11th, February, 2018


It’s literally IMPOSSIBLE for me to not get this song in my head when I’m dressed in daisies. Like this dress, for example. The second I picked it up (from Forever 21, when I was in the US over Christmas) I knew I had to get it. Big clothing chains – or basically, anything that isn’t an online store – makes me feel so overwhelmed that I literally walk out with nothing! Is anyone else like that? It happens to me every time, guaranteed. So, you can see just how much I loved this sweet lil’ daisy covered number – just by the fact that I decided to home with me.

I still can’t decide whether the socks go with the outfit or not, but they make me feel like I’ve walked off the set of Riverdale. So it’s cool. : )

Dress and Socks – Forever 21 / Glasses – Rayban / Shoes – H&M



14th, January, 2018


If you’re heading to Las Vegas the number one place I absolutely recommend is the Neon Museum! Located in Downtown, this is literally where the old Vegas signs go to rest. It’s actually my second time visiting – and I’m pretty sure I’ll pay a visit every single time I go to Vegas. You just notice something new every single time. Plus, last time we went at night, and this time we got to see all of the incredible colours an hour or two before sunset.

My favourite sign? It’s actually a tough one. I love the Sahara sign, the giant Aladdin lamp and the big letter B, which used to be for Barbary’s casino. It’s massively similar to my husband’s name (Barnaby) so we got a really cute photo together in front of it. He’s a shy guy though, so I won’t post it here. Just imagine myself and a beardy fellow in front of a giant B, and you’ve got it.

The other thing I love about the Neon Museum (apart from the obvious!) is the gift shop. They seriously have the best merch. When I last went a couple of years ago I didn’t buy some incredible atomic style glasses. I’ve literally spent the last two years daydreaming about them! Well, I wish I could say they had them this time – but nope. I more than made up for it though, buying a bunch of sign themed pins, a t-shirt, and magnets. So yeah, I’m a happy lady!

Oh, and one more thing! Make sure you book in your Neon Museum visit (you can do it on their website). You have to have a booking to look around – so make sure you plan ahead!

Shirt and beanie – Forever 21 / Skirt – H & M / Clogs – Sandgren