30th, July, 2011

Are You Mad About Mad Men?

I confess; I have never actually seen Mad Men (though I don’t own a TV, so at least I have an excuse!) There is one fact I can’t deny though; Joan Holloway has style! The delightful Dashfield Vintage was kind enough to send me a beautiful 1960s wiggle dress. It is the most perfect shade of turquoise, and features embroidered detailing, and a matching belt! I was definitely channeling Joan as I put it on with red lipstick and beehived hair.

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27th, July, 2011

Slippery Sidewalks!

Today we braved the chilly weather to enjoy the last of the snow. It had mostly melted into a sludgy mess; but it was still a treat to have any left at all! My shoes didn’t have grips, so it was an afternoon of avoiding icy patches – and trying not to slip over when I did inevitably encounter one! Because of the frosty weather, I decided that (for once!) I would cover up my legs. I peeked inside my wardrobe and made a crazy discovery; I own no trousers! Two pairs of jeans reside in the corner, slowly gathering dust, but there are no trousers to be seen! As a favour to my shivering legs, I put on a full length jumpsuit which was incredibly warm. I rolled up the hemline slightly and paired it with my grip-less brogues before venturing to a nearby snow-filled park.

25th, July, 2011

A White Winter

Finally; it snowed! I have been crossing my fingers for weeks that Christchurch would snow this winter. It came true at eleven o’clock last night. I had my nose pressed up against the window before bedtime, and at six o’clock the next morning I was fully dressed and ready  for a winter frolic! We made actual snow cones, went for a huge walk, and built a tiny snowman which we soon knocked over during snowball ‘target practice’.

I kept warm in a Carly Harris button down cape which I paired with jockey style ASOS suede patch leggings. On my feet I wore waterproof vintage boots which belonged to my mum in the 1980s. I stopped the chills on my neck by wearing a faux fur ASOS buckle scarf, which was supremely warm! And when the cameras weren’t looking, I popped on a pair of rainbow coloured vintage mittens to keep my hands warm as I prepared for snowball fights galore!

21st, July, 2011


Today I plaited my hair up into Heidi braids in preparation of a park visit. As per usual, I chose to go bare legged – it really was cold, I swear! We braved the chilly weather and spent our time doing one of my favourite activies; watching ducks! I sure feel grateful that I date someone who appreciates ducks as much as I do! They are just so fun watch – and I have been known to do so for hours!

I wore a vintage thistle print jersey over a dotted ASOS button-up playsuit. The brooch I am wearing was courtesy of the wonderful (and oh-so talented!) Jacqueline. It brought the perfect pop of colour to my flesh toned outfit. I am now investigating how to get it to stay in my hair – hint: many bobby pins!

17th, July, 2011

Clothing Craft At The Weekend!

Weeks ago I attempted sewing some quite heavy fabrics. The end result was, you guessed it; a broken needle! Yesterday I finally made it to a local craft store in search of a replacement. While scouting the needle section, I stumbled upon something even better; a selection of bows! Rather than just purchasing one bow, I decided to go with the whole bag. My entire afternoon has been filled with me sewing bows onto clothing! I have truly discovered that everything looks better with a bow. I have no limits; I want to sew them onto shorts, shoes, and button back blouses. They are just so darling! I am hoping that the store has more colours in stock – I can’t wait to return!

15th, July, 2011

A Day At The Park

I bought this 1970s blouse several weeks ago, and finally thought today was the perfect time to wear it! It has a darling white daisy print, and excessively cuffed wrist detailing. The sun peeked out from behind the clouds, and I was able to bare my legs in a pair of vintage floral hem shorts – not too bad for a winter’s day! I finished off the look with one of my go-to accessories; a bowler hat. We spent the fading light exploring a park I often admire, but rarely visit. It turned out to be such a worthwhile trip; there is the cutest stream, and full of ducks too of course!

11th, July, 2011

Prepare To Plait

Sometimes I wake up with simply no idea what to do with my hair. It is an awful feeling when combined with being in a rush, and it is even worse when I leave the house completely dissatisfied at my hairs behaviour! To save you any hair troubles, I thought I would start the week off with seven of my favourite braids! There are no instructions, as they are all super easy to do! All you need is a sturdy hairbrush, a hair tie, an optional bow, and some bobby pins. Best of luck!

8th, July, 2011

A Car Named Beatrix

Yesterday I was treated to an afternoon of driving in the most amazing vintage car. It belongs to my friend, Alex, who has affectionately named it ‘Beatrix.’ Beatrix is a vintage Triumph Herald, and is the perfect vehicle for a warm winter’s day. She has gorgeous floral seat covers, and even a Hawaiian hula dancer who lives on the wooden dashboard. We ventured from one side of town to the other, finishing with a drive up to the top of the Christchurch hills. We both brought along our cameras and spent much of our time together taking pretty photographs of the scenic locations – and of Beatrix too!

I wore one of my latest purchases; a genuine 1970s waistcoat. It has an amazing zig-zag pattern, along with an oversized blue/black faux fur collar. It is oh-so warm! It has been my go-to wardrobe staple for the last few days! I’m usually more of a 1960s girl, but have been finding the most divine 1970s pieces lately!

5th, July, 2011

Red, White, and Blue

I must have been feeling inspired today! I spent the morning reading some of my favourite blogs before changing into a vintage blue and white dress, with a splash of red lipstick of course! We explored a local park, crossing our fingers that there would be Americans nearby who would set off fireworks. Sadly, there was no such luck! Instead, we enjoyed the pretty sunset on such a warm winters day.

I hope all of my US readers had a wonderful forth of July! It was so much fun to see all of the cute barbecue and firework photographs!

2nd, July, 2011

I Have Pastel Hair!

I could resist the temptation no longer; I now have pastel hair! I have had an incredible amount of hair angst lately, and decided I had to either put in some colour or I would chop it into a bob. I love my new lavender locks; it is wonderful to have a bright colour to get me through the winter! I was definitely seeking inspiration from Abbey Lee Kershaw, I absolutely love her with pastel hair!

I wore a vintage nautical themed pair of dungarees with a 1980s floral embroidered jersey. The sun peeked it’s head out from behind the clouds and it was a truly wonderful afternoon – I love when it is warm enough to wear a playsuit!