25th, November, 2015


I’ve been wearing contact lenses almost daily for the past few years. As anyone (apart from me, apparently) knows, this is terrible for your eyes. My poor ol’ eyes were going red and veiny and were constantly irritated, which is why I’ve been wearing glasses so often lately – as they really needed a break! I’ve gone through various contact lens brands over the past ten years and have experienced the same problem with all of them.

…And that’s about when I was contacted by DAILIES TOTAL1. With a revolutionary water gradient, DAILIES TOTAL1 lenses will keep your eyes feeling a whole lot more moisturised than other contact lenses. I was a little nervous that my eyes might not ‘take’ to contacts after such a long break, but they popped in far easier than anything I have ever experienced!

After being flown to Sydney, put up in a beautiful hotel and a quick trip to the optometrist, myself, along with four Australian bloggers were taken out to dinner on the 47th floor of the fanciest restaurant I’ve ever seen (let alone eaten at!). After only getting four hours sleep the night before I was certain my eyes would flunk out and I would remember why I went off contact lenses in the first place.. Turns out that the water gradient is better than I could’ve ever expected! I stayed up until 1:30am with no eye problems whatsoever and enjoyed six delicious courses and a cocktail the size of my head along the way. And at the end of the night I was able to simply throw the lenses in the rubbish, rather than fiddling around with various cases and fluids. Score!

As part of this collaboration with DAILIES TOTAL1, I’m going to be sharing five different late-night experiences so I can really test out these lenses and see how they work for me. I’m a definite member of the Stay At Home Club, so am really excited to push myself out of my comfort zone and to see how my new lenses hold up! I hope you enjoy following along!

Dress – Zoe Vine / Shoes – Chicwish (old – similar here)


L-R: Jenelle of Inspiring Wit, Joanne of Bam it’s Joanne, Ashleigh of The Blonde Silhouette, & myself! Not pictured: Keira of Last Daze.


This post was in collaboration with DAILIES TOTAL1, but (of course!) all opinions were my own. If you want to purchase the contact lenses head into your nearest optometrist for a fitting. Or alteratively you can find out more information at www.morecontacttime.com

17th, November, 2015


Summer is almost here – I can feel it! It’s not often you can get away with a dress like this warmth-wise (although apparently not wind-wise! My hat blew clean off my head and a sweet gal picked it up for me. Thanks very much, kind lady!)

This street has been painted in an #ABMlovesmurals worthy fashion over the last couple of weeks and it genuinely makes me so, so, so excited! It’s pretty darn obvious that I adore the colour yellow – but even better is that it was a move by the City Council to bring more foot traffic to the area. Future plans include a built-in bubble machine (bubbles everywhere – yay!), giant lightbulbs, and a chevron painted road. What can I say; Eva Street, I am really looking forward to seeing your transformation (and no doubt will be sharing pictures here along the way!)

It seemed like this criss cross back dress from New Zealand clothing staple, Glassons simply had to be shot here. Yellow on yellow – seriously, best combo ever. The gladiator sandals – also from Glassons – are something I’m really excited about too. I’ve been semi searching for a pair over the last few years but always felt that they didn’t quite ‘fit’ my usual style, so could never commit.. I’m feeling proud – and really thrilled with the results and overall really happy that I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone. Gladiators are so neat – and comfy too!

DressGlassons / ShoesGlassons / Hat – Vintage / Watermelon ClutchPepa Loves / ‘J’ RingOnecklace