds to the holiday feeling!

23rd, October, 2011

The Kampong Ayer

Brunei is host to one of the worlds largest water villages. It is located next to the CBD, and is full of rickety wooden bridges, which are both extremely fun – and terrifying (!!) to walk over. The Kampong Ayer has a lot of charm, both with the buildings and the people! The locals are frequently spotted darting by on water taxis, and they never hesitate to wave and call out a greeting to passers-by. The houses are constructed on stilts, and I love seeing the sleepy Bruneian cats wander amongst them.

I haven’t visited the Kampong for many years, so it was truly a treat to return! We explored the village and walked to the nearby Sultan’s mosque. What a treat for the eyes, though the gold plated dome sure was blinding in the afternoon sun!

22nd, October, 2011

Please Don’t Feed the Plants!

Pitcher plants have always been a huge fascination for me. They are a carnivorous plant which stores sticky nectar in it’s vase shaped form. Ants wander inside, and bam! That’s it! As a child, I would love to peek inside to see whether they had caught anything or not. On my second day back in Brunei, Mum was kind enough to take us to a pitcher plant hot spot! I had a great time revisiting one of my favourite plants, and Barnaby was able to see them for the first time ever! It was so much fun returning to jungle – as I was an avid jungle runner for over ten years! I’m planning on going for a run next Friday; I truly can’t wait!

19th, October, 2011

& A Soda Pop Playsuit…

We recently took to Christchurch’s Port Hills to create some pretty video content. We blew up 50 balloons (luckily there was a bicycle pump handy!) but 3 popped before we even made it onto the hills! It was such blustery weather; perfect for lifting the balloons high off the ground. It was a wonderful day, as I was able to frolic to my hearts content! I wore my ever-wonderful Stop Staring Soda Pop playsuit, and my vintage boater shoes which I recently rediscovered!

Also, thought I would let you know that this is my last post from New Zealand for a while! I’m flying off to Brunei tomorrow. It has come at the most perfect time; the weather here has turned sour! I can’t wait to lounge poolside and bask in the sun! Ahh!

17th, October, 2011

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

Today I made the most wonderful discovery; there is a secret garden behind my house! I have often admired the tops of the plants from my window, but it is only since the flowers have bloomed that I have realized what it is. I have always been fascinated with the notion of a secret garden, since reading the book (of the same name) when I was eleven. I loved frolicking in the flowers, and wore a vintage floral dress so I blended right in. Naturally, I finished the look with a bowler hat and my favourite lipstick – which actually took me a whopping fourty-five minutes to locate!

15th, October, 2011

Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats

The last few weeks have been spent with me fantasizing both about my trip to Brunei, and of course, what I’m going to wear! There have been many beautiful AW collections released recently, and despite Brunei’s sweltering heat, I couldn’t resist putting them on my lust list. Nadinoo struck a particular chord with me; I can’t get enough of the amazing bird themed Liberty fabric! I hope you enjoy my pretty clothing picks, I’ll definitely have to start saving up my pennies! (P.s. Click on the photographs to be redirected to the shops!)

Goldie London Clara Cape Nadinoo Pixie’s A Bird a Day Dress Family Affairs Million Miles Dress  Dress by Tocca Dear Creatures Nolita Dress in Navy Kelsey Genna Begonia Blouse Ruby Boutique Blouse & Peach Shorts

12th, October, 2011

Stripes at the Stream…

I truly can’t get enough of the wonderful Spring weather! Today it was a whopping 21° celcius; the perfect ease-in for the 30°+ weather I’ll be experiencing next week! Excited doesn’t even begin to cover it! To keep cool, we spent the day relaxing next to a secluded little stream near my house. I was oh-so tempted to play a round of pooh sticks (!!) but sadly couldn’t find any lingering twigs! Instead, I was content with sitting and watching a cluster of ducks swim past – though no ducklings to be seen! I’ll definitely have to keep an eye out; they are my favourite part of Spring!

10th, October, 2011

Hat, Please Stay On My Head!

I truly couldn’t believe how windy it was today! I made the decision of pairing my 90s dotted dress with a bowler hat, which of course resulted in me clutching at it all day to keep it on my head! On my lips I wore a MAC lipstick in the colour Lady bug. I am usually faithful to my wonderful ruby red Revlon lipstick, but decided on a darker shade for an overcast day.

In other news; you might have noticed the brand new buttons on the left for Facebook and Youtube. Lost in the Haze has had the tiniest of makeovers, and now the About, Contact, and FAQ pages are oh-so much prettier! Enjoy!