2nd, February, 2016


I’m never exactly sure what is going to spur on my outfit choice of the day (really though, is anyone?) This time around though, my sartorial choices all stemmed from a tiny detail – the original Roller necklace by Pip Jolley. It’s largely due to the bright powder orange; a colour I don’t wear often – or own terribly much of (aside from the obvious orange bag and this dress I’m fairly sure that’s it) – but after getting inspired from Pip’s own outfits on Instagram, I ordered this ’19 SEVENTY’ tee from Glassons immediately.

This colourful backdrop is part of an initiative from the city council to drive more traffic to certain parts of town. The whole area is unmissable thanks to it’s bold colour (trust me, you’ll see it again soon!) and super close to my house too. Oh, and it houses one of the best pizza shops in Wellington. Bright colours and pizza. What’s not to like? Duh, nothing.

NecklacePip Jolley / T-Shirt – Glassons / Skirt – Thrifted / Bag – ASOS (old) / Shoes – Lotta from Stockholm



29th, January, 2016


“You just can’t beat Wellington on a good day.”

This short n’ simple sentence basically sums up Wellington in entirety. Sure, 90% of the time you’re close to blowing over from one of the city’s famous gusts (super deserving of it’s windiest city in the world title) but when the sun is out, oh boy, is it out.

Last year I felt like I barely got to experience Summer – and this time I was determined not to miss out. Summer in Wellington is beautiful, though very short lived, and last year I only made it to the beach one. So naturally, the second the sun was out, my banana-clad buns came out. The swimsuit and radio were cute wee Christmas presents from my boyfriend, Barnaby (he knows me so well). The Sunnylife radio plays music off your iPhone too, so we spent the afternoon on the beach eating fruit and jamming away to our favourite kind of music – a massive treat indeed!

Now I really need to get planning for our next beach visit. Where did I put the sunblock again..?!

Banana SwimsuitBlackmilk / Radio (similar here) – Sunnylife