27th, August, 2011

Flower Crown

I truly feel as if Spring is on the way! I awoke this morning to sunshine and warm weather, an almost complete cure for my flu – Hooray! Wasting no time I put on my scalloped collar blouse, which was generously gifted to me by Bohemian Bisoux. We visited a quiet stream to appreciate the sunny rays, and I brought along a packet of lollies. This was a perfect choice for me of course, but I think the ducks were hoping for bread; whoops!

25th, August, 2011

Lace & Light

If you follow me on twitter you may already be aware that I’ve caught the flu. I never thought that being sick would impact so much on blogging, but today is honestly the first time I’ve been able to look at my computer screen for longer than ten minutes!

The best thing about being confined to bed is that I have been able to browse photography inspiration. Today, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a truly beautiful editorial for M2 Woman, taken by one of my favourite NZ photographers (besides Barnaby of course!); Fiona Quinn. I love the ethereal lighting, and the whimsical lace pieces are making me so excited for Spring!

20th, August, 2011

Cute in Crochet

The oh-so generous Janelle Haskin was kind enough to offer a beautiful hand crafted bow as a prize for one lucky reader! It is a gloriously oversized bow, and super easy to wear in a range of styles! Janelle has also offered a 10% discount code for Lost in the Haze readers; just enter LOSTINTHEHAZE when you’re buying from her store.

To win the bow of your dreams, you must:

♥ Follow Lost in the Haze on Facebook. Once you’ve followed, leave a comment on this post letting me know that you’ve done so!

♥ For additional entries, like this post on Bloglovin’. Leave an additional comment to let me know you’ve done this!

This competition is open to all international readers!

This competition is now closed.

The winner is Laura! Congratulations!

16th, August, 2011

Winter Blast!

Christchurch has been hit by a sudden burst of Arctic weather! It has been snowing all over the country; which really is an exciting event for wee NZ. It has been super blizzard-esque, so instead of planned snow excursions, we spent most of our time at home. This resulted in a slight cabin fever experience (of course!), which was luckily cured when I decided to have a play in the snow! I began by throwing snowballs at the fence; isn’t it funny when they stick. Then I moved on to my afternoon pride and joy; snowcat. I had to carrots or stones, so had to make do; can you tell?

12th, August, 2011

Play Me!

I have very much been craving a woodland excursion lately. Though our location, Dean’s Bush isn’t strictly ‘wilderness’; it is sure is a way to escape everything. The tiny forest is a preserved woods which is actually one of the oldest protected natural areas in New Zealand. Concrete paths line the forest, making it relatively simple to keep your shoes mud-free! Apparently four kiwi reside amongst the trees. We kept our eyes sharply peeled, but cheeky sparrows were all to be seen!

9th, August, 2011

Movie Time!

I have had an enormous amount of emails lately asking how I plait my hair into a Heidi braid. How better to explain than through showing you! Here is the first video by Lost in the Haze, showcasing how easy it really is to do a Milkmaid braid; all you need is a comb and several bobby pins! The bow earrings were courtesy of Victorious Youth, and the floral hair clip from the talented Jacqueline.


6th, August, 2011

..& The Joan Holloway Dress Winner!

I have had this velvet dress hanging in my wardrobe for months. I am constantly gazing at it, and of course I try it on regularly, but the problem is that it is just too hot! Finally the winter months are upon Christchurch, so I’m able to wear it! The weather has been blustery as of late; perfect for velvet wearing, so I slipped on the dress before venturing to a nearby stream. There were many ducks; all of which seemed to be fascinated by Barnaby – they possibly thought his camera was a loaf of bread? They were constantly side-eyeing him and stepping closer and closer. It was all very sweet!

I would also like to say a hearty congratulations to the Joan Holloway dress winner, Sasha! Thank you to all of the wonderful entries!

1st, August, 2011

Catseyes & Playsuits

After literally months of owning this cute sailor themed Dahlia playsuit, I finally wore it out. When I first bought the playsuit, I eagerly tried it on and the zip broke. Not one to be deterred; I had it fitted for a new zip. I tried it on, and the zip broke again in exactly the same place! Finally, last week I decided to take action. I unstitched the buttons from the front and sewed them onto the back. Now I have a button back playsuit; who could ask for more!

I was so eager to wear my nautical themed goodie that I wore it on one of the coldest non-snowy winter days we’ve had in Christchurch. It was one of those peculiar days where it was relatively warm in the sun, but unbearable in the shade. Naturally, I spent most of the day in the sun; on the waterside too of course, as to keep in line with my sailor-esque outfit. I wore my ASOS catseye glasses to protect my eyes from the glaring sun, though I’ll admit they spent more time on my head then shielding my eyes!